wil wheaton gets lucky … sometimes

This was the ultimate highlight of my #PAX 2009, and watching it again just now brought tears to my eyes again. 

I'm not worthy of something this awesome. Thank you Jonathan, and Paul, and Storm, and Molly for making me feel cool. I <3 you guys.

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  1. Wil…watching this you looked like a giddy little school girl, which in turn made me feel like a giddy little school girl which is not good because I saw this seconds before I had to go to bed to start high school today…Totally worth it (:

  2. What are you talking about, dude? You TOTALLY deserve that. As others have mentioned, you’re Wil freaking Wheaton! This is basically like the apotheosis of the Internet right here, and it makes me ridiculously, ridiculously happy.

  3. It works with other JoCo songs too:
    Wil Wheaton get up; get coffee,
    Wil Wheaton go to job
    Wil Wheaton have boring meeting
    With boring publisher Rob
    Rob say Wil Wheaton very dilligent
    But his output stink
    His words not “functional” or “elegant”
    What do Wil Wheaton think?
    Wil Wheaton think maybe publisher want to write god damned introduction himself
    Wil Wheaton not say it out loud
    Wil Wheaton not crazy, just proud
    – before the meme breaks.

  4. You totally deserved this and it should totally more than balance all the misery you’ve experienced! I wish I could have been there and I really loved seeing your reaction via the magic of YouTube. I also posted both this and your presentation of the official d20 of geekdom to Jonathan Coulton to my blog. It made my day in what has been a difficult week.

  5. thank you wil for coming to my city to celebrate pax with us geeks!!! you really made a difference to us!!!
    and again, sorry about the whole jonathan frakes thing, hes truly my favorite star trek actor, and gargoyle actor, I just did ‘t want to be disappointed when I meet him like when I met Bruce Cambell and when I met MC Chris. Dont worry, your a very close second, and first favorite trekkie.

  6. That was frakking awesome. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy, Wil. And it couldn’t have come from a better singer/songwriter/performer than Jonathan Coulton (with Paul & Storm, and Molly).

  7. The (a href=”http://www.jonathancoulton.com/songdetails/My%20Monkey”>song lyrics are on JoCo’s page, but I’m not sure to which lost lyrics you are, specifically, referring.

  8. Wes Crusher hang around with Ashley,
    Tell her sweater look nice
    Wes Crusher replicate her soda
    Replicate’her cup, replicate’her ice,
    Ashley say no thank you for the soda cause
    Soda make you fat
    Anyway Ashley busy with the Aliens
    No time for chat
    Wes Crusher have long walk back to bridge console he sit down pretend to work
    Wes Crusher not plotting so straight
    Wes Crusher not feeling so great
    I could go on all day 😉

  9. I had never heard of this artist (I know, sad, huh?) but it was awesome to see/hear him pay tribute to an awesome geek and human being overall. I will parrot everyone else in their immense joy in seeing the smile on your face and making you nerdgasm and go all fanboy on them after their performance. Makes me feel good to know I’m not the only one who does that :)

  10. *opens Just A Geek to page 88, where one of the many yellow sticky notes resides*
    Then a woman said, ‘Speak to us of joy and sorrow.’
    And he answered…

    Wil, I’m so glad you could have this experience. I’m so happy that life, which has recently beaten you to a pulp, could come back to pat you on the back and make you squee like, well, a geek out of his mind with joy.
    Thank you for sharing this bit of lovely with those of us who couldn’t be there.
    I love the editing/effects and send my gratitude to the maker, as well.
    Oh, and also? To Molly, Paul, Storm, and Jonathan? Just. Plain. Awesome. THANK YOU.
    Finally, once again, I echo the wonder at your reaction being the same as mind would’ve been. Thanks for keeping it real, Wil.
    You are one of us. So say we all.

  11. Understood.
    I’d just like to thank you for posting the “Secretary of Geek” video, so people can compare “Wil befitting the seriousness of the event” to “Wil totally gleeing out at the awesomeness of the event”. Both very cool moments.
    I wish I could video edit, just so I could cut those two together and put the result to the tune of “Real” by William Shatner. I’m thinking “Serious Wil” for the Shatner bits (“I have saved the world in the movies…”) and “Gleeful Wil” for the Brad Paisley bits (“And while there’s a part of me…”).
    To the study annex, away!

  12. Wow…… Just Wow.
    Your reaction could not have been more charming, and I was so happy for you. That kind of joy was just what the doctor ordered to help heal you after your horrible loss. The universe makes sense again. And you are sooooo worthy.

  13. Dude! You *must* update your tagline! Obviously, it should read:
    “Wil Wheaton says “Don’t be a Dick!”, but that doesn’t mean Wil Wheaton doesn’t love you.”
    Whadda ya think? Yes?

  14. This has to be one of my favourite PAX moments. I wish I had brought my camera (thank bob people video taped it) but this concert was my first “me” thing and not press thing I attended while at PAX so I only brought myself with me.
    I have a question however, how long does the postPAX blues last? I am having a really hard time writing up all my articles re: PAX and putting together my show content because every time I start on these things it serves as a reminder that I am putting PAX to bed and it saddens me. PAX is awesome! PAX is family!

  15. I had trouble hearing that part too but looking at the lyrics it probably went like this:
    “Wil Wheaton says he’s sorry he’s Wil Wheaton but he’s got to be Wil Wheaton and there’s nothing he can do”
    Which is hilarious, just a shame it doesn’t come across clearly in the vid.

  16. I didn’t make it out to the concerts (stayed in the hotel with the babykins) and I’ve finally broke out of the conSARS to see this. It was just about the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time. :)

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