pico and sepulveda … pico and sepulveda … pico and sepulveda

Even the best day can be improved by a little Pico and Sepulveda …

(Of course, a day which requires me crossing the intersection at the actual Pico and Sepulveda is usually a very bad day, indeed.)

I took my first visit to the Forbidden Zone a few months ago, and though I Twittered the hell out of it, I don't recall if I wrote about it on my blog. Alas, maybe one day there will be a way to search the online universe for things we wish to find.

I love this movie so much, and I wish I'd seen it when I was younger. If I had a litmus test for friends, "loves Forbidden Zone" would certainly be on it.

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  1. I had “Let it Be” in my head yesterday for some reason, but when I thought about it being in my head it made me think of “Pico and Sepulveda” and it was back. It’s the earworm that won’t die. It’s worse than the Wrath of Khan.

  2. You’ve won this round, Evil Wil Wheaton.
    But someday, somewhere, when you’re least expecting it, we will rise up and retaliate with an even more virulent ear worm, and you will look back to this post and know in your heart of hearts that you brought it upon yourself.
    Though I don’t know where we will come up with something as aggressive as ‘Pico and Sepulveda.’ Perhaps something in the Journey family. Or maybe a strain of James Taylor.

  3. Forbidden Zone is one of those things that has made me pleased as highly alcoholic punch for over 20 years now. I was a little surprised to find you’d only recently seen it, what with you being such a huge Oingo Boingo fan. It has some of the best quotable dialogue I’ve ever heard. “Direct descendant of GOD?!? You just wanna slip ‘er the PORK!!!” Hee hee… Do a blog post, Wil. The world must know.

  4. And for those of you still on the fence, it has: Music by Oingo Boingo, Susan Tryell, The Kipper Kids, Danny Elfman as Satan singing ‘Minnie the Moocher’, Herve Villachez as the romantic lead, a frog-headed butler named Bustrod, and is guaranteed to offend you at least once. Joy!

  5. Yo. For anybody in L.A. thinking of coming to see FZ6D… opening weekend is now sold out! (Though I think you can try to come by after about 7:30pm to get on the waiting list, in case anybody doesn’t show.) And I’m told that sales for future performances are starting to sell briskly (or what passes for “briskly” in the world of Los Angeles 99-seat theater, anyway). Getcher tix NOW! And if you wanna see photos from the show, Richard Elfman has been Tweeting ’em!

  6. Richard also wanted us (Legend Films) to put it into 3D, but couldn’t do it this time around. Maybe in the future. He’s really open to experimenting like crazy, especially after he saw how good the colorization was turning out.
    I got to meet him at last year’s SDCC, as he was promoting the new color DVD.. he’s a super nice guy.
    @Wil: If you get Wootstock down here for SDCC I’ll bring you some DVDs.

    I was afraid I wouldn't get to see it before it closed. I am so glad they extended the run.

  8. One last li’l reminder: three performances left, this Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8pm, with a Q&A with Richard Elfman after the Friday show. The show cannot extend any further. Hope you can make it!
    Vine may be fine
    but for mine I want to

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