I, uh, had trouble coming up with a title for this post. Sorry about that.

So season Three of The Guild wrapped up this week, and if the feedback I'm getting via Twitter and e-mail is any indication, we can make a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

Felicia has a post at her blog where she talks in a spoileriffic way about her creative process and the choices she made for this season. 

So the episodes. Two Guilds. Fifteen Actors. 20 Extras. What a nightmare, who thought of this storyline anyway?!?! Well, for episode 11 it is the finest frenzy we’ve ever done. I was determined to give everyone a grace note in one of these episodes, and I think everyone got wrapped up pretty well. There were, frankly, too many storylines going on this season, but out of necessity I made them work, because I couldn’t think of any other way to do the season. I think for season 4 there will be a more streamlined story on my writing part, but due to the chaotic nature of this season’s storyline I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Don't read it if you haven't watched all the way to the end, but if you have, I think it'll entertain you to the max, for sure.

Speaking of entertaining things … here's the episode 9-12 gag reel!

Felicia points out that you can watch all of Season Three at Bing Video, which is kind of a big deal because it means that Bing is finally useful for something. Mark this day in history, kids.

And Felicia, if you see this: Kick ass, dude. Once again, you owned it.

Warning: Assume that there will be Guild Spoilers™ in the comments.

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  1. This was definitely my favorite season so far. And I just want you to know that my brain exploded a little bit the last moment of the finale as you lay in bed together…I’m hoping that means you’ll be back for season 4?

  2. This season was outstanding. Loved every episode, which is rare for any series. Even Big Bang Theory (which I love) has the occasional clunker. It sounds like you had a blast making it with Felicia and company as well. Here’s hoping you’ll be back for Season 4!

  3. “is kind of a big deal because it means that Bing is finally useful for something”
    I see what you did there.
    I think maybe you mean that “The Guild” is finally useful for something! Ha!
    Oh, wait. That doesn’t make Bing sound any better.

  4. I haven’t seen it all yet, but have to say, when I first saw you as the ebil GL from heck, I really, really squeaked in glee/surprise/joy. To tell you how well you did? I really wanted to just smack your character, hard. Which is funny, considering everything I know of you indicates you’re one of the nifty peeps in the world.
    I’m looking forward to catching up.
    Good job, man.

  5. Best… finale… EV-VER! Can’t wait for next season, and glad @evilwilw is going to continue complicating things for the knights of good.
    All of the actors did a great job during the season, so I hope there’s going to be regular cameos by the other members of the AoA. I loved to hate them! :)
    I wonder if the next season is going to be The Guild’s “Empire Strikes Back”….

  6. I guess that means Codex is The Guild’s Luke. Tink should have said “You’re all clear kid, let’s blow this thing and get out of here!”
    Or maybe I’m just geeking out so hard I’m genre crossing again.

  7. $10 bucks says Wil’s character is sickeningly-sweet, smotheringly-affectionate the morning after. Codex has to sneak out the bathroom window and run down the street in his kilt.
    Great job! Season 4 can’t come quickly enough!

  8. Best. Ending. EVAR! Just awesome!!! (And actually, I started following you on twitter *because* I was already following @feliciaday and was enjoying your role in Season 3. So, kudos for @feliciaday, for introducing me to your most awesome online self. *grin*)

  9. My roommate and I just found The Guild four days ago, and we have been watching it almost non-stop. When the newest episode went up, we geeked out. I’m so glad you’re (probably) going to be in the next season. Fawkes is hilarious!
    Of course, now we have to wait like everyone else. :( It was so nice having three unseen seasons just waiting for us…

  10. With The Guild S3, Ms Day has surpassed herself. I sincerely hope the ending means we’ll be getting to see more of “Codawkes” in S4… that sounded better in my head.
    Anyway, great work and thank you for entertaining me in nicely digestible 7 and a half minute segments for the past 3 months.

