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Did I mention that Radio Free Burrito finally grew up and moved into its own URL at Radio Free Burrito dot Com?

You can get all 13 of the old Radio Free Burritos (which I've christened "the archives"), as well as two new shows (cleverly numbered 14 and 15) which were recently recorded by me, Wil Wheaton*.

My plan is to do a RFB every week in place of the Futurecast, until the Futurecast gets going again in a few months, but I'm not promising anything. Unless you want to bribe me with Burrito money, in which case I'll make it a top priority, with a giant warehouse and wooden crates and everything. No, seriously. I know a guy who can get me a giant warehouse for, like, cheap.

Yes, Virginia, there is an RSS feed for the Burrito, helpfully located at: Yes, Virginia's shy roommate, you can subscribe to it in iTunes. No, Virginia's weird talking cat, I don't know if it's in the Zune Marketplace. Also, Virginia? I invited you over for Rock Band, and it's kind of a dick move that you brought your whole fuckin' apartment with you. And what's with all the questions? JEEZE!

Of course, if I've already mentioned this but the information fell victim to the history eraser button in my brain, you have my apologies.

*That's a callback I bet 99% of you won't get, so allow me to explain: a million years ago, I did a Classic Television Talk Show – I'm not sure why I capitalized that title but it feels right – at the ACME Comedy Theater. It was hosted by J. Keith vanStraaten, and I played the role of Ed McMahon (or Andy Richter, as the case may be.)

When I started the show, we did a reoccurring bit where I wore this shit-eating grin, and talked about "Me, Wil Wheaton." For example, "Yes, Keith, it was a delightful evening, particularly because all the people in attendance were graced by the presence of me, Wil Wheaton."

I think this is losing something in the translation, but now you know why I'm giggling right now. Which I guess I should have told you before, because then you would have been all, "Hey, Wil, why are you giggling when you say that?" And I could be all, "Well, that's a callback, so let me tell you about it.)

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  1. So here I was commenting on not only how excited I was to see this, but also to ask if anyone had any suggestions for subscribing on android, and no one else seems to have commented. Oh well, awesomeness anyway, guess I’ll have to figure it out on my own.

  2. I don't know WTF is wrong with iTunes and the feed, but I have them all in the feed, and they're just not showing up.
    Sorry about that, man. It's annoying to me, too.

  3. Great episode tonight! Really great way to end my night! I will NEVER look at budweiser the same…horses…really? Too funny! You never fail to entertain. Just want to say thanks for all the great post and everything this year. I have really enjoyed reading all of your twitter post and blogs. Looking forward to what wilw has for 2010. Good night to you:)

  4. Yay, you answered the iTunes question (I asked it on Twitter, but hey, I’ll take answers wherever I can find them). Thanks! It’s like an early Christmas gift…since I won’t be getting a quirky tiny book of your Twitter posts (not tweets!) in my stocking.

  5. Where I live, we call them “throwbacks” rather than “callbacks”. I guess it’s like how we say “rubber binder” when everyone else says “rubber band”, and “hotdish” rather than “casserole”. I’ve always thought you coasties were rather strange in your terminology..

  6. Sweet surf tune! I dance with and manage marketing for a tight three piece surf band called The Burnin’ Sands. I will email you some of their music if you would like to play it. Francios from the band also runs a surf promotion site where you can find links to many great Canadian surf bands. And I noticed you played Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dolls previously. John’s been a good friend of mine for years, and we just played a show with them in October. Thank you so much for your exposure! Both are featured in a cartoon world I am creating to promote independant undergound Canadian rock music, and saving the environment. I am working on the first video for it now. Thanks for the support! As independant artists, we need it. I also represent many talented bands of various styles I can send you music from, but the Burnin’ Sands are closest to my heart, and very fun to dance for! We have a show tonight. YAY!
    Keep up the good work Wil! :)

