in which a proclamation is made

I seem to have come down with some kind of post-PAX flu. It's not the Swine Flu, but I am coughing so much even I have grown tired of saying "my god, it's full of stars."

I can't really focus long enough to write the PAX post I want to write (it's at about 30% completion, I guess) so please allow me to share the proclamation I made before the concert on Saturday night:

I'm not going to lie to you, Marge: it felt pretty awesome to do this, and I think my fellow PAXers had as much fun hearing it as I did delivering it. Woo!

Thanks to spectre4545 for recording and uploading.

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  1. I think I may have something myself as well. I am hoping my coughing and sore chest is just really really bad fatigue made worse by a couple of things.
    It was a pleasure seeing you :)
    Get well soon!

  2. I thought about yelling that after the girl spoke, but I thought about it some more, and decided that just letting her feel everything rushing through her, and the support she had, hell, HAS, was bigger.

  3. I also suffer from PAXPOX. After hearing about the swine-flu epidemic, I decided I probably should see a doctor, if nothing else than for medical viral statistics and furthering the progress of SCIENCE!
    Of course, then I realized that in my adult form, I have no idea how one goes about “seeing” a doctor. You’d think there’d be signs up somewhere that read “doctors in here” but its surprisingly hard figure out…
    My apartment complex needs a sick bay…

  4. Sorry you are feeling crappy. Only been reading your blog for a bit. Someone posted a link from Joe Mallozzi’s blog. Really enjoy it….Now I’m only a “minor” geek, although those around me find me geeky enough. I don’t play any video games, but love scifi/fantasy movies, tv and books…Also am a fount of useless facts. Anyway just wanted to say hi, and I will definitely be buying a few of your books in the near future.

  5. That JoCo introduction was indeed hectares of hawesomeness. However, the aplomb and killer comic timing you exhibited at the “Pitch Your Own Game Idea” panel, when that goon attempted to goad you by pitching the idea of a game involving an under-age actor on a popular television show not being able to consort with his co-stars in adult forms of entertainment, personifies to me why you should be named Geek Pope. Your response (paraphrased), “I played that game, sir. I BEAT that game!” was delivered with pure and utter class in an uncomfortable situation. It is moments like that one that remind me of why you are steeped in the awesome sauce and guys like me…well…aren’t :).
    I absolutely regret not going to PAX this year but, after hearing of all of the ensuing ailments, I may have made the right choice. Ummm…no, not at all. Everyone of us that could’ve should’ve been at PAX09. Frak me.

  6. “That’s Wil Wheaton, Ladies and Gentleman! He’s from the Internet!”
    “Sweet Jesus, I feel like the Geek Pope right now.”
    “No, he just left the stage.”
    Excellent! Lovely to see this vid. I am just now recovering some from my more Easterly adventure, commonly called Dragon*Con, today. And I come and find this! Thanks!
    Speaking of Dragon*Con, you might be interested to know this:
    One of my favorite moments of Dragon*Con occurred while I was waiting for the Kate Mulgrew panel. As we fans were watching DCTV after taking our seats but before Kate came on, a DCTV video on the huge screens above us mentioned Wesley Crusher. A woman next to me asked, very sweetly and innocently, “I wonder whatever became of that actor?”
    Do I really need to tell what happened next?
    Didn’t think so.

  7. Wil Wheaton, Geek Pope! I love that.
    What many of you may not realize is how sick Wil was already by this time. I ran into him just before this and introduced myself (he and my brother are friends) and he was nice, gracious, but obviously wiped out.
    Yet despite this, and being the consummate professional that he is, Wil got up on stage and “turned it on” Somehow managing to deliver a rousing Proclamation that left no hint as to his near-exhausted state!
    Way to go Wil! Thanks for being there for us!
    *Now get some rest!*

  8. Somewhat OT. I just caught the beginning of Season Three and I must have missed your announcement somewhere along the line. That said — Nice work! (interesting kilt!) =)
    Feel better soon from your flu. =)

  9. Just downloaded and played “Re:your brains” on Rock Band. Most excellent! My husband wants to know if you can give him Felicia Day’s phone number. hehe! Maybe they can get “Do you want to date my avatar” for Rock Band too. That would be sweet!
    Hope you’re feeling better and can rock out again soon. The Beatles version is pretty awesome so far, imho. :)

  10. So, are you planning 2 trips next year????
    “PAX looks to expand to Boston as gamers flood big Seattle event”
    Organizers of PAX, as it’s known, plan to satisfy at least part of that demand with a new conference, PAX East, scheduled for March 26 through March 28 in Boston, at the Hynes Convention Center.
    Highlights of past years included a 2007 keynote address by Wil Wheaton, the actor who played Wesley Crusher on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” He delivered what amounted to a colorful State of the Union of video games, and reminisced about growing up playing games in shopping-mall arcades and on home consoles.
    For the whole article:

  11. Wil:
    Just wanted to say it was great running past you every time I was out on shift and an access point decided it didn’t want to serve internet to all the deserving folks at PAX. You had a wonderful panel, I really wish that I had the ability to be in two places at once, when I got back to the Ops office following your panel Maradine and Tetujin told me you had stopped by on your way up to the panel…would have loved to have been there. Oh well…getting to see your panel will have to do. Can’t wait for w00tstock SF, see you there.
    — Dan (PAX Ops Enforcer 2009)

  12. Wil,
    Really love reading your blog and noticed you haven’t posted anything in a while. Hope you are feeling alright and getting over whatever you have. Haven’t seen anything on the news that says you are at death’s door, so we can sit here hopeful that you will be posting again soon!

  13. Wow – for me it’s like a circle closing.
    1) Long ago I learned about Jonathan Coulton on Wil’s blog.
    2) “Re: Your Brains” made me have to get into music production again.
    3) My first digital song – “Another Wil Wheaton Day”.
    4) I “release” AWWD.
    5) Jonathan serenades Wil.
    I owe Wil and Jonathan huge thanks – I’m loving being back in the studio.
    To hear/download “Another Wil Wheaton Day” go here:
    To read the story of the song go here:
    Now I gotta go see if a new episode of The Guild is up.
    Jesse Smith

  14. I finally got around to watching this video (sometimes I just don’t get around to the video rss, sorry), and holy shit did I just fall in love for the 5th time. I haven’t seen this much geekdom in a really long time and I have decided that I *must* make it up to PAX next year. Supposedly my friend Rose watched this live, and I am incredibly jealous. Sigh…

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