the obligatory addendum to the obligatory w00tstock post

When I wrote my w00tstock post, I totally forgot to mention that we put some video interludes into the show, to make sure that we were giving the maximum A/V Club experience to the audience.

There were some very funny shorts, including Mister Bungle getting the Riff Trax treatment, the credits for Jonathan Coulton's television series, Monkey Shines, (that was cancelled after the first commercial break), and this parody commercial for Trader Joe's, which is exceptionally hilarious if you've ever shopped there:

I also neglected to mention that Kid Beyond wrote a book of puzzles he created called BOGGLE Crossdoku, and Molly Lewis has a CD of her kickass music … you know, because it's getting to be that time of year when people typically give gifts to other people. 

Also, whenever I say "…forgot to mention," I have to say "BEWARE OF HITCHHIKING GHOSTS!!1"

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  1. The Trader Joes commercial actually made me tear up a bit. I moved to Kansas City several years ago and we don’t have a TJs here :( But thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. I loved making those, and I thought they were very funny in the context of the show, but they just don't work on their own. I have them, but I haven't put them online anywhere.

  3. I don’t know, I don’t think that were too “W00tstock” specific. I think they could stand on their own and people might get some enjoyment out of them.

  4. What made them funny, I thought, was that they were sort of a "runner" in the show. The first time you see one, you think, "oh, that's mildly amusing and random." The next time, it's a little bit funnier, because now you get the joke. The third and fourth times, you're giggling because you wonder what the stupid moment is going to be … but take that out of the context of a show, and expand it to however many episodes I actually made (I think it was like 18 or something) and the joke wears out.
    Believe me, I tried to figure out a way to make it funny and make it worth putting online, (it was part of Operation Crazy Awesome Idea) but I just couldn't find the sweet spot.
    Still, it *is* funny at w00tstock, so at least it has a place to live in the future.

  5. When I was in Seattle over the summer it was my first experience with Trader Joe’s. Even so I was only in there once? I know that video is so true.

  6. I just saw the twitter feed to the side. I don’t suppose there’s ever a chance we’ll see that Delve you ran so we can get our friends, grow our beards, throw some dice and pretend to be you pretending to be a necromancer, is there?

  7. Hey Wil, On a completely different note. I’m currently listening to the “War of the Worlds” thing that you, Brent, Gates, and Leonard Nimoy did for L.A. Theatre Works. Sorry your plane was shot down. Very heroic of you to go in for a Kamakazi tactic. Fun stuff!

  8. So happy to see the Haunted Mansion shout out. As I am stuck on the couch recovering from the nasty H1N1 bug I actually caught at Disney World. I still managed to smile.

  9. The Trader Joe’s “commercial” is fantastic! Pat (my wife) and I always make a point of stopping into one of their stores when we are in L.A., since they haven’t made it to the Dallas area yet. The item that they discontinued that Pat misses most: UFOs. Trader Joe’s shoppers should know what those are (or were).

  10. /me pats yestbay’s wife (on the head, and kindly – not condescendingly), and wonders about the odd requests that stars must get from their fans…

  11. As someone who worked for Trader Joe’s for five years, may I just say: HILARIOUS!!! And yes, I really miss all those things they don’t have anymore. Especially the chimichanghas and ratatouille. :(

  12. Only went to Disney Land once in my life, and since I was six at the time, wasn’t allowed to visit The Haunted Mansion. I still hope some day to get the chance to have that experience, since I’m sure the movie was nothing at all like the ride must be. Though it would be rather cool to have Jennifer Tilly’s head in a crystal ball along for the ride…
    I think my favorite Moment with Wil Wheaton and the one I really wish I could see is the Watching a Pot on the Stove bit. Please can we see you pwn the boiling pot?

  13. Thoroughly entertaining, in that creepy “OMG, they REALLY sell this stuff?” kind of way. The song pretty much sets the tone for the entire video, though. Very funny, indeed! I’m totally going to spam the shit out of my friends and family with that video, it’s not even funny!
    On a somewhat related, yet more disturbing note, a couple of months ago, my 19-year-old niece Kelly stumbled across what she thought was a really offensive fake commercial, only to find out later that this place really does exist and this is their very bizarre and very real commercial: Everyone in both my circle of friends and the people in my family had the same “WTF?!” reaction to it. Real store, real employees, real customers. Again, WTF?!
    Trader Joe’s is pretty funny, though. That song so makes me want to visit one now! Where would one find a Trader Joe’s? I’m guessing out West, right? Because my Dad lives down south (Okay, so it’s Florida, but it’s still down south!) and his name is Joe, so any kind of souvenir any of us can find with the name “Joe” on it gets shipped out to him. I’m gonna look for a URL for this place, should one exist. How delightfully hawesome!

  14. Damn, Disneyland sounds a hell of a lot more strict than Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. I remember going for the first time when I was four years old and they totally let me get on the Haunted Mansion ride. Next to my almost 70-year-old Grandmother who freaked out worse than I did when the hitchiking ghost showed up in our car! That set off a chain reaction that made me start to scream my head off, so maybe that’s why they no longer let anyone under the age of six get on it nowadays.

  15. You’re in the right place, Mark. Wil’s cool in the respect that he does actively maintain the blog himself, and he does make an effort to answer any questions that people may have.
    I’m almost 100% positive that today is Wil and Anne’s 10 year wedding anniversary, although I may be off by a day or two, but nonetheless, I expect that they’ll be celebrating today/probably the entire weekend, and Wil won’t be poking his head in to answer any queries. There’s also a message board called Teh Soapbox that is run and maintained by OG WWdNers. I’m not sure if you still need a referral to join, but if you’re interested, I have quite a few invites left, yet I rarely ever go there, so I don’t know if my invites even carry any weight over there. Hope this helped, and if you’re interested in joining the forum, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  16. Have not had the pleasure of shopping at a Trader Joe’s since this store is not in the Dallas area, however I found myself grinning like an idiot throughout this whole video! Too damn funny and very catchy.

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