every great hero needs a nemesis . . .

w00tstock 1.x was a HUGE SUCCESS. We loved creating it, the audiences seemed to enjoy being part of it, and there may or may not be secret discussions happening behind tightly-closed doors to determine the very best way to, as they say, "take it on the road" in The Year We Make Contact.

I spent today getting caught up on all the e-mail and things I missed while I was /away, and before I can track down and link to the various w00tstock posts on the Internets, I must share my favorite exchange in the history of Twitter, which happened this afternoon:

@sheldoncooper: As @wilw is the Edison to my Tesla, so @Pennyin4B is the Mrs. Hudson to my Sherlock Holmes.

@wilw: @sheldoncooper I'm pretty sure that I'm the small rock to your enchanted bunny, Moon Pie.

@sheldoncooper: @wilw In the now-more-relevant-than-ever words of Rondon, "You despicable Mellanoid Slime Worm. Liar!"

When I saw @sheldoncooper's reply to my reply, I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair and through a wormhole, eventually landing in a universe where I communicated with the population by launching green tea through my nose. 

Until The Big Bang Theory, I hadn't worked on a TV show where I got a chance to keep playing with the characters after I'd been wrapped, or blur the lines between fiction and reality. I know that the character accounts on Twitter aren't officially associated with the show, but it's still incredibly fun for and amusing to me; it's yet another example of why I love living in the future.

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  1. Wootstock LA was incredibly fun! You absolutely need to do it again. Even after 4 hours the audience was still in stitches during the final Pirates song. YARRR? I haven’t laughed that hard in a long long time. Thanks to you and Paul (and others) for putting it on!

  2. I now use “Game Over Moonpie” in most gaming situations, I intend to say it if my character crits tonight. Or even if he doesn’t. Or if when I go into college I beat someone in a ficticious race to the door-(You know, the ones where you think to yourself “I bet I can get through the front entrance before they do” and then you…race). Essentially I’ll be saying “Game Over Moonpie” Almost perpetually in the coming weeks, and perhaps years.

  3. Wootstock was a riot, and it had better happen again! I was in tears by the end of the night because I was laughing so hard. Much thanks to you all for such an amazing show!

  4. Seeing the various Twitvids of w00tstock made me so jealous of the people I knew who were able to attend. Would be cool if you could bring it to Vancouver or better yet Victoria since it is closer to me.
    But if you were to bring it to Seattle *prays to every godform ever created or yet to be created* I so would make the trip down to see it.
    I am so happy for you and the awesome that you have been able to do lately! Congrats Wheaton.

  5. Thanks so much for bring w00tstock to San Francisco and not being totally creepy out by the thought of 17 year old me crushing on 12 year old you :)

  6. Hey Aristotle… I live in Nova-Scotia. The best event that happens around here is when I get drunk on Thursdays and argue with myself in front of our one fancy restaurant.
    With regards to the twitter exchange, I have to say it’s just excellent. Those BBT fans are going above and beyond with regards to portraying the characters.

  7. Oh yeah, count me in on that, too. “Game over, Moonpie.” has become my new go-to closer when I particularly nail something or best someone at…well…anything. :)

  8. Also…. I’m confused. Is Wil the Hero or the Villain? And before everyone says: “It’s his website… he’s obviously the hero” we need to stop and think that he lied about his meemaw dying. That’s quite villainous… and Sheldon, while clearly insane, could qualify as an anti-hero.
    Man. the BEST hero/villain stories have ambiguous roles for everyone involved. You guys are like much skinnier versions of Christian Bale and Heath Ledger.

  9. I’m a little late in watching the episode (I DVR everything these days). All my geek friends have been telling me I should be watching this show, and after watching the episode you were in, I can’t understand why I waited so long. Sheldon has got to be one of the funniest characters on TV right now, and the interaction “Evil” Wil Wheaton and Sheldon had was brilliant. I wish your appearance hadn’t been a one night thing. It’d be awesome for that to be a reoccurring bit. 😉

  10. That was awesome, Wil. I never even thought about fake accounts for The Big Bang Theory cast, but I have most of the main characters from Next Gen in my feed. I even have Data’s “special” brother B-4. Every once in a while Worf will tweet something, but I’m pretty sure that whomever created these character accounts have abandoned them. Maybe I’ll add @sheldoncooper, the guy (or girl – hey, you never know!) sounds like he’s a riot.
    Once again, congratulations on such an awesome episode of BBT the other night. I’m with all of the other people who think that you should have a recurring role on the show because I honestly didn’t think anything could make that show any better than it already is until you guest starred. Oh, and about me teasing you about the Dodgers on Twitter, don’t take it personal. Being from Philly gives me and everyone else in this city and surrounding suburbs bragging rights, even if we didn’t do shit besides cheer and yell from the sidelines. I think it’s the whole “Holy shit, two years in a row!” factor that has us all pumped right now.

