w00tstock 2.x is this weekend

let it woot at Wootstock with adam savage, paul and storm, and wil wheaton 

Okay, how awesome is that poster? Rich Stevens designed it for us. A T-shirt version will be available at all the 2.x shows, until we sell out of them.

So it turns out that w00tstock 2.x kicks off tomorrow with 2.0 in Seattle, and 2.1 on Saturday in Portland.

I've been so busy with so many different projects, it really snuck up on me. I can't believe I get to visit two of my favorite cities, hang out with some of my favorite people, and perform some stories I love for houses that are nearly sold out, all in the same weekend.

I'm hoping to get official bootleg recordings from the sound boards at both shows, because that's something I really wish I'd done during our 1.x shows, and the idea of bootlegging my own show delights me. If I am able to make it happen, I'll find a way to share it with everyone who couldn't make it to the shows.

I don't want to give anything away, but since I'm one of the producers of this show, I know pretty much everything that our guest performers have planned, and I am so frakking excited, I could put a toaster in an airlock. Here's the Seattle guest list:

And here's what's up in Portland:

There are a couple of FAQs that I keep seeing on the Twitters and elsewhere, so I'd like to answer those right now:

Q: Can I record/photograph/transcribe the show?

A: Yes. w00tstock is released under Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0 license. We want you to record the show, use your recordings to get excited and make things, and share them with the world.

However! We ask that you don't use flash photography, and that you're respectful of the people around you. If your recording is somehow interfering with your fellow w00ster's enjoyment of the show, that's a problem. Basically, if you follow Wheaton's Law, you'll be fine.

Q: Are you guys signing autographs while you're in town?

A: After the show, most of us will be in the lobby to sign books, CDs, DVDs, boobs, posters, and other stuff. 

Q: I can't come to the show. Will you be appearing anywhere else in town while you're here?

A: Sorry, no. In an effort to make ourselves feel like real touring rockstars, we pretty much get into town, do a soundcheck, eat dinner, do the show, go to sleep, and leave the next morning to start the whole thing over again.

Q: Can I bring my kids to the show?

A: While w00tstock is technically an all-ages show, it's at least 3 hours long, andspends a lot of time in PG-13 territory. You know your kids better than I do, but I'd say that kids as young as 12 will enjoy it, provided they can sit through a show this long.

Q: Will you come to NAME OF MY CITY for another w00tstock?

A: If you can get 300 of your friends together, we'll probably come do a show for you.

Okay, I think that covers most of it. Did I mention how excited I am to do the shows this weekend? Did I mention that we have awesome special guests? Did I make a mysterious reference to some puzzling things? Yeah, I think I did, so I'm going to go pack my suitcase and my Gabe Bag now. See you soon, Seattle and Portland!

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  1. I am bummed. Had surgery a week ago and cannot make the show. Have had tickets for months and been very excited. Sigh. Well, I have all your books and all but one of them signed. My husband, my geeklings and two of our best-geekers are going. They are going to record for me. Have a great show!
    Also – since ECCC, you have become my son’s hero. He wants to see everything you have ever been in and has read one of your books. He is 8 but you know… he has a 138 IQ and is in Excel and the like. He is a full on Wesley and I am really glad he has a character to look up to and identify with.

  2. Feel Better Tanya.
    Wil, if you do anything, go to Ground Kontrol, walk upstairs, and take in the glory that are the Doctor Who and STTNG pin ball machines. I have had tickets for months and can’t wait to ride my bike down 11th, over the rail road tracks, eat at the Hot Cake House and then apparently stand in line for hours to beat all my fellow Stumptown Geeks to the front of the line. Is it weird I’m nervous about not being geeky enough? I don’t want to look like a poser…oh, what geektastic t-shirt should I wear??

  3. Evelyn, thanks! Very cool of you to take a moment to say that. Not sure if its the oxycodone talking.. but I am feeling very warm fuzzy lovey things about you right now. Hope you are enjoying the show!
    Wil…you are killing me with your tweets about the awesome I am missing. My family and friends are there and they have instant streamed video to me. I almost wish I had gone… but drooling faceplant lady is not an addition to any show.
    Jason (one of our bestest geekers) is an amature film maker so I am sure the video will be great. Will have to inform everyone when it is up for mass appreciations.
    Ha, my eldest geekling just texted that there are too many Doctor Who references to count flying on that stage.

