not exactly time enough at last

I'm heading out to Tucson at the end of the week for a con my friend is running called RinCon. It sounds very similar to the laid back gaming cons I cut my geek teeth on when I was a teenager, and I'm really looking forward to it. I plan to play in as many games as I can during the weekend, and if you're planning to come to the con, you'll probably find me in open gaming playing Revolution!DominionPandemicMunchkin, or hopping among whatever demos are available. I'm also bringing a chapter from Memories of the Future Volume One, and one from The Happiest Days of Our Lives for a reading, and there will definitely be a Rock Band party. The whole schedule will be at the con.

I went to lunch with Anne today, ordered my food, and then, while waiting for it, realized how much stuff I have to do between now and when we leave for the con. I felt so overwhelmed, I totally lost my appetite. I kind of wish we'd been dining at this place I just made up called The Science Fiction Cliché Café, where I could have ordered a device to give me more hours in each day, as well as some clones of myself to do a bunch of work for me. Sadly, we were eating at one of my favorite Indian restaurants, and I couldn't even enjoy my masala (hopefully my stomach will be settled down and I can have it for dinner tonight. Um. I've just overshared, haven't I?)

Anyway, in an effort to get this stuff under control and not feel so completely stressed out and overwhelmed: I had planned to release Memories of the Future Volume One on Tuesday, but I forgot that I'm working a voice job all day, so I'm going to delay the release until I get back from the con. I'm sure this sounds a little silly, but I've worked on this book for so long, and I've worked so hard to get it exactly how I want it, that I want to be able to participate in its release, probably with some kind of liveblog or something. Since I can't do that while working as a voice actor all day, I'm going to make everyone wait for an extra week. I'm real sorry about that, and if you're waiting for the release, I hope you understand.

Let's end on a happier note, from the not-stressful-but-actually-awesome department: it feels like Autumn today. The air is cool, the sun (when it's not behind the scattered puffy white clouds) is warm, and there's just a tiny bit of a breeze, stirring the leaves that will soon be falling from the trees in my neighborhood. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and though I know Summer isn't going to completely relax its 100 degree grip on Southern California for at least another couple of weeks, the preview we've gotten today has been wonderful.

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  1. Take your time, ol’ Wil! We’ll enjoy the book when it comes out. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the podcasts (you’re not taking a week off from that, are you?). Get done what you gotta get done and we’ll be here waiting.

  2. I can forgive you. In fact, I think it will be even more awesome for the wait because you’ll get to be in on the release with us! How cool is that?
    And so, from here in New England where it has felt like fall for a few weeks but is finally looking like it, I give my endorsement. Have a great con, and “see” you when you get back!

  3. I can’t wait for the release even if you have to delay it for two more weeks I can wait.
    BTW while at the con if you get a chance to play Tales of the Arabian Nights – Do it! It is a fantastic game. It’s a choose your own adventure board game. And the expansion for Pandemic is great too.

  4. Yeah, take some time, take a break, rock out with your geek out. Ah, Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness–there was totally mist all over my campus today. eerie.
    And I totally want some chicken tikki masala now. Curse you, Wil.

  5. 1st, Happy Jedi day to you and yours this fine Spocktober. 2nd Rock the House like its your 4th farewell concert tour. I look forward to the Youtube vids. And yes! yes! yes! liveblog the release to your hearts content. It is the only thing we mid-am/Gr Lakers get to do with you while you are on the West coast bein all cool and SoGA-like.

  6. Deep, cleansing breaths, Wil. Out with the stressed air, in with the good.
    All will work out. I mean, you’re Wil Fuckin’ Wheaton. You’re goddamned right it will all work out.
    Looking forward to the book, regardless of the release date. It’ll give me a little more time to squirrel away some money for it.

  7. Hi Wil,
    I’ve been reading your blog for some time and really enjoy your writing, especially on the subject of DIY publishing. This is a thank you note of sorts– I’ve recently published my novel with a POD service (CreateSpace) and so far, it’s doing really well. The thank you part is that your openness in sharing your experience with your readers is what led me to take that chance and create.
    My novel is called
    The Lives of Perfect Creatures, and following the link, you (or anyone else–hi everybody!) can download a free eBook version, or purchase it, (if that’s your thing).
    Thanks again,
    Keith Kisser

  8. Take your time Wil, if you stress about launching it when you don’t have the time to be relaxed with it, you won’t be happy – it’s got to be the right time. We’ve waited this long, we can wait a wee bit longer.

  9. Hey Wil- it’s been quite fall-like here too. Except for the excess of rain in parts of Georgia. BTW- it’s raining as I type this. I really enjoy reading your writings and your tweets make me laugh a lot. (how’s the cat?)- LOL. I truly hope to meet you one day and shake your hand. Thanks for being one of the most down-to-earth and real guy on the net. Have fun at RinCon. Maybe we’ll meet in HotLanta some day soon.
    lots of love to you and your family.
    Kathy Porter

  10. Aww that was a really sweet blog. Kinda gave us a view of wilw’s softer side. I love Autumn too, especially because of harvest. Congrats on the book launch, and have fun at the con :)

  11. I was really looking forward to the release of MOTF this week, but I completely understand you wanting to be a part of the release, I can patiently wait another week…I think.
    I really wish that I was able to get to one of the Cons you go to. The all seem like a blast, but unfortunately I have a severe fear of heights so unless they come up with something equally cool here in Canada, I am stuck living vicariously through your recap postings *sigh*
    Have a great time!