  11. I didn’t get to watch the show because somehow the DVR setting got changed, but I have to ask:
    Did any of the characters on the show utter the phrase “You win this time, Wheaton?”

  12. So I’ve been told. Honestly, I rarely remember them. It’s really depressing forgetting about 1 out of every 7 days. But… you know… at this point it’s tradition. I can’t very stop. And of course there’s the fans to think of.

  13. Wil, just wanted to say congrats on your episode of TBBT Monday night! It was by far my favorite episode yet. How much better can you get anyway?? You are awesome….keep up all your hard work-Josh:)
    P.S….Your book just arrived. Plan on getting a start on it this weekend. Can’t wait!!
    P.S.S…..Have you ever thought about doing a book based on the 1980’s(in your eyes and experiences)? Like the music, movies, games etc, that you have memories with?? You just strike me as someone who could do that better than anyone else. I love reading your childhood stories on your blog. I too miss the 80’s…BAD!

  14. I feel the same way, Jules. You see all of this geeky, super-fun stuff, your favorite actors, art designers and executive producers are there participating in panels, Q&A sessions, giving out autographs, taking pictures with people, etc. It totally seems unfair that if such an event isn’t taking place anywhere near your area, in order to participate in one you need to rearrange your entire life/schedule, book a flight, find somewhere to stay, set aside money for travelling expenses, and a whole slew of other inconveniences just to share in all of the excitement.
    The closest thing that I can compare this to is how at one point in time in all of our lives, we’ve been excluded from something and that is the absolute worst feeling in the world! You start to feel like you’re back in High School, walking around with your lunch tray trying to find a place to sit, hoping that some kind soul will invite you to sit with their group, but all you get are a bunch of cool kids throwing shit at you, laughing right in your face and gloating about how awesome they are because they’re a part of the “in” crowd that you would gladly give your right arm to be in, yourself. One day we’ll have our chance to be a part of this particular version of the “in” crowd, Jules, and what a fine, glorious day that will be!

  15. My take on the “Who’s the Vilain?” question is that since the character of Sheldon is already established as an anti-hero, in this particular case, Wil is definitely the villain. Anyone who is so diabolical that they can outwit a guy who has absolutely no empathy for anyone or regard for their feelings whatsoever has to be at least twice as evil than his opponent.

  16. Having not gone to Wootstock I think I’m gonna go with something short and sweet (and something someone probably has said a billion times): Now is the most awesome time to be in, isn’t it?

  17. LOL Yes it will be.
    I was very lucky to be able to go to PAX in Sept but this is something completely different that I would love to attend. So here’s hoping it comes to the Pacific North West and with enough notice that I can find child care etc while I am away.

  18. Yeah, I forgot to make the distinction between Wootstock and a super Con. Thanks for pointing that out to me because after doing a re-read, all I kept thinking was “Damn! I sound like such a moron!” lol Wootstock seemed really, really cool from the videos people have already started to upload, and I would have loved to go to that one, as well. If Wootstock comes anywhere near the Northern East Coast, I am so there!

  19. You didn’t sound like a moron :) Just an exited geek looking forward to the possibility of seeing the awesomesause that is w00tstock!

  20. Dude, Wil…is there any chance that you are going to come back in a future episode of Big Bang Theory? There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL with the rift between you and Sheldon, especially with the way you pwned him. I really hope the writers find a way to continue that side-plot (and give you more lines)…hilarity could ensue with reckless abandon.

  21. ahem: “launching green tea through my nose” owowowow!! Well now that your sinuses have evidently been power scrubbed you shouldn’t have to worry about getting that H1N1 vaccine, I doubt any living organisms can live through 500 mile/hour green tea…

  22. But wait… if all the character tweets from Big Bang Theory aren’t really from the characters… does that mean that you’re not really you anymore, since you are now a character on Big Bang Theory? 😉
    Don’t let me have mocha in the morning… I start thinking crazy thoughts.

  23. My first thought after seeing the episode was of a t-shirt. It would have a cartoony image of a bunny smashed by a rock – little enchanted “fairy dust” effect still floating up, with the caption “Game Over, Moon Pie!”.
    Now if there’s someone with talent who could draw that up, I’d me all over it as well. :)

  24. W00tstock was Costco Sized Awesome!! I am STILL glowing from it. It was like all the best parts of a con smashed into one amazing (and too short) 4 hours. I’m addicted now. I must have more!!

  25. Holy carp that would be an awesome shirt! I’d totally wear it all the time, too. I can barely draw stick figures, but if any of the artists in the room are reading this, come on! That shirt would be WIN times infinity!

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