  11. I loved every single episode, and really…
    love you even more now. Great job! So happy you had a blast doing it because I’m hoping you’ll be back next season. In bed, with Cyd :)

  12. Oh gosh *overheats*
    Look, just tell me this: there’ll be another season, right? When? WHEN? I’m making forlorny faces at the screen, I assure you.

  13. Only my flat mate can attest to how much I squeed over the awesomeness that was that episode.
    Please tell me that you will be back in your kilt for next season?
    I’m so excited to see where the Codex/Fawkes storyline is going.
    *squees some more*

  14. so much to say!
    I love The Guild (as everyone does). The finale was shocking to say the least! KoG rules (although I have the AoA shirt).
    I can NOT wait for season 4 and am loving to hate your character Wil..I would like to echo what someone else said “dont break her heart ” Codex character so reminds me of myself (lol).

  15. Forgive the show cross,
    But I must say my last piece,
    Evil Wil Wheaton.
    In regards to hearts,
    You leave a girl with no hope.
    Game over, moonpie.

  16. I think we are all like Cyd inside. But sometimes I’m like Codex, too. A couple of times I’ve told my boss that “I rock”. Luckily, he usually agrees. :-) Anyway, I think that Felicia can stand tall and confident like Codex because she totally rocked this one! And Wil, you rawked, too. :-)

  17. Hahaha! Totally geek snortlaughed several times while watching this. The only thing that would have made it better is an outtake of you being swarmed by a shitload of beetles. All in all, though, this gag reel is totally full of awesome and win!

  18. While the episode was Wiltastic I must disagree with Felicia about the usefullness of Bing. I was a couple of episodes behind and Bing completely failed to find one, wanted to show them out of order and was generally a pain in the behind. Luckily Felicia’s blog was a lot more helpful.
    Now I have to wait for Season 4.

  19. Any chance of watching the second half of Season 3 somewhere that DOESN’T require me to install crap on my computer?
    Sorry for the language, but “Silverlight” is useless “technology.” Online video has already been figured out without proprietary **** like that.

  20. Since my computer is currently 100% M$ free and I want to keep it that way (more just so I can say that it’s true than anything else), I’ve been watching thing guild here lately.

  21. The wife & I have been following The Guild on xbox and we caught the final ep of S3 this week. Loved the end scene which prompted the missus to ask “this means Wil is coming back for the next season right?”. In fact I hope the entire Axis make a return as they were such good characters.

  22. On a different topic: great movie, even on DVD.
    But really.
    How the heck could Spock physically watch Vulcan blow up from the shores of Delta “RIP-Gary-Mitchell” Vega? Or is Vulcan really like some kind of “Death Star” that freely roams around the galaxy like a king-sized “Book-mobile”?
    And what about the time-line? You would think that Guinan would be out there somewhere having seizures over the fact that Spock and Nero single-handedly frakked up the time-line in a majorally historic kind of way.
    And yet Spock seemed so indifferent to it all. Hmmm. Do Vulcans take Zoloft?
    Just wondering.
    And now we return you to your original thread…

  23. The Guild is a GREAT show and I was delighted to see you join the cast this season, even if you did look greasy and slimy hehe.
    Also, just wanted to let you know, in a blog of mine on a new site that is up and coming, I wanted to let you know I wrote about you and two of your books.I hope you don’t mind, I used the images of the books and your avatar.

  24. Awesome stuff. The Guild is a fantastic show, and it was great to see you as a part of it. Question though…what is with you playing so many villians? lol, you do a great job of it, but I would love to see another role like in Jane White is Sick and Twisted…

  25. You saying “I have been spanked.”
    I’ve had a crush on you since I was 8 years old. I had a permanent squee on the whole 3rd season, but that one line was the culmination of 20+ years of fantasies.
    I heart the heck out of Evil Wil.

  26. Um, sorry to hijack your thread Wil, but dude… SERIOUSLY?

    And yet Spock seemed so indifferent to it all. Hmmm. Do Vulcans take Zoloft?

    HELLO? Vulcans don’t believe in showing emotions!! SWEET JESUS ON A CROSS, how can you quote ST:TOS and NOT know this?

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