the obligatory phoenix comicon schedule post

My official and complete schedule for the Phoenix Comicon has been finalized and posted. It looks an awful lot like this:

Wil Wheaton Presents: The Awesome Hour! – Fri at 4:30 pm
Wil Wheaton RockBand – Fri 10:00 pm at the Hyatt
Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton: The Guild  - Sat at noon
Star Trek: TNG Reunion  - Sat at 4:30 pm
Geek Prom with Felicia Day- Sat 10:00 pm at the Hyatt
Super Happy Fun Time with John and Wil – Sunday at 3:00 pm

In addition, there is a non-zero chance that I'll drop into the Eureka panel on Sunday, and I think the con has me doing at least one of those photo-op things, too.

When I'm not at one of the scheduled events, I'll be at a table in the exhibitor's hall, signing autographs and stuff. I will, as usual, sign just about anything reasonable you bring me, though I reserve the right to determine what does and does not fall under that description. For your convenience, I'm bringing some 8x10s, Memories of the Future, Sunken Treasure, and a small number of Happiest Days of Our Lives Special Editions. 

I'm really looking forward to this con, and all of the panels I'm doing, especially the TNG reunion panel. In fact, thinking about that panel inspired quite a bit of bloggery, and I just cut 2000 words out of this post, because I thought it deserved its own entry, which will post in a little bit.

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  1. Hey, Wil. I can’t make PCC this year, but I just wanted to say thanks for supporting Kids Need to Read. I’ve volunteered for KNTR for a while now, and we really appreciate your willingness to play along with the Geek Prom.
    I can’t wait to see all the fun pictures that come out of PCC and I wish you nothing but the best of cons. I’ll make it out there one of these days!

  2. Hrm … I don't know. Usually, if something could be classified as crazy, I won't sign it, but I *will* get security to gently and quickly put a great deal of distance between me and the person who brought the crazy.

  3. The Happiest Days arrived in my mail this afternoon and I completely forgot about the laundry and dishes that I was supposed to be doing and finished the book instead. Great stories! Ryan’s note at the end was really heart warming. I had to put my cat down a couple years ago due to kidney failure also. I cried like a baby when reading about your Felix.
    Thanks for the great distraction and keep them coming!
    Thanks so much!

  4. I actually have a post about this in my queue that just needs some editing. The short version is: I'm sickened by the obvious xenophobia of AZ's state government and their transparent pandering to crazy people just to win a primary election, but this con was planned months before that happened. If I were to back out of the con or anything like that, it would really be unfair to the people who've invested a lot of time and money into coming to this convention.

  5. Well I hope that that forum realized that there are still a bunch of sane people in AZ that would love to meet Wil. It’s a little tough when there is a large contingent of retired folks that live in AZ that tip the scales the side of scared white folks. Convention skipping isn’t really the thing that will change people’s minds. So I would encourage people to consider that before engaging in any collective group punishment the media is so happy to promote. :)

  6. Looking forward to getting a chance to see you at Phoenix Comicon… and I so hope to get a chance to be part of Wil Wheaton Rock Band. As for the AZ immigration stuff, I am, during the course of the con, going to ignore the fact that the state legislature often breaks Wheaton’s Law and just have fun with all the people I get to meet.
    Ashes to ashes,
    DJ Pheonyx
    The Cape Radio

  7. I’m really excited about this year’s PHXCC. I have had no time to hone my Rock Band skills since last year, but I expect it will still be a fun time. See you there!

  8. Thank you for this. Your reasoning is exactly why I’m still going, too. Though I’m disgusted by SB 1070 and personally anxious and worried to be traveling through AZ, the guests all signed on before this happened, including a lot of indie comic people I want to support. No one who signed on to come to this year’s PCC could have known this would happen and I want to support everyone who will be there (Also, I bought tickets, rented a car, and got a hotel room before SB 1070. Also, I really want to meet LeVar and Jonathan). Should the bill still stand next year I might have to rethink spending my travel money in AZ (which sucks because AZ has some awesome cons). This year I’m going to enjoy myself and the great con the PCC folks are putting on.

  9. My friend met you at Wootstock in Seattle recently and you signed a printed email exchange I had with you. We had no idea you would be signing autographs but she brought it just in case. So since I wasn’t there in person I’d like to say THANK YOU!!

  10. So excited to see you there! You and John Scalzi are the reasons I’m going this year, Felicia day and RockBand were just icing on the cake. I don’t know of guests need to check in to get badges or whatnot, but I’m at the registration desk Thursday afternoon. Everyone come say hi!
    This only slightly related. Ugh, really do not like signing in with Google or facebook. Apparently my privacy add-ons for Firefox don’t like to play. Looks like I’ll have to get a TypePad account.

  11. I live in AZ, and agree that the law is… well insert something here that probably wouldn’t be appropriate.
    I do want to say thank you for still attending. While the state itself has it’s issues the fact is events like this are for the fans, the geeks, and just that general culture and I hope people continue to visit for at least their fans until this whole thing is straightened out! I’d really hate to not have a chance to see such great panels, and just fun events because my state has a few more crazies than sane… but hey, there’s a lot of sane, and we’ll be at the PHXCC cheering your panels on!
    I’m looking forward to this weekend!

  12. That sounds entirely reasonable. I am an American living in Europe (some might call me an immigrant lol) so the only news I hear from the US is from the facebook groups my friends join. I hope I didn’t sound hostile, I was just curious about your position.

  13. Oh I’m sooo jealous, I really really want to come! You “and* a TNG reunion *and* Felicia Day! Sadly, hopping across the pond from Berlin, Germany isn’t really in my student budget. But hey, why don’t you come to FedCon 2011 in Bonn? Pretty please? With strawberries on top? 😉

  14. Yeah…you wouldn’t want to create a real-life Moonpie :p
    All joking aside though, I look forward to reading your opinion on the law. I’m also happy to hear that regardless of your (obviously) negative view of it, you aren’t going to hold that against your fans. I swear dude, if you earn any more props, you’d have…um…uh…well, I don’t know what it would be, but it would be something that was fucking proper, that’s for sure.

  15. Wil,
    You have been to so many of these types of events over the years. I hope you have not forgotten how to have fun at them.

  16. Can’t wait for Rock Band and The Geek Prom. You should check out our Ecto-AZ that will be at the Hyatt for the Zombie events Friday night. You can sit in it and use the siren.

  17. i bet you dont remember me, but my name is madi and when i came up to get your autograph friday i had mentioned being a performer.then you mentioned that you had a friend that went to clown college. i was hoping i could get some information about the college he went to. i figure i could go there for a while because the tour in scotland had to get cancelled, (some luck. :( the ring leader broke his right leg and left arm)
    and now me and my performing group are out of work. if you could send me some info that would be great. thanks again for the photo.

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