  7. I am one of many people, I’m certain, who are blessed/cursed with an awesome imagination, that survived the assimilation into adulthood and frequently prompts complaints from others such as “when are you going to grow up?”
    That said, thanks for the lovely Clydesdale Visual.
    As for the journey into expliCity “G.D.” was the only speed bump for me.
    Regardless, I enjoyed Ep 15 in all of it’s endorse-ed, accompany-ed, podcast-ed splendor.
    Does anyone really ever talk about Micro-brews anymore, without mentioning Portland 😀 Here’s to hoping you are free to visit us in March 😉 #Concon

  8. Hmm. I thought it was a callback to Futurama, because Bender says things finishing with “me, Bender” quite often.
    Maybe they were calling back to you…

  9. It was worth the wait!
    The RSS feed is also syndicated on LiveJournal:
    Re this podcast:
    – There’s a popular pub toilet graffiti that shows a horse drinking from a bucket marked “Stella” and pissing into a bucket marked “Red Stripe” (two poor but popular UK lagers)
    – The line “they are to vampires what Hot Topic is to goths” cracked me up.
    The rest was interesting and amusing, too.
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

  10. One thing I’ve noticed about your podcasts is that you can’t stream them directly to an iPhone from the URL – it claims the web server is misconfigured, but I think it’s just that it’s an old Apache version. Regardless, I infer that the actual technical problem is that the TypePad web server doesn’t let you grab arbitrary bits of a file by specifying a byte range. If you could somehow get that to work, it’d be awesome for those of us who like to grab the podcast over the air while on the go and possibly other preposition the noun phrases.
    (We can use iTunes mobile to get to them, but only if the file is small or we’re connected to Wi-Fi instead of using the cell network, otherwise no luck there either. And synching with the Mac to get content just feels so 90’s… :))

  11. Ha! I didn't even think of that.
    No, we started doing our bit before Futurama was on the air, but it's essentially the same idea.
    Hey, guess who writes jokes just like the writers on Futurama? Me, Wil Wheaton.

  12. It’s funny (maybe…depends), but the first thing that I thought of when I read “Me, Wil Wheaton” was that SNL recurring character who — at least twice during each sketch — would look at the camera and say, “Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute”.
    And yes, I’m that old.

  13. SO SO SO glad to hear this. I love Radio Free Burrito, so knowing that you are going to start doing them on a more regular basis is great news! We listen to them whenever we go on a roadtrip (along with your PAX ’07 Keynote and your audio production diary of Criminal Minds).

  14. The first thing I thought of was Al Franken’s bit on SNL at the end of 1979 [paraphrased from hazy memory]:
    The “Me Decade” is over. The 80s will be the “Al Franken Decade.” It’s time for all of you to stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about me, Al Franken.
    I guess that makes me old, too Mr. B.
    P.S. I searched The Youtube for a clip, but all I could find was Sen. Franken stuff.

  15. LOL… too funny! Actually, I’m from Minnesota, and the west coast did quite a bit of damage with the movie “Fargo” when it comes to how we talk, here. Not all Minnesotans sound like the characters in the movie (though admittedly, some of the old timers and some northers I know do), but our word usage is a little different, and I think it’s a good thing!
    Thanks for the Aussie lesson, too. I seldom have need to use profanity (mom always said it was a sign of a weak vocabulary), but perhaps if the urge arises in the future, I’ll try using Root, instead.

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was having the hardest time getting the old feed to work with the latest version of iTunes. I shall pass the word on to the “Fans of Wil Wheaton” group on Facebook in my now official capacity as an officer, AKA “Just a Prankster.”
    RFB feedburner link, FTW!

  17. “My plan is to do a RFB every week” – him, Wil Wheaton
    Is it me or are you taking crazy pills here? Blog, tweet, hoard burritos, watch The Guild in your underpants, AND do a RFBCast every rootin’ week – you ARE a Time Lord aren’t you?

