111 thoughts on “for those of you wondering what time it is…”

  1. Thanks for posting. Seeing this made my day! While playing at my parents house, my 6 yr old son recently discovered that very postcard taped to the inside of a closet door (in the room that was mine as a kid). There was also a magazine pic of you and the cast of “December” as well as a Megadeath poster. I was versatile :)

  2. Now’s there’s a stamp I could lick! 😉
    I remember thinking the same thing about Elvis and this picture. :) sing for us Wil!
    The best part of the post is imagining your smile as you saw what your friend made for you. Your delight delights us. Stay happy!

  3. My daughter (10) and I are in the middle of a marathon watch (re-watch for me) of TNG. We just saw the ep where Wes gets promoted to Ensign. Her reaction – “Yay, Wes doesn’t have to wear the ugly gray uniform anymore!” I lol’d. :o)

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