Hey look! It’s the promo for my episode of The Big Bang Theory!

Holy. Carp. Wil's Mind = BLOWN.

This is the coolest thing I've seen all day. I can't believe that CBS chose to make the promo for next week's episode all about me! It's a huge honor, because it means someone at CBS thinks I'm worth audience. 

I've also heard from two friends who have seen screeners of the show, and – even though I like to always keep expectations nice and low – they both said that the whole episode is hilarious.

(via htbhomas on Twitter)

113 thoughts on “Hey look! It’s the promo for my episode of The Big Bang Theory!”

  1. Wow! Thanks a bunch, karohemd!! I installed this program you linked to, and now I can see it! Wohoo!
    I’ve seen some awesome pics of the episode, and I am looking forward to it very much. I love “The Big Bang Theory” from the first eps on…although I first saw it in the dubbed German version on our TV. I swear, one of my first thoughts on this show was “When will Wil Wheaton show up with these geeks?” *smiles* This is going to be GREAT!

  2. Every episode of BBT is always hilarious, certainly no surprise that your ep is, too!! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately because I hate all the stuff teasers give away! lol) I can’t watch that because CBS only allows you to watch their vids in the US. But I will be watching the ep the night after it airs! *squee!!*

  3. OMG – We are so stoked to see you will be on Big Bang Theory next Monday. We are in love with that show! My 19-yr-old daughter has embraced geekness (and Jim Parsons) big time, and I turned her onto your blog a few years back.
    And we thought Leverage was fun! This will be WAY more fun.
    Next, you should appear on Fringe and Glee to make our lives complete, and oh, Flash Forward.

  4. Oh, I did not realize you were playing YOURSELF in this show. I figured what was meant by, “a darker version of you” that it was metaphorical, rather than literal.
    I don’t currently watch this show, but your presence on it has made me very curious about it. I may have to Netflix it now.

  5. Finally watched this. Awesome. Of course for TBBT you’re worth promoting, Wil. They debate Wolverine’s origins and recite the rules of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. It’s not like this is some procedural or something. 😉
    Okay, keeping expectations low, I know this will rock. Because it’s an awesome show that knows geeks to the core, and you know geeks to the core, and you had fun making it together. So we’ll have fun watching it. Can’t wait!
    (Will you be watching an east coast feed or waiting three hours?)

  6. That looks really damn funny. That show is probably my favorite comedy on the air right now. I have to give props to “The Office” and “2 1/2 Men”, but this is a great show and I can’t wait to see you on it. I am sure that you will fit right in. That show looks like it’s a lot of fun to work on. I bet those guys have a blast all the time. I know it’s a job, but it looks like too much fun to actually feel like a job.

  7. Great and funny show! I wish you would stop playing bad guys though. It’s kind of strange that you are playing your Self and end up being a Dick, which certainly goes against your Prime Directive 😛

  8. “I can’t believe that CBS chose to make the promo for [a late Oct ’09 US first run episode of the tv comedy, The Big Bang Theory] all about me! It’s a huge honor, because it means someone at CBS thinks I’m worth audience…”
    Wil, I’ve been thinking about your “audience” comment. I doubt CBS are unaware many hundreds of millions of GenX/Yers from around the planet (but let’s think China and India, here) will instantly recognize you from NG. Even now, as a face fuzzed 37 year old, you obviously are the dude who played cute geek-teen genius, Wesley Crusher, in Star Trek.
    You are ARE a role model, Wil…
    A married US hetero GenXer with a son in the same age range as your world famous ST character. Just imagine the number of FF tees Penny Arcade will shift once this current US season’s BBT gets aired in India:*)
    Cheers Then — Jonathon

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