w00tstock 2.x is this weekend

let it woot at Wootstock with adam savage, paul and storm, and wil wheaton 

Okay, how awesome is that poster? Rich Stevens designed it for us. A T-shirt version will be available at all the 2.x shows, until we sell out of them.

So it turns out that w00tstock 2.x kicks off tomorrow with 2.0 in Seattle, and 2.1 on Saturday in Portland.

I've been so busy with so many different projects, it really snuck up on me. I can't believe I get to visit two of my favorite cities, hang out with some of my favorite people, and perform some stories I love for houses that are nearly sold out, all in the same weekend.

I'm hoping to get official bootleg recordings from the sound boards at both shows, because that's something I really wish I'd done during our 1.x shows, and the idea of bootlegging my own show delights me. If I am able to make it happen, I'll find a way to share it with everyone who couldn't make it to the shows.

I don't want to give anything away, but since I'm one of the producers of this show, I know pretty much everything that our guest performers have planned, and I am so frakking excited, I could put a toaster in an airlock. Here's the Seattle guest list:

And here's what's up in Portland:

There are a couple of FAQs that I keep seeing on the Twitters and elsewhere, so I'd like to answer those right now:

Q: Can I record/photograph/transcribe the show?

A: Yes. w00tstock is released under Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0 license. We want you to record the show, use your recordings to get excited and make things, and share them with the world.

However! We ask that you don't use flash photography, and that you're respectful of the people around you. If your recording is somehow interfering with your fellow w00ster's enjoyment of the show, that's a problem. Basically, if you follow Wheaton's Law, you'll be fine.

Q: Are you guys signing autographs while you're in town?

A: After the show, most of us will be in the lobby to sign books, CDs, DVDs, boobs, posters, and other stuff. 

Q: I can't come to the show. Will you be appearing anywhere else in town while you're here?

A: Sorry, no. In an effort to make ourselves feel like real touring rockstars, we pretty much get into town, do a soundcheck, eat dinner, do the show, go to sleep, and leave the next morning to start the whole thing over again.

Q: Can I bring my kids to the show?

A: While w00tstock is technically an all-ages show, it's at least 3 hours long, andspends a lot of time in PG-13 territory. You know your kids better than I do, but I'd say that kids as young as 12 will enjoy it, provided they can sit through a show this long.

Q: Will you come to NAME OF MY CITY for another w00tstock?

A: If you can get 300 of your friends together, we'll probably come do a show for you.

Okay, I think that covers most of it. Did I mention how excited I am to do the shows this weekend? Did I mention that we have awesome special guests? Did I make a mysterious reference to some puzzling things? Yeah, I think I did, so I'm going to go pack my suitcase and my Gabe Bag now. See you soon, Seattle and Portland!

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  1. Man…why does this awesome stuff always happen on the other side of the country :( Find a way to get a good recording of it! I would totally be willing to throw down $5-$10 on a good quality set of tracks from here…and I doubt I’m the only one :-)

  2. Squee! I think that I might be the very first person who bought tickets for the Seattle show. Row 1, seats 1 and 2, baby! I’ll be there with my non-geek girlfriend, we’ll see how it goes. :)

  3. You guys going to have any special Avatar reward items like PAX does? lol I live in Des Moines WA so only 20 or 30 minutes from Seattle

  4. Sounds good. I missed PAX this year so was hoping you guys would have some limited edition items. Sounds like a interesting show though but the hard part is convincing my non gamer girlfriend to go which isn’t easy lol.

  5. This is happening the night before my Birthday and I’ll be there (front row of The Balcony)… what an awesome Birthday Thing-in-progress! RESPECT THE THING!

  6. Please consider a show in Philadelphia! We have a great geek/DIY/get excited and make things movement in progress. There are many collaborative spaces (Hive76, the Hacktory, 2424 Studios) and a thriving geek culture. Plus, if you do a show here, we promise not to Taser you. (Unless you want it. That can be arranged as well.)

  7. Can’t wait. I think the wife and I will just head over to the theater after Iron Man 2 tonight and just camp out until Saturday.
    No, probably not, but really we can’t wait.

  8. This is soooo going to rock! First time seeing any of these wonderous geeks in person (not to mention Mr. w00t Mr. Stock… because I didn’t just mention them, I swear).
    Canadian Geeksquee:
    Squee, eh!
    /drinks beer that has at least 5% alcohol content

  9. Sounds like a great time will be had by all, too bad I’m on the east coast. The name intrigues me, is this in anyway related to the Woot web sites? I heard you submitted Shirt Ideas to Shirt Woot but have never been able to find your designs. Let me know if you don’t mind cause they used your name to lure me in as a submitter lol.

  10. So you’re saying if I get 300 people together, you’d be coming to my town, even if that town is in, say, the UK? 😉
    Considering how many nerds/geeks I know and how each of them know and the power of social media, that might even work.
    I’m kidding a bit but seriously, if you decided to come over, you certainly would have an audience.

  11. The conversion rate for UK shows is slightly higher. I think we'd need closer to 600 in a few different cities.

  12. Can’t wait!!! Hitting the border early (missing work/skipping out of a biostats workshop)so we don’t miss any geeky goodness!!!

  13. Are you guys going to be producing an official Wootstock DVD at some point? I will probably not be able to make it to a show, and while there is lots of coverage on youtube, there’s very few recordings that have: a) multiple angles b) decent video quality or c) good audio.
    C is particularly rare, since nobody has the benefit of being able to tie into your soundboard for audio capture.
    I know I for one would pay 15-20 bucks for a DVD, or even an iTunes video download.

