one of my favorite moments from PAX East

This is what happens when Paul and Storm and I Get Excited And Make Things:

I forget precisely how this whole thing came together, but I remember Paul showing me the video, which prompted some sort of "this is the most amazing thing I've seen since the last time I said that" response from me. He and Storm and I ended up talking about how we wanted to do something like this for w00tstock, then realizing that, duh, PAX was just around the corner.

Storm wrote up the choreography, Paul did the graphics and bought the suits (for a total of $18), and I picked up the wigs. We rehearsed the whole thing about four times in the hour before we went out on stage, and I was really worried that I would screw it up, because I am not so much with the "staying on time when you're dancing" thing.

I love that you can hear the people around the cameraman in this video sort of go through stages from WTF to OMG to LOL. When we finished it, I got the sense that half the audience got the reference, half didn't, but they were all entertained by it.

I don't know if we'll ever do this again, because a huge part of it being amusing is not knowing that it's coming, but it was insanely fun, and I'm glad we took the risk. I don't know how we'll top this at Prime, so I guess I'll be down in the lab working on something.

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  1. Awwww… MAN! I Finally got it OUT of my HEAD!! >.< FML! Why is it I have a nearly Pavlovian reflex to click the links you put up?! Next time.. I’ll resist! Really.. Oh GOD! I clicked it AGAIN!!

  2. OMFG that made me gigglesnort LOUDLY! I have to curse Shane Nickerson for first getting that damn song stuck in my head and then every other person after him who tweeted that YouTube video.
    But you with Paul and Storm have brought a whole new level of epic to it!
    Edit: I was trying to explain why this is so funny to someone not in the geek know and I wish I had the original link handy (too lazy to search at the moment). I described the original video as “I wish I had the link to the original video somewhere handy cause it really is one of those “WTF am I watching?” things and “Why can’t I stop watching?”

  3. This was awesome! Awesome awesome awesome! I loved seeing it live and the little bit I had seen on Friday. I had no idea what to expect but boy I loved it! Awesome!

  4. This was the only part of a concert I got to see. It was amazing. I miss PAX so much. I have never met a nicer group of people in my life.
    Even you and the other celebs were so nice and patient with all of us fan girls and boys.
    It was was my first and I will never miss another one if I can help it.

  5. I saw this on YouTube earlier and I too went .. WTF?! O–M–G!!! LOL-ROFL!!
    By they way, even though I’m in Norway I still really wished I had the chance to go to PAX and see it all, the keynote most of all but I did get to see it on YouTube (it said Views:0 but that didn’t last long;)) and it really, REALLY, rocked!
    So much of what you said was dead-on what I feel about gaming, the friendships, the experiences.. all of it!
    So let me just say: You rock man!
    Oh and I asked our mutual friend Richard A. (you know, The Great Birds P.A.) to try and get a signed version of one of your books my way, you know since you never come over this way (*tear*) but now that I own all of them (-Happiest days which is in my Lulu cart right this second.) I thought I’d ask him to get you to sign a DMs Guide for 4th Ed..
    Just FYI so you don’t think he’s lost it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks again, keep on being the Champion for all us geeks and Nerds!
    (and if you ever need a DS challenger, drop me a line hehehe)

  6. This alone made the trip worthwhile.
    I was already laughing my ass off when Paul and Storm came out on stage… but once you did… I almost died and went to heaven.

  7. It’s a piece that needs to be spoofed over and over again and you three did a wonderful job. Three awesome suits for 18 bucks? Great stuff!
    I was really sad to have missed Paul and Storm (with support by Jonathan Coulton no less) in London last year but I found out too late and it didn’t happen. :/

  8. The best part for me was realizing later on in the show that 80% of the crowd had never seen Paul and Storm before and this was their intro to them! I’d share my video of it, but I couldn’t stop saying, “Oh my god…”

  9. y’all gave me one of my best con stories EVER with that signed brush, too. Seriously, I wasn’t going to get anything signed (I’ve met Paul and Storm a half dozen times, and organized a JoCo concert at a bookstore that they dropped in on), and generally I don’t do the signing thing.
    But the idea of getting the hairbrush signed just seemed so over the top I totally had to do it. (Storm: “Paul, I think this is our first hairbrush.”). The fact you *recognized it* when I brought it out still cracks me the hell up.
    (btw, I forgot to tell you that the Monty Python Fluxx has the Castle expansion in it, which is minor, but for some reason I was thinking I should tell you. Apparently Kristin Looney from Looney Labs was wandering all over PAX 2009 looking to give you a copy, so she’s happy one got to you eventually ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  10. I couldn’t stop laughing when this came on that night, and I just managed to get the song out of my head a couple of days ago, oh well, worth it just to see the vid again to relive the moment. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I was really sad to have missed JoCo with TMBG on their Flood tour when it passed through town, but apparently tickets were only on sale for about .2 nanoseconds before they completely sold out. I think the ultimate geek music tour would be TMBG, JoCo, BNL (Barenaked Ladies) and Paul & Storm, and I had half of that right here in town but wasn’t able to go. :(

  12. Seriously I would of been freaked Its like a nightmare where they singing oooooo through the hole fucking thing?. quoted from my brother Mike ‘ Niamh could you turn that down its doing my head ‘. All the same it was funny to a point.

  13. I just want you to know; I laughed SO. HARD. when this happened at the concert. Also, Wil, you are definitely my favorite for the absolutely ridiculous face you were making the whole time. Also, the way you were holding your hands made them look like the hands of a mannequin or a marionette, until you started pointing.
    Also, I stumbled across this link today that I think you might enjoy, considering the conversations you have with your dog.

  14. HOLY … *gasps* *faints* *recovers* Wil! Thank you so much for using my video! This has extended my PAX East high for a few more days, at the least!
    P.S. … You didn’t happen to see my @reply to you about not getting autographs for my dad and brother, did you?

  15. OK, so this is fun…..
    But seriously, Boss…. The pic I just saw of you on teh Fark(tm) with you wearing the shirt of you wearing the shirt of you was, well, better.
    The thing that would have made it teh bestest(tm) would have been if it were you wearing the clown shirt, with an inset of you wearing the clown shirt, with an inset of…etc.
    Either way, rock and roll–well done!
    Dr. JSc

  16. So awesome! bummed i had to go home early and recharge HP, i think Crimsong19 has a good point though. You use his footage, he gets an autograph for his dad/brother? only fair :-)
    Can’t wait until the next PAX. This was my first one and it was one of the best times of my life.

  17. I heard this on NPR the other day as some interstitial music. For the life of me I could not explain it to my carmate why it was so darn funny.
    Epic, you guys. Looks like PAX East was awesome!

  18. 1000 times agreed. So many awesome people met and a huge thanks to Wil for all his patience with us fanboys/girls.
    And I also cannot wait til PAX West (do we call it that now?)

  19. LOVE the video! Wil, one of my students (college) came to class today wearing his PAX shirt and I excitedly said “Wil Wheaton was there!!!” to which he replied “I know, I met him!” After I freaked out for a few minutes, he told me that you two discussed the Atari 400 he’d bought recently and he actually got you to sign a Wesley Crusher action figure for his friend… Can you confirm this or do I need to take back all the extra credit points I gave him? X-D

  20. I totally remember that. I told him to track down classic Atari magazines at, so he could copy the BASIC programs in them and make his own games.

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