obscured by clouds

I never quite managed to get started today, and haven't written a single word that wasn't part of an e-mail or something stupid on Twitter. Dammit.

So, in an effort to continue my daily-blog-o-phonic creative output, a very very short story:

The wind came down the canyon and blew ice and snow into Colin's face. He brushed it off his goggles, but had given up keeping it out of his beard days ago.

He looked up, but the summit was obscured by clouds. Still, he knew it was there, even if he could not see it, and so he continued to climb.

Well, it's more of a scene, (a very very short one, at that) but it's more than I've been able to muster all day, so … that's something.

See you tomorrow, Internets.

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  1. He smelled him before he saw him. From the slit of a cave, he watched the human, stumbling, crawling, inching his way up the slope.
    “I will not allow the naked ones to find us”, He thought to himself. I will do my duty to the Folk, and leave his shell to the wind and ice. This I swear by my fur. He hoisted his spear of ice, and stalked his prey…

  2. That’s more work than I’ve done today. Supposed to be catching up on my Java lessons but thought it better to make more progress in moving into my new flat and I just had to play a bit more Assassin’s Creed II. I’ll do some tomorrow…
    Oh, good little short story snapshot type thingy.

  3. Just when I’d managed to convince myself that it was okay not to write a single word for my thesis today…One of the perils of using @wilw for procrastination is that I more often end up re-inspired to do the thing I was procrastinating about than enjoying the nonsense of the Internet.
    But wait, a compromise occurs to me: “Memories of the Futurecast” is the perfect background music for thesis editing.
    Crisis averted!

  4. A shadow crossed the landscape, undulating over the uneven expanse of white, momentarily distracting the creature as it flashed across his path. He glanced up at the speck, dismissing it in the next breath, and continued his stalk.
    The rook high overhead cocked his head, attention arrested. He’d been bored all day. All other creatures were occupied with staying warm, and he’d spent a lonely morning rowing through the mountains, simply looking for something to pique his interest.
    He appeared to have found it.

  5. Never mind the rotted wooden beam, siding stripped away, crumbling like stale graham crackers. Never mind that beams life purpose of bearing the load of my second story paved entrance. Never mind the four by four post, now empowered to decide whether I descend gracefully to the ground floor or tumble ackwardly like a passenger escaping a downed aircraft engulfed in flames. I never mind when the air, clear and cold, claws its way into my lungs, only to reemerge, momentarily obscuring my view…. of this..

  6. It’s 61 more words than I’ve got on my school paper I need to do. *sigh*
    I sometimes I wish I never found out about this site or those infernal podcasts. And to think Volume One will be showing up on my doorstep in a few days. Now I’ll never get anything done. :)

  7. Not bad…I want more. I have good news, though, while you were writing this great scene I was scoring myself an interview. Wish me luck. I would love to read scene 2 tomorrow and tell you about how I nailed a job interview.

  8. I was trying with no success while scratching my head in puzzlement to figure out all day why there was such a shortage of commas from the punctuation store which I access online. I now see with no small measure of amusement as I chuckle to myself that you used them all in your short story blog entry.
    PS. I totally have a stockpile of italics if you want to trade.

  9. Why not do this: every day, write a few short sentences that are a part of a larger story. Start randomly (like you did today), and don’t plan ahead…try to make the story just a few sentences at a time, each day. After a year or so, you will have some crazy short story that I and others would totally slip you a few greenbacks for a digital download :-) The best part is that it won’t take you but five minutes a day! w00t!

  10. Oh, it was only one slip. Call it a momentary lapse of reason, perhaps?
    Oh, and…
    I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like.
    It’s got a basket, a bell that rings
    And things to make it look good.
    I’d give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it.
    (less a slip and more of a dive into a fishbowl)

  11. Have you ever considered getting together with your friends and doing an rp, but then novelizing the story? I always thought it helped to at least give me a starting point and motivation. By the time I’m done the story doesn’t even turn out like the game…

  12. Ohmigod. I know the feeling. I keep trying to come up with something creative and clever, but I keep just tweeting about how bad a cold sucks.
    Twitter has really made me lazy when it comes to writing. I seriously try to sum up my stories in about 140 characters or so.

  13. creepy
    or are you just saying that it is only pain and experience that inspire great stories?
    With an open imagination you can explore any realm without having to put yourself through pain. Having empathy is enough
    and he need not a stranger’s hurt
    sometimes dreams and stories of what could be are the most powerful and exciting
    passion along with knowledge creates good stories
    Happy Stories or Go Home!
    You never know when they will come to life to live you.

  14. I haven’t read your entire blog, but I did read a bit back and I haven’t seen any other story snippets that you’ve posted to base my comment on, but it seems to me as if this scene isn’t from anything that you are working on in particular. Is it just a random scene that got caught in your head and you had to write down? I get those all the time, and I feel like they don’t add together in anyway to anything I’m trying to work on, do you ever find these random scenes useful for anything?

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