a brilliant, genius, incredible idea: “…if only the bookstore could come to us”

Catching up on my RSS subscriptions earlier today, I saw this at Boingboing:

JC Hutchins — he of the boundless energy! — has assembled a free "holiday sampler" of excerpts from great new books, handily bundled together in a handsome PDF, well suited to loading onto your device or printing out for your Xmas holiday.

Some of my favorite authors are in this compliation, including my friend Cherie Priest, Scott Sigler, Cory Doctorow, and of course JC himself. Seth Godin (whose Purple Cow
helped form the foundation of my little self-publishing thing, which has grown into what I've recently begun half-jokingly calling "Wil Wheaton, Incorporated" with some of my friends) included an excerpt from Tribes, (plus something from a forthcoming book called Linchpin), and I can't wait to read the other authors I probably wouldn't have come across entirely on my own.

This is such an incredibly good idea, and I salute the authors who were smart enough to include some of their work in it. I'm not going to lie to you, Marge, I wish I'd thought of this, or at least written something worthy of inclusion (he says, as an unfulfilled goal for 2009 is reborn for 2010.) They have even included links right in the pdf that will take you to retailers, should you enjoy one of the excerpts so much, you simply must have a copy of the full work for your very own to love and keep and pet and call George. This. Is. Genius.

If you're interested, head on over to JC Hutchins' site, where you can check out the contents, and grab a copy for yourself or some lucky person you know.

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  1. This is a excellent idea,this seems like a value,because if you do not like every author,you still will be busy reading this whole book for a while .People will laugh at you because you seem to be reading the same book for three months or something.

  2. Clicked the link, downloaded it, going to make a blog post about it.
    Lately I gravitate to audiobooks for fiction and narrative writing (like some book called Happiest Days or something like that 😉 ) and paper for all else but whatever the format, I like books. Spread The Word, for the Word has become Fun, Entertaining, Educative and Provocating Thought.

  3. Note, I Am Not A Branding Expert, but I’ve seen brands on cattle.
    I suggest “Wil Power & Light, Inc” as an name for your nascent meta-mega-brand. Should you use this, my fee will be one beer, delivered at your convenience. Should you not use it, my fee will be two beers.
    Merry New Year.

  4. Hey Wil, it sounds a lot like DearReader.com. You should contact Suzanne Beecher via that site and get some of your books included in their weekly reads if you haven’t already. I can’t tell you how many great books I have come across by reading those exerpts. She e-mails out an exerpt over the course of a week (you can choose from many genres). There are also lots of good giveaways from her blog. :) Gotta love the free stuff!

  5. Nice to see you plug my favorite professional wrestlers — I mean podcasters/authors — “Baby-Faced Bastard” JC Hutchins and “The Future Dark Overlord” (FDO™) Scott Sigler. This creative way to get people introduced to many different unknown or little-known authors is just another reason why new media trumps the ancient gatekeepers in the publishing industry. Now, where can I sign up to be a part of “Wil Wheaton, Incorporated” eh?
    Allen Sale
    Executive Producer
    Astral Audio Productions

  6. Hi Wil,
    I didn’t know how else to get a hold of you, so I guess this is as good a way as any.
    I have a complete and touched-up audio version of the interview you gave at PAX ’07 [the one which starts here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_r2tzhBPb4 ], And I thought you might want to link to it or something- much as you did with other audio bits of you that are floating around the web.
    If you do, just say the word and I’ll send you the link.
    [email protected]

  7. Hey Where’s our podcast you promised? I recently listened to all of them for the first time, in decending order and noticed you made lots of promises of things you were gonna do, but didn’t end up doing any of them. :(
    You must be busy, I know how it is. I am a huge procrastinator with a million ideas and people to keep track of. Having one’s own company is fun!

  8. Radio Free Burrito is one of those things I do for fun, and I've been so busy with and overwhelmed by other responsibilities, what I thought I could get done on Monday just hasn't happened.
    The worst part of being an adult is having to not do fun things, because the other stuff has to get done no matter what.

  9. “Wil Wheaton, Incorporated”
    Is that the one where you lip-synch and dance to popular songs in between a narrative about friendship and cooperation?

  10. This is sort of related to this entry, I think.
    Will you be making your previous books available on Lulu.com, or just the “Memories of the Future” series? I only ask because I tried to buy “Just A Geek” on Amazon and the only copies they had new were around $75 each.

  11. I don't own the rights to Just A Geek, so I can't put it on Lulu or anything like that.
    However, you *can* get it in paperback from Amazon and other online sellers.
    I need to update the links for Just A Geek, so they point to the paperback that was recently released; it's much more affordable.

