Evil Wil Wheaton returns to The Big Bang Theory

Well, it's official. Evil Wil Wheaton is going back to The Big Bang Theory! 

From TV Guide Magazine:

Geeks everywhere will be happy hear that Star Trek star Wil Wheaton will be returning to hang out with TV’s hippest nerds on The Big Bang Theory.

“We were very excited when Wil Wheaton appeared as Sheldon’s nemesis, and right now we’re looking to see if he can come back to give Sheldon an opportunity to settle the score,” Executive Producer and Co Creator Bill Prady announced to TV Guide Magazine when the Academy of Televisions Arts and Sciences hosted an Evening With the Big Bang Theory on February 18th. "Fingers crossed that we can do that, I think an arch enemy is someone who appears from time to time."

Even though my personal motto is Don't Be A Dick, I've wanted to play an arch enemy for pretty much my entire career, and I love that Bill described me that way, because I was kind of hoping I'd earn that position in the Big Bang canon.

I've known this was a possibility for just over a week, (coincidentally, I found out the day after I did my Big Bang Theory Q&A post) but didn't get the official offer until this morning. 

After my manager called casting back and confirmed, I called Bill to thank him for bringing me back. He sort of chuckled, and asked me if I wanted to know what their plan for the episode was before I accepted the offer to come back. I told him, "You could have me do nothing more than eat Chapstick the entire episode, and I'd come work for you again, because I had so much fun last time."

He then told me what the episode is about. I'm not revealing any details, but it's safe to say that it's a lot more awesome than just eating Chapstick.

I start work on the 24th, and we tape on the 2nd, if you wanted to try to get tickets to the show.

I'm going to go do the Snoopy dance until I fall down, now.

111 thoughts on “Evil Wil Wheaton returns to The Big Bang Theory”

  1. After a long weekend that pretty much had me afk the entire time, I finally got the opportunity to read this. All I can do is quote the great philosopher Peter Griffin:

  2. Would be awesome if, after a few more “evil” appearances, a goateed Wil Wheaton appeared on TBBT getting along with Sheldon being nice ETC. Only to shave the goatee at episode’s end and return to Evil Wil Wheaton.

  3. Congratulations! Though I feel compelled to add a caveat: Thrilled as I am by the return of Ev(W)il, because he’s frickin hilarious, as a writer, I am a bit troubled by the concept, from a storytelling perspective, of creating a nemesis for the Antagonist character rather than for the Protagonist character, which any viewing of the show will demonstrate to be Leonard, with Sheldon as the Ant.. Any thoughts on this?

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