The Empire Strikes Back (1950)

I think this may be the most impressive Star Wars parody/tribute/whatever I've ever seen, and I've seen some truly great ones.

This makes me want to do a 13 episode webseries, probably serialized 3 minutes at a time, that's entirely done in the 1950s Sci-Fi style, with locations at Vasquez Rocks, sets that look like the inside of a submarine, with square-jawed heroes and bullet-bra'd heroines. 

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  1. This is so full of WIN that it defies description.
    And the winner of the Internet is…”The Empire Strikes Back!” (1950)

  2. So, then, one of these “premakes” based on “Return Of The Jedi” could very well feature the furry thing on the wing of the plane in the original Twilight Zone’s “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet”.
    *Sigh* There was so much good bad sci-fi back in the 50s…

  3. Considering that these were the movies Lucas was thinking of when he made Star Wars in the first place, it’s not that surprising that it fits together so well. But still an amazing amount/quality of work.

  4. I only just noticed your blog. It’s great that your prospering after your run on Star Trek.
    For your 50s sci-fi, you make sure that the science is intentionally bad. Like have air on the Moon or the sea made up of Lightbeams and radio waves or some other ridiculous rubbish. Oh and everything technological has to be ‘zapping’ with electrical energy.
    Look forward to seeing this Mr Wheaton

  5. Yes, this is awesome. But do you know what else is awesome? “Just a Geek – Teh Audiobook” which my lovely wife just purchased and downloaded for me as a surprise gift!
    Yay me!

  6. As a huge fan of Forbidden Planet, I’m not so sure how I feel about the cheeseification of that footage. I mean, yeah, it is a very dated film, but it’s still an uber classic.

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