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  1. Despite the orange glow, that’s made of awesome.
    Don’t take this wrong, Wil, but I’m wondering, old K/S writer that I am, if anyone slashed Wesley with anyone…say, Data? Or Geordie? Actually can’t think of a pairing onship that would strike me as “canonical” (that is, that my slashy mind could think of supported by anything in particular) but I bet it could be sweet if there had been one.
    Not that I’m casting slashy aspirsions your way, or nothin’. I don’t do Real Person slash. Just wonderin’ about the character. Honest.
    I mean. Those lips. Those eyes.

  2. Oh my that is quite the flashback to my teenage geek years. (The teen years are WAY over, the geek ones remain). I must admit I had more of a crush on Data….could be that you are the age of my younger brother and he was very very annoying to be around in the 80’s.
    Other than that, it’s just the post I needed to read, ogle, and chortle along with on a very very soggy Oregon afternoon. Thanks.

  3. I'm sure someone did, which would be pretty fucking sick, since Wesley was a child and everything.
    Up until the Robin Lefler years, of course, when everything is nice and legal.
    Eeww. Gross.

  4. OMFG..Ow…ow….cant…stop….laughing…hurts….cant breathe….
    I just had a dream the other night involving you Wil…I’m volunteering at the Con this year and had a dream I was assigned as your assistant and all you wanted me to get you was a Wesley Crusher uniform…But I couldn’t find one…so I stole some guy’s awesome dragon shirt for ya. :)

  5. I was thinking of him as an adult, actually. Ya know, for whatever reason, (maybe because of the pic) I wasn’t thinking of him as an UNDERAGE kid. A kid, from my lofty perspective as grandma pushing 60, but not underage.
    Plus I wrote that before I saw you’d written what you thought was slashfic. Or 41 words thereof.
    I only do m/m slash and so far only K/S… though I am doing m/m adult sf, all original characters, with some old fashioned stuff in there too. Not all erotica, just plot driven and character driven with erotica. Cos they’re bisexual aliens who look pretty human. Mostly.
    But anyways, wasn’t thinking of him as a child. Which should be a compliment to you.

  6. Yes, you MUST make a mug or shirt with this pic on one side, and I suggest the clown sweater pic on the other!!!! It would be a best seller for sure! Every Wil fan would HAVE to have one! 😀

  7. Funny, you don’t look orange on my monitor. Does this mean I need to adjust my settings?
    I always thought you were a very handsome young man on TNG. And while I know The Beard is popular, for me it’s…blech. Takes a perfectly lovely face and puts facial fungus on it. But, you know, it’s your face and you and Anne get to decide what you wear on it. :)
    But then, I was horrified when Frakes grew one on TNG. Took him from an object of my extreme lust to, “oh, him.”

  8. LOL!! After a second look, it does eerily
    resemble the promo shots taken of Kirk. Hmmm, does that mean they used the same photo-finishing service? 😛

  9. Between this pic, Memories of the Future and Radio Free Burrito, you have released my inner fangirl again. I was 9 when ST:TNG came out and will freely admit I had the biggest crush on you.
    I’m glad i was aimlessly browsing iTunes for podcasts and found Memories of the Futurecast.

  10. lol, oh, I think that image appeared as a poster in a Star Trek magazine I had once. For sure there was one of Counsellor Troi, but it was double-sided and someone was on the back. The disturbing thing I always thought was how close up those photos were, and how large when unfolded. I didn’t need to see every pore, or how Troi’s lipstick went outside her actual mouth dimensions.

  11. At first I was going to say something like, did the photographer tell you to think sexy thoughts for this shot… but after this post I just feel like i need a shower or something. Yikes.
    Although, when I was a teen watching “Dauphin,” I did wonder what could have been if mighty morphing auntie hadn’t broke things up…

  12. You are cute….back then….and way way way too young to be thought of as sexy by a person that could be your mom. I’m just sayin

  13. That leech scene scared the shit out of me back then. I think I’m maybe a year or two younger than Wil, so I was FREAKED about streams after that.

  14. Hi from Germany – I agree with the signed mug! My Memories of the Future Mug finally arrived last week and I would totally adore a Wesley Crusher Mug! Go Wil Go!

  15. How OLD were you then, Wil? Sixteen? Eighteen? I’m only 3 years older than you, so at the time, it was socially acceptable (if only marginally) for me to have found that pic hot (and boy, did I ever), but to still be perving on THAT pic today? So not. 😀
    Would it creep you out to know that my crush on you was one of the earliest indicators (to me, anyway) that I was gay? You and Jonathan Brandis (RIP).

  16. I had this picture on my bedroom wall! Wesley Crusher & Wil Wheaton pics outnumbered everyone else 2/1 .
    I’d buy a mug with this on it in a nanosecond!

  17. You turned out pretty much the same as when BeyondeRiker made you a man. I mean really made you a man, not that other way… Or WAS it?

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