Everybody walk the dinosaur. Well, except for you. You’re not working out.

I have no idea what the title of this post has to do with the content of this post. In fact, I think there's no relation at all, other than the fact that I wrote them both. But when your brain compels you to quote Was (not Was), it's best to just do what it says, and slip in a Simpsons reference if you can manage it.

So. Moving on.

RinCon was awesome this weekend. The delves were a huge success, even though both parties managed to finish them, despite my best efforts to kill them all. I am absolutely going to run Child's Play Charity delves at future cons (and may even organize a special event here in Los Angeles at a local game shop, if enough people commit to playing) and those delves will all be of my own original creation, because running these two delves and listening to our D&D Podcast has made me want to write and run a campaign more than at any other time in my life. I know I keep going on and on about how easy it is to pick up and play 4e, but … dude, it is so easy to pick up, play, and run 4e, the only reason I'm not playing every week is because I haven't had the time to do it. (Fun fact: we had players in both delves who were totally new to 4e – one of them hadn't even played since 2nd edition! – and it took all of about 5 minutes to get them into the swing of things. I know 4e has its detractors, but I just love it that this system is so easy for new players to pick up, whether they're PCs or DMs.)

I had an incredible time playing a lot of new games, as well as many of my old favorites. I especially enjoyed an indie game called Castle Panic
, and an unreleased game from SJ Games that I wish I could tell you all about. I also picked up a storytelling game called A Penny For My Thoughts
that I think was the sleeper hit of the convention. The Rock Band party was also a lot of fun, and some of you may be interested to know that James Ernest is an absolute beast on the drums.

A full con report, including some various thoughts I had about gaming at cons and why they are such an important part of our community is forthcoming, probably as this month's Geek in Review column.

Now, on to business:

My episode of The Big Bang Theory airs next Monday, October 19, on CBS. Yes, I'm excited enough about this to use the silly bold letters in my blog. Yes, this also means that I won't get to watch it live because I'll be performing at w00tstock San Francisco while it airs, but it also means that those of you who wanted to see w00tstock San Francisco on Monday but could only get tickets for Tuesday can still get your USRDA of Wil Wheaton sightings (snort) without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Because, um, that sounds funny in my head.

SPOILER ALERT! Info about my episode of The Big Bang Theory follows:

The ‘Star Trek: TNG’ alum is guesting next week as a nastier version of himself. And as it turns out, this Wil Wheaton has a longstanding rivalry with Sheldon. How did this geektastic casting come to be? Says Kunal Nayyar (Raj), “The writers were discussing, ‘Who would be a good villain for Sheldon?’ just as Wil Wheaton was writing into them, saying how much he loves the show.” 


Okay, the final bit of business before I hit publish and go to work on the Memories of the Future release post and a few related bits: the project I've been working on that I wasn't sure if I could talk about, has been revealed. I'm voicing Bill Willingham's Peter & Max: A Fables Novel. It's been a delight to spend five hours a day exploring Bill's world and brining his characters to life, and we're going to have something very special when the whole project is completed.

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  1. Hi Wil. I’m looking forward to ordering Memories of the Future, TiVoing The Big Bang Theory, and seeing you live at W00tstock on the 19th.
    ok – back to work for me…

  2. Um, 1. I can totally hear Burns saying that title. Now it’s going to be stuck in my head all day. THANKS ALOT, HWEATON! And 2. WHY oh WHY did you have to have your ep on one of the few Mondays when I have to work an evening shift??! Please tell me that BBT is one of the CBS shows that you can LEGALLY watch on the tubes, via their website or Hulu, or something (something LEGAL that is).

  3. No spoilers! I don’t want to go into it with my mind pre-blown.
    Seriously, though, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be watching it Tuesday on my… um… television! Yes, that’s it! Utilizing approved and not-shady-at-all means to receive the transmission as originally sent, with legal and pre-approved technologies to lovingly and gently time-shift it. No computers involved at all. Nope!

  4. Running a delve in LA? That’d be awesome!
    I haven’t played since 2nd ed and totally want to play! But finding a gaming group that’s actually open, not a Sekrit Treehouse, and fits my schedule has been… well, close to impossible. And then there’s the whole problem of not being up on 4th ed and being female, which totally gives me an automatic Lame Girl disadd. Those are two pretty big bars to entry. So something like a delve, where I don’t have to read a couple of hundred pages before I pick up dice, sounds just about perfect.

  5. WTB Memories of the Future…can you tell I am rather impatient?! *chants* Push the red button!!!
    On a side note, thank’s for reminding me to talk my dinosaur for a walk…

  6. I can’t wait for your Big Bang Theory episode! Also, I plan to hit up our local game store (which is the same as yours) for a charity game night as well (though not a delve). I hope they’re down with that sort of thing.

  7. You know…The shows you’re on I never watch until your on them…then I get hooked. You’re like the perfect endorsement for epic win, Wil, seriously.

