I, uh, had trouble coming up with a title for this post. Sorry about that.

So season Three of The Guild wrapped up this week, and if the feedback I'm getting via Twitter and e-mail is any indication, we can make a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

Felicia has a post at her blog where she talks in a spoileriffic way about her creative process and the choices she made for this season. 

So the episodes. Two Guilds. Fifteen Actors. 20 Extras. What a nightmare, who thought of this storyline anyway?!?! Well, for episode 11 it is the finest frenzy we’ve ever done. I was determined to give everyone a grace note in one of these episodes, and I think everyone got wrapped up pretty well. There were, frankly, too many storylines going on this season, but out of necessity I made them work, because I couldn’t think of any other way to do the season. I think for season 4 there will be a more streamlined story on my writing part, but due to the chaotic nature of this season’s storyline I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Don't read it if you haven't watched all the way to the end, but if you have, I think it'll entertain you to the max, for sure.

Speaking of entertaining things … here's the episode 9-12 gag reel!

Felicia points out that you can watch all of Season Three at Bing Video, which is kind of a big deal because it means that Bing is finally useful for something. Mark this day in history, kids.

And Felicia, if you see this: Kick ass, dude. Once again, you owned it.

Warning: Assume that there will be Guild Spoilers™ in the comments.

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  1. Well, just about everyone on this side of Rigel IV knows about Phizer’s illustrious and quite successful campaign to market SSRIs to the Vulcan masses in the mid 1990s.
    In fact, if you read the fine print on the drug label you’ll see it states quite clearly as a contraindication “…linked to suicide, mood swings, increased libido… and may induce indifference and/or Pon Farr in Northwest Airline Pilots and Vulcans.”
    Read it myself, I did.
    (Just a little diversion from the thread)

  2. I swore I would stop failing to let people know how fantastic I think they are, as I failed you in the 80’s by never sending in fanmail. I thoroughly believed you were worthy. It was my own opinion that I didn’t believe in. Well, Wil Wheaton, know this — every episode in which you appeared in this most recent season of The Guild was a true delight. And I have to say, at least it wasn’t Clara getting the guy Codex was fated/doomed/Chosen to be with. That ‘naked under that kilt’ question had me even more worried for her marriage than her drunken make out session with the stunt guy. You know, she may be a little, um, difficult to follow at times, but Paula Abdul definitely had it right about opposites attracting. 😛

  3. LOL that’s funny shit! I like the matrix music moment at the end. “Something is changed in the timeline…they’ve cut the hard drive”…good thing you can transend time. HAHAHAHA Are you ready to reveal your super hero identity yet? Or are you just another dick?
    Your character I mean. I bet you are tired of the out of touch with reality people who take you too seriously and think that your characters actually exist. They are nice facets of your personality though, Come to think of it…why don’t you podcast your experiences on all of your early movies, then you will have your memoirs complete for when you really become famous.
    Have you really deeply thought about and catagorised all the roles you have played and what they have to say about you personally? For myself and some of my actor friends I noticed we have all just played different versions of ourselves that we one day become, if not already. We shine in those roles but we aren’t really acting, just having fun being our magnetic selves. I think you are not an actor so much but a star playing around until he finds himself and be better to shine. Wil Wheaton is a star because people like him, in his honesty, and bravery. “We need a hero in real life” the people say!
    Wil, you will never be a successful actor because you are a successful person who’s job it is to shine light on what ever you choose. The real YOu is who people want to see. I am saying…you are bigger than all of your characters. It is better to be an icon than a part time player in other’s stories. You have your own to tell. And people love you for it.
    Ok I have rambled enough…Good Day!
    P.S. “Go kick their ass” is putting out a negetive intention in the air subconciously and could be actually holding you back from connecting to the people in the auditions. “Now Go Get The Part” would do you much better for setting yourself up for success. just saying…try it and see if your luck changes! All superstition acts to control the believer. Free your mind and believe in yourself and have fun with the process and you will flow where you are needed.
    knock knock…..wil

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