for the record, that beetle weighed 800 pounds and was carrying a knife

Season Three of The Guild is well underway, and Felicia just released the gag reel for our first four episodes, so I thought I'd embed everything that's available so far in one convenient place:

Episode One:

"Yes. We are."

Episode Two:

"To clarify: your group should be behind the others who have arrived previously."

Episode Three:

"I'm going on the road."

Episode Four:

"I was really drunk, and he had touched Chuck Norris!"

Gag Reel, Episodes 1-4:

"Let's take a ride in my windowless white van."

Finn Smulders dot Com FTW, by the way. Axis of Anarchy RULES!

69 thoughts on “for the record, that beetle weighed 800 pounds and was carrying a knife”

  1. Aha, a new Wheaton Power: Frantic Hand-wave of Panic! At-will, Dexterity bonus vs. Reflex, 1d4 damage. If a miss and the attacker happened to be holding any weapon or using gauntlets, roll against own Reflex to check for self-inflicted wounds. Hmm, possibly also injury to bystanders. . .

  2. LSHIF. Series 3 Episode 4 was epic. This was by far my favourite episode of The Guild to date. Cannot wait to hear it without the profanity machine going into heart-monitor mode! :)
    And no shame in your reaction Wil, that beastie was going for your jugular! Rather that than finding its way into your utilikilt!
    Excellent stuff. Thanks mate :)

  3. It was the “windowless white van” joke that made me almost simultaneously spit-take and exhale apple. Holy crap. Too funny.
    You are very awesome when you’re being a bastard. Loving this season!!! :)

  4. Dude, I hope you didn’t strain your labia when you jumped away from that wee little beastie. That is what you get for wearing a skirt. Seriously, it was funny to see the coolest geek in the world lose his cool.

  5. Just watched the new Guild episodes. You are so delightfully evil. I love the Axis of Anarchy.
    I’m seeing a “bad guy” theme in your latest string of live-action roles.
    Not going to try to squeeze any info out from you regarding Big Bang Theory, but it would be kinda awesome if you keep up the trend there, there’s all kind of cool ways you can be a dick towards the regulars :)

  6. There once was a tough guy named Wil
    Who gave the girls all a thrill
    But when touched by a bug,
    Acted not like a thug,
    But waved his hands, shrieking so shrill!

  7. lol I loved the flail. So funny! And your signoff (that Felicia wrote) is so perfect. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my guildmates use that lol

  8. Having run into my share of asshat high end guild leaders, allow me to compliment you on your performance. Good stuff!
    Just a thought on how you can maintain your cool exterior if the whole “beetle” situation arises again – pretend you’re spontaniously busting out with the Time Warp!
    “OHGODABUG!GETITOFFGETITIOFF!BUGBUGBUG… I mean… It’s just a jump to the left!”

  9. HAHA! Making The guild must be so much fun. 😀
    So Wil, I hear you are coming to Tucson in October. I am incredibly excited for Wil Wheaton’s Rock Band Event Of Pure Awesomeness!!1! 😀

  10. I absolutely adore The Guild, and that gag reel was absolutely hysterical. It’s AWESOME to see the King and Queen of Geekdom (ahem, Wil and Felicia) in such a wonderful project together. I’m kicking myself for not making it to Felicia’s Guild panel while I was at Dragon*con.
    – Kelly
    The Convention Fans Blog

  11. I honestly thought, just for a moment, when the close-up happened, that this was some awesome neck tattoo you might have been sporting. Definitely big though. I can’t say a word against your reaction — I freak out when -other- people have bugs fly at them; when they come at -me- it’s even worse than that.

  12. Have enjoyed every minute of every episode, and the outtakes rock. Hope to see more of the rivalry with the rival guild in more rivalrous situations! (Maybe I’ll just keep using ‘rival’ over and over.)

  13. So THAT’S his name IRL … I was wondering. Unfortunately, you and Feliciaare the only actors I recognize on sight in that series.
    I will have to agree about Jeff, though, in that he is hilarious. I love his deadpan delivery in “The Guild”; it’s even funnier when his character gets mad.

  14. I find it fascinating that practically everything I’ve seen you in lately (Numb3rs, Leverage, The Guild, Criminal Minds, even Loading Ready Run) you’re either playing the villain, or playing an asshole. It’s quite interesting to see when contrasted with Wesley (we just finished working our way through TNG again a few days ago, so your presence on Star Trek has been much on the mind even if it weren’t for Memories of the Future).
    I realize that part of this is simply a function of the guest star role–when the show is a crime drama of some sort (as almost all of your recent appearances in the last couple of years are, in one form or another), the most common significant role that isn’t a recurring character is going to be the bad guy. But irrespective of that, are you deliberately seeking out these kinds of roles at all, or is it just happenstance that its what you’ve been landing?

  15. I’m not going to lie to you, Marge, I do that same Icky Nar Nar dance when I’m confronted with things crawling on me. I wish I could tell you that I fight the good fight, and don’t shriek like I’m being eaten alive when the tiniest bug lands on me. I wish I could tell you that – but dealing with beetles is no fairy-tale world.

  16. Wil, ‘Beetle Flail’ was the highlight of my day… that was unspeakably awesome… I’m so glad you landed a role on ‘The Guild,’ especially since you were the one who got me hooked on it in the first place.

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