  8. Thanks again for running the Delve. I had a blast playing Sunday. You’re a great DM, and I hope you get your campaign off the ground soon. For Beer!!
    I also wanted to thank Wizards of the Cost and gamescience.com for the nice gifts. It was very generous of them.

  9. Just out of curiosity, why do you show up playing an evil version of yourself? It seems like when Wil Wheaton plays himself, he is some crazed sociopathic person.
    Anyone ever really cast you as the nice guy you are? :-)

  10. Speaking of gaming things for charity, Extra Life is this Saturday, are you doing anything with that?
    My son and his friends are gearing up for a 24-hour marathon of fundraising by doing something that they are always doing anyway! https://waystogive.texaschildrens.org/netcommunity/pheonixdown if anyone is interested in donating.
    And yes, I know he spelled Phoenix wrong, it was one of those services where once you set up the URL they couldn’t change it. I used it as a good example of WHY we proofread things before we hit send.

  11. Speaking of voice talents, I just want to say I was most delighted to get my USRDA of Wil Wheaton in an unexpected way when I watched the Secret of NIMH last night. Well played and unexpected!
    I’m looking forward to this episode of The Big Bang Theory.

  12. “I’m voicing Bill Willingham’s Peter & Max: A Fables Novel”
    Dude, Wil…seriously? Oh man…my fiance is going to go apeshit when she hears about this. The Fable series is one of her favourite graphic novels collections of all time…as far as I know, she wasn’t even aware of a novel. The fact that you are going to be the reader is going to cause her to go even MORE crazy.
    I’ll prolly get all kinds of awesome ass for being the messanger of this good news:-) Thanks for getting me laid, Wil!

  13. So very excited… I love me some Big Bang Theory and Wil Wheaton. Two great tastes that taste great together!
    Alright, that sounds a little creepy. Still, looking forward to it!

  14. See, what really amuses me about the roles you’ve been playing lately are that they’ve all got one major thing in common: they’re all dicks. Even a dick-ish version of yourself on BBT.
    What, does no one want you as the actually very nice geek next store who helps old ladies across the street and gives dice away to underprivileged gamers?
    One last thing: Fables! OMGOMGOMG! You lucky man, you!

  15. everyone who has “walk the dinosaur” stuck in their head now raise their hand. *raises hand*
    i’ve never seen bbt and am dvr’ing it monday only because you are guest starring. can’t wait. :)

  16. Ah! Even with the bold and me trying to cover it up quickly with my hands, my eyes still betrayed me and read nearly all of the spoiler! AH! I figure there’s more under the link and no way am I clicking that, but I’m still a bit angry (only at myself). But I must let that go.
    After all: anger, fear, aggression…the dark side are they.
    I must UNLEARN that which I have learned.
    Yes, that’s it. I can do it.

  17. DUDE! I said it before (via Twitter) and I’ll say it again. I am so completely jealous of you for not only getting to be on an episode of BBT, but also because I’m assuming that you’ll be doing a lot of scenes with Jim Parsons. I love the character of Sheldon Cooper so much it’s not even funny! You lucky son of a gun!
    I remember you mentioning a few times before that you’ve gotten starstruck when you’ve met or worked other actors that you admire, was it like that for you with Jim Parsons or anyone else on BBT? I know, it does sound like a ridiculous question, considering the fact that you’ve been an actor for most of your life but I just get the feeling that you probably geeked out a little bit on the BBT set. Come on Wil, admit it, you did, din’t you?

  18. BBT is easily my favorite comedy on TV right now (it has surpassed How I Met Your Mother in laugh-out-loud-funny moments), so I’m very much looking forward to a convergence of geeky awesomeness.

  19. Dear Wil,
    I wanted to take a minute and thank you for coming out to RinCon this past weekend. My children had a lot of fun because of it and they have not stopped talking about getting to play Rock Band with Wil Wheaton.
    At first they were only semi-interested in coming with me, and gave me a blank look when I said you played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek TNG. However, when I told them you were one of the voices in Batman, their eyes lit up and then they were excited.
    Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to personally play in any of your events because of other duties. I hope that next year, or perhaps at another convention, I will get the chance to do so.
    Again, thank you. You have helped solidify the interest of three of the next generation of gamers… pun intended.
    Dawn Andrews-Lynn

  20. It was a lot of fun seeing you at the con and listening to the talk you gave. I recorded it on my little digital voice recorder and played it for my wife on a moderately long drive yesterday, she was quite amused.
    BTW, I’m the guy who gave you the copy of the Zombie Cafe card game at the signing. I hope you and your clan enjoy it.

  21. Will, I would love to help you set up some of the delves at the gaming conventions in Los Angeles: Strategicon (http://www.strategicon.net). Let me know if you are interested, I know the con (and I) would be. We could do this as many 3 times for the year or simple one of the cons, your choice.

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