  12. I hear ya, trick is to make all of your work and responsibilies fun if you can. Time is so consuming, you’d think we’d find a way to transend it by now, stretch it to our liking.
    At 32 I still find it hard to grow up and do what I am supposed to. I really just do whatever I feel like in the moment because I know that will be the best outcome. I always feel I know best in my heart what I need to do. Don’t ever let any perceved responsibilities trap you Wil.
    Your number one responsibility is to you your fans. Is to your purpose in life. Its the fans who are the ones you heal and give you your most meaningful work. You are not just an actor, you are a hero to real people. Your career in this has always been, yet so much more to come. Remember you are in control of your life and you decide the script you write, you are in control, and can be free, and you are free, and all of this is what you choose.
    1. Wil’s own joy and happiness.
    2. Wil’s contribution to the betterment of the world =FANS
    3. Wil’s Friends and Family
    4. Healthcare and The Environment
    5. Pay bills while having the most fun you can. Usually money comes directly from fulfilling obligations to number 2.
    STart to believe in magic more, I mean you did play the young Harry Houdini, mamnifest, manifest, manifest! Free yourself from anything that is not enjoyable and you will be much richer and life will be less stressful.

  13. Well, I appreciate the sentiment, but I have to strongly disagree. My first responsibility is to my wife and children. My family is more important to me than anything else in the world, and all the other things I do are a distant second.

  14. It must be such a bummer to not own your own work, your own words. Just like most musicians.
    I am glad we have the freedom nowdays to promote ourselves on the internet. I will not give away my music or writings unless it is free for the fans, no need to support big money, unless it’s my own, as I know my ethical conduct level, and I can put money back into the art. The independant artist movement is growing rapidly, and your podcasts(promoting music and books-like Oprah) could do very well if you set it up properly. Sell some advertising, even get bands to pay you to play their songs, since you have over a million and a half followers now, you could easily get sponsors and get paid for your Radio Free Burrito gig. You just gotta treat it like a big deal, and so it will become.

  15. And you are an honorable man and your wife is lucky.
    I always try to look at everything from the highest perspective, so I see everyone in the world as part of my family and deserving of everything they need. While your family is your “real life” in a world where you are always a character on display, your character still effects millions of people, compared to the few at home. All those lives are important too.
    Now the people I love and my future children will be my personal passion and experience that I make time for, which is a selfish thing for me. But my highest ideals are to serve the greater good of the world. The world happens to be in a crisis right now, so I think , none of our families will truely be safe or happy unless we can win this fight against the greed and subsequent poisoning of our planet. I kinda think that our higher purpose and contribution to the world is greater and more important than any one human interaction we may have(at this point in history anyway). Two percpectives: our selfish personal life, and our giving back to the whole world life. I see myself as a soldier though, my fight for good is all that matters, and I am lucky enough to feel loved in as many moments as I can remember. I think it’s wrong to put anyone above anyone else, even the ones you love the most, especially. To have peace in the world, we must all be equally valued. It boils down to time. I think if you spend 50% of your time with your family(the people that you love), and 50% of your time on work and purpose, you have a good balance, But they have to accomidate each other.
    To love yourself number one and do what makes you happy will be giving a good example to your children to grow up and go for their dreams. As long as people know they are loved sometimes it’s ok to sacrifice some time with them for a greater cause. In your case, the kids are growing up, so you can take take your wife anywhere around the world you need to go.
    Our first responsibility is to our own hearts be true. Your family is in your heart, second to your own awareness and love of life itself. You are part of the greater world which you also have a responsibility to play your part in. I just know that true happiness comes from living your purpose (which another being cannot take the place of), then you will be connected to loving people. I would say you are on the right path with purpose and love. I was simply saying that you attract more wealth and abundance for you and your family by focusing on the power you have in the world and making it grow…through your fans, and the goodness you can spread.
    Everyone fighting for only their own families creates war unless we can see all humans as one race and all families deserving. If we can see that we share this planet and we start taking care of it and each other, all suffering will end. I choose to spend my TIME with my loved ones, yet I do not value them more than anyone else(I give them the only value I have-time). The greatest good for all is number one in my books! My individual life only maters in how I serve that all. But it is certainly nice to be loved and held along the way. That’s why our purpose connects us to those we need to help us along our path and walk with on the journey.

  16. The sampler is cool. I like the Wilwinc, that is cool, maybe add the h? as in Whilwinc.. The ‘net just rocks man, keep it spinning eh?

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