in which w00tstock 2.0 and 2.0.1 are announced

When we did w00tstock 1.x last year, we all hoped it would be successful enough to warrant taking the show on the road to some of our favorite cities.

Well, w00tstock 1.x was so much fun for us and the audiences who saw it, it didn't just warrant it, it WINGER'd it. Hell, it may even have Damn Yankees'd it or Skid Row'd it … or Whitesnake'd it.

Whatever gloriously awful 80s hair band reference amuses you the most, the point is this: w00tstock 2.x is coming to Seattle and Portland in May:

This is the dawning of the Age of Geekdom–and its voices will ring true at w00tstock.

w00tstock v2.0: Friday, May 7 – Moore Theater, Seattle, WA (tickets available soon)
Special Guests: TBA

w00tstock v2.0.1: Saturday, May 8 – The Alladin, Portland, OR (tickets available soon)
Special Guests: TBA

So if you live in Seattle or Portland areas, go get your tickets now. If you don’t, then tell all your friends who do live there to go; because if these do well enough, we hope to do more of them! Go forth, geeks, and spread the good word!

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about w00tstock. Here's my recollection of the awesome w00tstock 1.x experience (a post so filled with awesome, it required an addendum. AN ADDENDUM, PAUL!) Finally, if you need to convince your non-geek boyfriend that you guys really will have fun at the show, you can show him a whole big mess of w00tstock videos.

Please note that all spelling and version-numbering errors are copied from the original source, my good friends Paul and Storm, who I have just thrown under the geekbus. Nyahh. Nyahh. Nyahh.

52 thoughts on “in which w00tstock 2.0 and 2.0.1 are announced”

  1. w00tstock is going to be so close yet so far. Don’ think I’ll be able to make the trip down to Seattle in May (still praying you will come to Canada. Preferably Victoria but Vancouver will do).
    Maybe something unexpected will happen that will allow me to hop across the straight to Seattle.

  2. what? no LA this time? killing me! i had such an awesome time at W00tstock last fall! i have an entire list of family and friends who are willing, able, and desire! to come to LA and see it. :( may W00tstock v3 come back to LA? or maybe we can have a semi secret warm-up rehearsal show? hmmmmm?

  3. As happy as I am that w00tstock is propagating… What do we have to do to get you people to the east coast!?!
    Seriously!? We don’t have enough great nerds here (no offense to MC Chris or Jonathan Coulton). Wil! Come to NYC!!

  4. w00t! Portland! I’m THERE!
    (I was hoping to see you at PAX East, and my employer was even going to send me there, but now I’m changing jobs before then…)

  5. Forget east coast – Dallas is where you gotta go next! What the hey, Dallas is on the way to the east coast, kinda. So just do both! I think that’s called a tour…

  6. Woot!
    (okay – that wasn’t my best, it was just a stock woot that I had laying around…)
    Seattle, just a couple of hours south of me!
    You, Mr. Wheaton, have made the awesome shine!
    (which is very different from monkeyshines… different I tells ya!)

  7. Winger, now that was cheese! I was and still am a big fan of late 80s/early 90s hair rock/AOR but Winger were too much for me. Skid Row and Whitesnake were awesome, though.
    One of the best gigs ever was Skid Row supporting Guns ‘n Roses and it was one of those lucky days where Slash wasn’t too high and Axl didn’t throw a strop on stage.
    Oh yeah, that gig also had the then little known band called Nine Inch Nails as first support who were basically booed off stage…
    I’m sad I’m on the wrong continent or I’d be there. :/

  8. I’m so with you!! Kelowna would be even awesomer for me, but I think I could swing a Vancouver trip. Come on Wil, there are some pretty geeky Canadians too you know!
    *le sigh* Some day.

  9. GAH! Since there’s already going to be a gaggle of geeks on the east coast, when I heard rumblings of w00t2, I had my fingers crossed that this would come over as well.

  10. Hmmm…I have a possibility of being in Portland shortly before this. Not sure I could easily stretch out the trip, though.
    Austin would be ideal, as long as it’s not during SXSW, it’d be invaded by faux-geek hipsters. :-)

  11. “Whitesnaked it…”
    Man, if you’ve ever heard the song “Whitesnake” off David Coverdale’s 1977 album, you’ll have a very interesting image in your head after reading that phrase.
    Though you take that back about Whitesnake being gloriously awful, mister! :) Their late ’70s-early ’80s stuff is some pretty awesome bluesy rock (probably because it was almost half ex-Deep Purple guys). But then came… the Mousse and MTV, and it was all over.

  12. Let me just say W00t! for W00tstock 2.1!
    There’s nothing I won’t not do to get tickets for this. I’m serious. I’m currently in a montage where I’m strapping on bandoleers of ammunition, giant ass-kicking boots, sheaths with giant knives, and ending with me tying on a black head band.
    Don’t cross me, EVERYONE.

  13. Will W00tstock shows in other cities be announced later? I had so much fun at W00stock in Los Angeles last year! Please say you will be coming back! PLEASE!!!

  14. Yeah, we totally would. Eventful used to be very useful for this sort of thing, but it's gotten so huge and so far away from its original purpose, I'm not sure we can use it the way we would want to.
    Either way, figuring out a way to get 300 or 500 or 700 people to commit to a show in one place would be awesome. We love to perform, so we just need to know where the audience is going to be so we can get there.

  15. Presumably there’s an extra weighting to be figured in if the show were in, ohh, say, London? Most likely, three or four or more tour dates, I’m guessing. But then, it’s just a step up from a crowd-sourced show to a crowd-sourced tour. Hurm, intriguing idea is intriguing…
    BTW, did you have any further thoughts on the live, streamed show?

  16. Mr. Wheaton? I would like to request that you consider Austin, TX as a possible location for an upcoming festival of w00t.
    It has a robust geek population, being home to many online computer gaming companies and microchip manufacturers, and a large youth population, being home to a major university. Austin is also known as the “Live Music Capital of America”, so it is well-suited to hosting a performance of this nature.
    I hope that these reasons have shown you that Austin is a prime location for w00t to take stock. Thank you for your time.

  17. Yes! And I was serious in my email about the moon rock lab tour… as well as other rather cool behind-the-scenes stuff at JSC. No pressure or anything. :-)
    Reading below about your interest in Austin, you’d simply have to do a two-fer and stretch to Houston as well. The world needs to see pics of Wil Wheaton in the lunar-lab “bunny suit”.

  18. I’ve got to tell you I found this blog while i was at work tonight and couldn’t stop reading!!! I grew up watching Star Trek TNG (along with all other Trek franchises…) and always like your part in the show, especially when Wes moved past the akward younger teen years. Hadn’t really heard much about your career since then (Sorry that sounds harsh) but by some fluke I was browsing movie news on IMDB and happened to find my way to your page via Jerry O’Connells bio. I pasted the link to your website and spent the next two hours reading probably your last 4 months worth of entries. It’s so awesome to read about someone who’s so passionate about things that I am. So cut to the chase, I texted my wife and told her that I’m gonna be getting tickets to Wootstock in Portland…I had to tell her it’s a geek thing and that’s all she needs to know. Needless to say, you have one more fan and I’ll see you in May!

  19. even though there’s no way this is ever gonna happen, I’m still hoping that one day w00tstock will w00tify a place in germany.
    Not directly related and linkdropping kind of sucks but it fits the wootstock theme a bit i think, so here’s a funny song I recorded :)

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