  14. I know this little place in Los Angeles… I think I saw some guys there last year, something about Frogger, American Dinosaurs, why Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four movie was terrible, and the deep, philosophical truth regarding the relative coolness of landspeeders vs death star playsets.
    That place was nice. I bet another show would go well there…hint, hint, nudge, punch in the shoulder…

  15. Can’t wait for Saturday’s show! Will you bring any copies of MotF to sell?
    Autographs on books will last longer than autographs on boobs (but I’ll bring those, too).

  16. Ive had my tickets for over two months. I am so excited. In fact, I plan on making a day of it and camping out all day in front of the Aladdin in Portland so I can get a front row seat.

  17. How about a Wootstock/Geek Cruise(http://www.geekcruises.com/) mashup? The 3 hour show would probably not fit well with the longer-than-three-hour-tour format of their cruises, but you could be geeks while expressing your geek!
    Also, they’ve done Alaska cruises in the past, which means I might get a chance to see the cast, if not the show itself.

  18. Can’t wait to see you guys in Seattle! Our little group is converging on you from Madison, WI, Atlanta, GA, and Dallas, TX. The only thing missing is Jonathan Coulton but MC Frontalot is a damn fine substitute.
    Get ready to sign some boobs, Wheaton! Or at least the t-shirt that covers my boobs. :)
    See you tomorrow night.

  19. I am BESIDE MYSELF with excitement for w00tstock in Portland. Will we get to hear anything from the new installments of “Memories of the Future”? Oh please oh please?

  20. Wil,
    After reading many of your posts about how awesome The Big Bang Theory is and how much you enjoyed both of your chances to work with it’s hard working stars I finally DVRed this show I felt I would like but had yet to sit down and give a chance to. I got lucky on Monday night getting to catch two back to back shows, and also the Stan Lee episode last night. (loved Sheldon’s last line about the his growing collection of -Spoiler redacted-).
    The show is awesome and I pay extra attention to all the actors looking for all the hard work and effort you rave about and I’m laughing my ass off at how much fun the show is and how awesome all the characters are an just hope this show runs for at least 5 more years.
    So thanks for hipping me to a cool show I should have given a chance the first time, but I do get to sit down here in a coming weekend and watch season in one great chunk so theres that.
    Thanks again, Wil
    P.S. if you ever play TF2 or anyone commenting here too for that matter look me up! My handle in game is Riker’s Beard!

  21. I’m really starting to hate that I moved from Oregon to Florida. There’s just so much cool geek stuff on the west coast.

  22. I was wondering if you guys would ever make a w00tfest for the east coast like *coughnewjerseycough* cause that would make my geeky heart shine right through!

  23. Oh, that's easy: just get about 300 of your closest friends to commit to attending a show, and we'll do the rest.

  24. Like Brian above I will also be celebrating my bday at the show (30th – yikes!) am so excited to start the weekend with as much nerd love as possible so I can get my Galileo inspired tattoo with pride on Sunday. It also appears that your powers extend to the weather – thanks for bringing the Cali sunshine up with you!

  25. Actually, easier than I first thought; I live on a Navy base with hundreds of nuclear-engineers-in-training. Some of the smartest and nerdiest guys (and gals) I’ve ever met! I bet it could happen!

  26. Hey, if you're serious, and you think you can make it happen, send me an e-mail next week and I'll talk about it with the rest of the gang.

  27. Ooooh yeah! MAIN Left Row C Seats 4 &5. Will I need to cover myself in plastic like at a Blue Man Group show? Nah, I think I’ll take the full-on geek splash, baby.
    OH CARP. Now I have to figure out which Geek Shirt O’ Dooom to wear. Hey Wil, if we all show up in the “How We Roll”, can we get a GINORMOUS picture with you guys? A girl can always dream….

  28. Hank is going to be at Wootstock? Ah, this is what I get for not keeping up on my vlogbrothers videos *facepalm* I wish I lived on the west coast to see this, all my favorite nerds togehter in the same area. Please find a way to bootleg your recordings because then at least I’ll get to catch some of the awesome!
    *Also I got my copy “Happiest Days of Our Lives” awhile back and I loved it. Can’t wait to read more.

  29. I can’t believe Molly’s not going to be in the Chicago show. However, I am looking forward to failing my Save vs. Freakout when I get to meet you.

  30. I have tickets for the Minneapolis show. Really looking forward to seeing the entire woot gang. I only hope I don’t spend too much time explaining everything to my geek adjacent significant other. And I know you’ve said you’ll be traveling in rock star fashion, but you should really make an effort to put on your disguise and visit The Source Comics & Games (in cognito, of course; can’t have the rabble intrude on your private geek) while in town.

  31. What about the Land of Oz ? Doesn’t Adam’s writer come from here ?
    I’m wonder if I should become a promoter ?

  32. I almost missed the signage of the boobs comment… that made me lol … too funny! I am a new-ish follower. I will have to keep my eye on if you ever make it to SAC or SF…

  33. Rolled a critical failure on my “Remember Nerd Event” skill. Hopefully I can catch your next appearance in Portland.
    Also, if you haven’t been yet, check out Ground Kontrol in downtown. You want an arcade with old skool games (vector graphics Star Wars, Mortal Kombat 1, the original Gauntlet) that has live music, good beer and no one under 21 after 7pm? That’s where to go.

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