  18. Your SNL kung fu is stronger than mine, Sally J. I remember that Weekend Update segment and yes, YouTube doesn’t seem to have much old SNL. I think it’s been posted on Hulu or some place like that.
    However, one can find SNL transcripts:
    Al Franken: Thank you, Jane. Well, the “me” decade is almost over, and good riddance, and far as I’m concerned. The 70’s were simply 10 years of people thinking of nothing but themselves. No wonder we were unable to get together and solve any of the many serious problems facing our nation. Oh sure, some people did do some positive things in the 70’s – like jogging – but always for the wrong reasons, for their own selfish, personal benefit. Well, I believe the 80’s are gonna have to be different. I think that people are going to stop thinking about themselves, and start thinking about me, Al Franken. That’s right. I believe we’re entering what I like to call the Al Franken Decade. Oh, for me, Al Franken, the 80’s will be pretty much the same as the 70’s. I’ll still be thinking of me, Al Franken. But for you, you’ll be thinking more about how things affect me, Al Franken. When you see a news report, you’ll be thinking, “I wonder what Al Franken thinks about this thing?”, “I wonder how this inflation thing is hurting Al Franken?” And you women will be thinking, “What can I wear that will please Al Franken?”, or “What can I not wear?” You know, I know a lot of you out there are thinking, “Why Al Franken?” Well, because I thought of it, and I’m on TV, so I’ve already gotten the jump on you. So, I say let’s leave behind the fragmented, selfish 70’s, and go into the 80’s with a unity and purpose. That’s what I think. I’m Al Franken. Jane?

  19. As an aussie. While using the word root is considered a softer option (it’s never used in an aggressive manner) it still isn’t a word you’d use in polite conversation, or when your parents are around. I don’t know if you use the word shag as a reference to sex but root fits into the same vein.

  20. Well, as I said, I seldom use profanity of any sort, but thank you for the cautionary explaination of the term, Aaron.
    While we don’t actually use the term “shag” as a part of the vernacular, we do know it’s meaning from the Austin Powers movies, if nothing else.

  21. Wil, I first saw you in the J. Keith VanStraaten show, about 6 years ago. All I remember about it was that you announced that you were retiring your theme song, which was the TNG theme, and I, sitting in the front row, shouted, “But Wil, nobody knows the theme to ‘Toy Soldiers!'”
    It got a laugh. It was special to me, and when I could afford to I started taking classes at ACME. Been there ever since. Thanks!
    Speaking of which, how can I get ahold of you to see if you want to film an episode of the Web series that I’m producing with some ACME folks? It’s called “Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy,” and we have a guest star role available as the Nosy Neighbor. shoots in WeHo, one day, your convenience.

  22. Go, Gophers! My brother and parents are alums. There are many worse places to be, thats for sure. The U campus area is fun, and I liked hanging out with my sister in the Uptown area. I live in central MN in St.Cloud, near St.Cloud State U. which is where I will be going soon to finish my undergrad degree, then probably go on to law school. I dunno yet for certain. Most people who come to MN eventually understand why so many of us stay, in spite of the long cold winters.

  23. Wil, have you ever considered trying to do a weekly podcast with Leo Laporte, Tom Merritt, or Scott Johnson? I think you’d do well with any of them.
    Keep the podcasts coming!
    Sidenote: Is there any way to read the fiction piece you mentioned releasing as a chapbook earlier this year?

  24. I was wondering if anyone is having problems downloading the podcast via iTunes? I’ve been subscribed using the new URL and have had no problems up to and including episode 14, but have been unable to get 15 and 16 successfully – iTunes gets most of the way through the download before failing with the typically useful “err = -3253″ which is “Network Connection Reset”. I’m not having problems with any other podcasts of similar size and have tried on two different connections with 2 different ISPs.
    Not an insurmountable problem – I’ve been downloading directly, I was just wondering if it was happening to anyone else?

  25. I think it may be the result of too many people trying to get the file all at once and my server not being able to handle it.
    That's just a guess, though, which is about as useful as "err =-3253."

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