Molly Lewis is a national treasure

In the world of entertainment, there are things that make me laugh, there are things that make me cry, and there are the rare things that work on so many different levels, or are so surprising, they simply drop my jaw to the floor and blow my mind.

This cover of Poker Face by Molly Lewis is one of those things.

Molly Lewis, you are a national treasure. It is an honor to occasionally share the stage with you.

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  1. As I was typing the words ‘where can I get this to put on my iPod?!’, Wil read my brainthoughts and posted the mp3 download.
    This is a work of genius. Molly Lewis is my new hero.

  2. That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to look up stuff she’s done. Thanks Wil!
    (FYI: the zip-zip quasi-VCR noise at the beginning caused my cat to go nosing under my laptop to look for the critter that was making that noise; I guess it sounded like a mouse or something. funny!)

  3. Yeah, I feel exactly the same way. I don't care for anything Lady Gaga has done, but this version is so wonderful, I find myself singing it in my head.

  4. You said it, Blair! Molly Lewis was one of the first members of the Ning Community, “Too Much Awesome”! A community of independent musicians, their fans and friends.
    And she was a guest on their weekly podcast!
    Molly also won the Internet Song Writing contest, “The Masters of Song Fu #3,” beating out Wootstock Song Fu Masters Paul and Storm in the final round.

  5. Mr. Wheaton, you never cease to amuse me. That is not a bad thing. The problem, however, is now I’m torn between chatting it up with you, and listening to all of Ms. Lewis’ body of work… THAT is a bad thing.

  6. Man, she’s got some funny stuff!
    All this talk of music and I thought of something. One of my fellow Philadelphia bands released a new CD yesterday. Check them out at Wil, I really think you’ll like it if your podcast selections are any indication. It’s quirky, indie, kinda rock and is pretty cool. In particular, check out track 6, Never Saw It Coming. I really think you’ll be glad you did!

  7. Wow, and here I thought that this song had no redeeming value in it whatsoever, and then Molly Lewis comes along and brings out the awesome. Oh yes, this is definitely getting spammed to all of my friends and family. That is totally so full of awesome and win! Molly Lewis, FTW!

  8. She is so much fun to watch! And she’s wearing my very first threadless shirt when she’s rockin on that stylophone, too. Threadless FTW! Fun music FTW! FTW FTW!

  9. I do apologize for this but…who is Molly Lewis? I feel like I’m that one kid in the back of the class who can’t read the blackboard but doesn’t want to say anything cause he fears he needs glasses and he’s already an outsider what with his bad fitting shirt and non Nike shoes

  10. Molly is a musician (that part is kinda obvious)
    She was brought to JoCos attention a few years ago because of a cover she did on the Uke of one of his songs. He asked her to play with him. She has been a participant in the Masters of Song Fu Song writing competition. She was at PAX. She was in w00tstock. She is amazingly talented.
    I hope that answers your question.

  11. I first saw her playing with Jonathan Coulton a few years ago, and we invited her to be a special guest at w00tstock 1.x. She's an incredibly talented person.

  12. Wow. This isn’t a simple cover!
    Playing all the “tracks” herself?
    Her existence a scant nineteen orbits of Sol?
    A superb talent. Send my kudos to Molly, Wil.

  13. Could you amend the title to *international* treasure, please? :-)
    I still think I prefer her version of “Toxic” though; I was completely unaware that a ukelele could make sounds like that and it’s been my highlight of the w00tstock audio so far (close second is “The Trade ft. Paul and Storm”, though :-).
    Right, off to find if DFTBA ship to the UK!

  14. I was going to say that she's a national treasure that spans multiple nations … but then I decided to be all "USA! USA! USA!" and keep her all to ourselves.

  15. She is incredible. You need to get her to come to the Phoenix Comic-con next year. I would love to see Molly Lewis and Wil Wheaton rock the stage with Rock Band!

  16. How about a national treasure of the Geek Nation? After all, that’s a gathering of people that, happily, doesn’t have borders imposed on it :-)
    Srsly though, dude, you guys are going to have to share her or we’ll get Simon Cowell to inflict “X Factor” on you. There’s not enough ukeleles in the world to cure that particular fever.

  17. I wonder if you’ve heard any of her stuff acoustic? (Lady Gaga)
    At first I really couldn’t stand any of her music, then looked into her background a bit. She can really play the piano, and some of her songs are quite amazing. Her voice is nothing what you hear on her albums. Normally I wouldn’t tout another musician/band when someone says they don’t like them, but as a singer, I can tell That Gaga has something pretty special.
    (Fooled me again with your honest eyes)

  18. Holy Martian Mary, there are ice fields on the moon! Is anybody else watching NASA’s streaming press conference right now? For once I’m sorry I don’t have Twitter, because I want to send everybody a big YIPPEE!!!!!
    Apparently the L-CROSS mission immediately confirmed there was lots of hydrogen in the lunar plume that was kicked up by the fracking device, but the scientists took their time to confirm that, in fact, the spectrometers were picking up water.
    Sorry to threadjack. I’m just so inexplicably happy! It’s like every other geek’s hope is coming true. Excuse me, I have to go retrieve my Young Astronauts pin from my trousseau.

  19. For comparison, I just saw Lady Gaga’s original version of this track, and I definitely prefer Molly’s. The former has a decent beat, but suffers from overproduction.
    Whomever edited Molly’s clip also did a terrific job; it’s simple, clever, and direct.

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