wil wheaton gets lucky … sometimes

This was the ultimate highlight of my #PAX 2009, and watching it again just now brought tears to my eyes again. 

I'm not worthy of something this awesome. Thank you Jonathan, and Paul, and Storm, and Molly for making me feel cool. I <3 you guys.

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  1. It was glorious.
    One of the neat thing about PAX is just how much all of the “big name” people there are all each other’s fan boys. I didn’t realize Paul and Storm were in your audience on your Sunday panel until you said something. But they were there because they wanted to see you, just like you were there for the concert because you wanted to see them.
    It’s such a neat place to hang out.

  2. Yeah, that’s just awesome. And I love the giddy little dance you danced just before you left the stage. I know that dance… I call it “The Nerdtusi.”
    Well, I don’t really, but if I had to name it, it would be something similarly geeky. And “The Frug” was already taken.

  3. Wil, you are one of the few people out there who is truly deserving of such awesomeness! The look on your face is priceless! I’m so glad this was captured for posterity!

  4. Ha ha! That was awesome! I wish I’d been able to go to all three days.
    On a related note, thanks for giving a great talk on Sunday…I met you in Bandland and could tell you were pretty tired, but you definitely found some energy by the Awesome Hour!

  5. That was one of my favorite moments of PAX. I love going to PAX, I love being an Enforcer and this video has a lot of the reasons why in it. If you followed it with a video of the Omegathon finale, you’d have almost everything.

  6. -Wil,
    OMG, that just brought tears to my eyes seeing that. It’s so awesome that even though you are loved and adored by many people you’re still so humble about it. That must have been beyond awesome + radical = awesomical.

  7. I’m seriously hoping that JoCo uses the “Wil Wheaton” version for his submission to Rock Band DLC… Can’t wait to sing it!
    That was truly a wonderful PAX moment I won’t forget.
    p.s. Sorry about the 42 thing. Despite that lapse in taste, my PAX karma held out very well the whole weekend. Hope you escaped the plague!

  8. Just frackin’ awesome! You’re worthy dude! 😀
    Of course, apres-squee, I couldn’t help but notice the t-shirt you’re wearing Wil! Love it! But do you always throw Spock?

  9. … I’m not going to even try to say all the other great stuff commenters have said, so I’ll just say this:
    This post and the associated clip gave me a massive attack of warm fuzzies. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I’d like to think that the overwhelming joy I felt when this happened comes close to providing for the overwhelming sorrow I spent much of the previous week feeling.
    At least … I hope so.

  11. Well, I was acting in my official capacity, man! I had to maintain a certain level of professional decorum and gravity that would befit the seriousness of the event.
    Or, um, something.

  12. This was the first time I believe I ever saw the physical manifestation of the word ‘squee’. It was a great concert all around, but this was probably the high point in my opinion.

  13. That’s a great suggestion. With the upcoming “Rock Band Network” Coulton can submit songs himself for dlc. This special ‘PAX’ version of “My Monkey” would rock!
    Congrats Wil, it was a well deserved tribute to yourself. Your onstage hug with JoCo made me mist up a little here in work. :)

  14. Wil, how does it feel to be so appreciated and loved, not for playing a role but for just being yourself? More than makes up for alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die, I hope.

  15. *snif snif*
    I wish this was in the Thing A Day box set (from CD Baby like JC asked) I just got my husband for his birthday. The box set won’t be stored near all our other CDs.
    It will be stored next to all your books, like all things geek should be.
    I’ll have to watch this again later. I’m too mooshy yet.

  16. I would seriously purchase that version of the song. I absolutely adored the lyrics and Coulton’s singing voice is so lovely when it’s live.

  17. That’s just bloody marvellous! How they kept it together while you totally (and deservedly!) lost your saving throw against SQUEEEEEEEEE! is beyond me 😀 The “thud!” of hug-impact is palpable, too. Top notch and thanks for sharing.

  18. That was SO freakin adorable! I love the giddy look in your eyes, the inner child taking over. Too cute! Thank you for sharing with those of us that were unable to be there in person =)

  19. (By the way, this seriously needs to be recorded in some sort of official capacity and made available. It’s too good to ignore! Also, let me concur with the other posts, you are totally worthy of such geekness…you’re Wil Wheaton, for Heaven’s sake!)

  20. This is so cool. You remind me of my husband who has the same unabashed joy in all things and doesn’t have a problem allowing that to show. Thanks for sharing!

  21. That was awesome beyond words. It was especially fun to see how incredibly tickled you were at the whole thing. Also, excellent “Secretary of Geek” speech. The die was a nice touch. :)

  22. Aw, I totally regret missing the concerts! That is way awesome, and yes, you completely deserve it for being so…well, what everyone else said.
    Also, I just want to say how awesome it was to meet you and get your chapbook (which was also awesome, btw – definately would read more of your fiction). I was wearing the “What Happens In The Holodeck…” shirt, and when you told me you liked it, I almost died. I mean, how do you be COOL around WIL WHEATON?! I tried. It didn’t work. Thanks for taking time out for your fans.

  23. That was so freakin’ cool! And adorable. :)
    ::Squee! Glomp! Group hug! More squee!::
    Oddly, enough, I’ve been listening to JoCo a lot recently and gained a new enjoyment for ‘My Monkey’ even before this adaptation. But this one’s even better. Geek love rules, man!

  24. Thank you for sharing this Wil.
    First time this month I had one of those smiling so much it hurts faces.
    Makes my heart feel 100 times better than it has in a long time.

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