  12. Autumn is my favorite time of year

    Perhaps the robot council will take that into account and send you to an asteroid where the high iron content will remind you of the color of the changing trees.

  13. Sad news indeed about the book release delay, but very happy news about a great actor finding regular work and having too much to do.
    And in support of talented, busy actors everywhere, I totally support your decision to delay the book so you can have the well-deserved chance to revel in your accomplishment.
    I shall continue salivating one more week. 😛
    Oh, and have a kick-ass time at the con. You’re making me wish I hadn’t just moved away from AZ, or I would have been forced to come down and kick your ass at Munchkin. *mock-arrogant smirk*
    …oh well, there’s always PHX Comicon 2010.

  14. Finding this page was a delightful surprise. Wil, long time, no see. It was at a Con ages ago. You’d just started Next Gen. You were so nice, and funny as well, it was a lot of fun listening to your talk. I met some cool fellow Trekkies during that afternoon. My flight was late, the airline was offering certs to those giving up seats, but no way was I missing you. Yours was the first panel that day that I was determined to see. And I made it!
    You’re an author as well. I didn’t know that. I’m so jealous. Many books in my head, none on paper. Congrats to you on that.
    Well, I will be watching for your blogs. Hope you have fun at Rincon.

  15. If you’ve got some extra time whilst in Tucson, I’d be willing to buy you a beer or something. There’s a couple places nearby with excellent pizza and beer.
    Email: pete@[username].com
    Phone: 1-678-[username]

  16. Well, I’m sad you’re delaying the book release, but I’m happy you’re joining us in Tucson! If you’re going to be here over the weekend, allow me to extend an invitation to my D&D group’s weekly session on Saturday. And I second heypete’s comment (I’m his neighbor, after all). In any event, we all look forward to seeing you here!

  17. I’m seriously considering heading to this con for my birthday weekend. Any chance of an early release signed copy for my birthday? I’ll show you my ID! Ha! Actually even if I just get to see you, that would make it the best birthday evers by far.
    Tucson is less than 2 hours from here, so I’m pretty sure RinCon has now made it into the epic bday weekend plans.

  18. I’ve also been enjoying the Podcasts. Will the Memories of the Futurecast be released in an electronic format? I can’t remember if I saw any details mentioning that around here before.

  19. Everyone who is anticipating your book release, should already know how wonderfully awesome you are, and therefore have no problem with waiting a few more days! You should most definitely get to enjoy the release as much as the rest of us, if not more!! Go, have your fun at the con, and we’ll all be patiently waiting for your return. =)
    Oh, and don’t forget to breathe, kay?? 😉

  20. I’ll be flying into Tucson on Sunday for my wedding. We’re getting married on Saturday 10/17 and taking a “Honey-sun” by spending a week in Tucson beforehand.
    I’ll have to a> check my flight info, and b> see if the con will be running sunday. That would be a great way to kick off the week.

  21. Hi Will! My friend Brandi saw you at PAX last month and you commented on how you liked her “we’re finally meeting irl” shirt. I’d love to get you one too. My friend Rachel and I work on a webcomic and that’s one of our shirts that we sell. 😀
    Gotta love the smaller cons. I’ve had tables at big cons like Dragon Con in Atlanta and Wizard World Philly, but sometimes the smaller local cons are my faves because I can chill out with friends when I take breaks and sneak off to the game room to play some Catan or Apples to Apples. :)

  22. I assume that RinCon is being held at Rincon high school? Something awesome finally happens in my home town and I live in Minneasota and have to miss it. Darn it!

  23. Great, I waited until you set a date to listen to the Futurecasts and now I’m feeling like an addict who was sure to get his fix tomorrow. Those are the kind of shivers down my spine I didn’t ask for! Dammit Wesley! 😉

  24. Man it is awesome that you are waiting! As much as I wanted this books months ago, it is beyond fantabulous you wanting to be there for the release and celebrate with us. That is so worth the extra wait. Even if that wasn’t the reason and you didn’t explain the reason, most know that you wouldn’t delay without having a good reason for doing so.
    Are you nervous? I’m about to published and every time I think about it, I feel as if I am going to vomit. I perform all the time and never get the nerves until after the performance is done and then I wonder if they liked it or not. This is the first time I have “stage fright” prior to release. I am very curious to know if you get the nerves before you release like you do before you talk or perform or is it different for you?

  25. Whenever someone talks about cloning themself, I feel bound to remind them to re-read the Calvin & Hobbes story arc where Calvin clones himself with the transmogrifier….
    I’m not going to post the link – people rip off Bill Watterson’s amazing work all the time, and no matter what you feel about copyright there’s no reason to annoy the guy.

  26. I am fairly certain that Beatles Rock Band will be available, and that you’ll get to choose which version you prefer to play. yay!

  27. Ya know, Autumn is my favorite season. It’s such a nifty feeling…the crunch of the leaves under your feet.
    Personally, I LOVE the smaller cons. I don’t know how often you get a chance to get out here to East Coast, but there are some really good ones.
    Hope you have a great time this weekend! :-)

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