  4. Well I don’t think your the type of person to feel better by someone elses pain. But maybe this helps.
    I missed the show tonight (tickets sitting on the coffee table) because I had to go to the ER. (oh and they didn’t know what was wrong). Well now I’m home and vey upset that I missed the show!
    I hope to be able to go next time it’s in Seattle. =)

  5. Holy crap that was awesome. Thanks for a wonderful time, dude! I did indeed get nerd all over me. I was the guy kinda near the front on your side that had on the “Science, It Works Bitches” t-shirt.
    Thanks to you and all the other guys and gals that put this thing together. Fucking sweet!

  6. WOW! WOW!
    Just got back and had to post. I flew all the way from The Great State of Texas (you have to say it like that) to see this show. IN Credi Bull!! (It also helps that my brother lives in Seattle. 2 birds, one stone….)
    Reading your blogs about Wootstock doesn’t do it justice. I gotta tell ya Marge (Thank you Wil) You gotta be there!
    When I called my brother and told him I was coming up for a concert he was all cool with it cause I was coming up to Seattle. I bought him a ticket and we both had a blast!
    THANK YOU for pulling together such a great group of performers and putting on a fabulous show. I wish I could have stayed and said so in person but my brother said something about ‘beauty sleep.’
    Thank you again. I’m glad I flew up…

  7. Oh, P.S. I would have liked to have said so in a direct e-mail, but I can’t find any link on your blog… (I’m probably just blind…)

  8. I’m glad I read this, I’m coming to the Portland show and I was wondering about the camera thing. Charging my digital camera’s batteries as we speak. Or type. Whichever.
    Sadly I did not have the chance to get any of your books prior to this (read: I procrastinated) so I will most likely have nothing to sign (oh wait, I do have a DVD of Stand By Me…). Maybe I’ll just bring my spiral drawing pad or something…

  9. I’ll be there when the doors open at 6 tonight in Portland. It says General Admission on my ticket but it also assigns a seat and row. How confusing…. Ah well, I can always ask at the box office.
    Can’t wait to see you at the Aladdin!

  10. @karohemd: It was awesomeness personified.
    +1 for UK shows. Obvs ask JoCo/P&S about their UK experiences. There’s plenty of geeks over here willing to flock, and given that the whole country by area is smaller than 11 of the States (smallest of those is Michigan), you wouldn’t have a whole lot of internal travelling to do. It takes <2 hours to fly from one end of our country to the other, lengthways. Of course the puddle jump has got to be worth the time/expense too.

  11. Heather, you are right. My misery does not need or want company and I would wish better for you. How are you now? That is scary! Are you going to PAX? You can at least see Wil there. When we get all the footage from last night uploaded I can send you the files if you like. Cheers and be well!

  12. Hello Wil. I loved w00tstock along with everyone else, and don’t have anything different to say than you’ve already seen above or on Twitter. Thanks for a hilarious time! :)
    I do have a couple questions though –
    I thought I heard James Ernest and Mike Selinker say there would be additional puzzle videos posted on the w00tstock site (which is over at Paul & Storm’s right?). I can’t find such videos though, did he mean after both w00tstocks are over?
    Have you considered having Marian Call at w00tstock 3.0? She is so geektastically awesome: good songs, good geekness, good stage presence, good sense of humor. I think everyone who loves w00tstock would love her. I’m torn about linking here – seems kinda spammy, but I did just say how much people reading this post would like her so … http://www.mariancall.com/listen.php
    And lastly, will one of you guys be collecting links of good recordings in a post or on a website?
    Thanks to the whole team! When are you doing it again? I’ll get tickets the second they go on sale!

  13. This font displays the word “w00tstock” in a way that is distressingly similar to “wootstock.” Is that on my local machine or is it for everyone?
    Yes. Font geek here.

  14. The Portland show was amazing.
    Though, like I said on twitter, Gilligan et al never got lost… they just let Paul and Storm plan their 3 hour tour and it hasn’t ended yet.

  15. Indeed. We Portlanders (Portlandies?) loved messers Wheaton, Paul, Storm and Savage for all (Count ’em) four hours and forty five minutes of their three hour show.
    Way to go guys!

  16. What sort of numbers would you guys need to do Australia? I’m guessing you’ll need a few more than 600 people, $26AUD and a case of local boutique beer… but I’m game for a nerd challenge!

  17. In lieu of making a new post I’ll just reply to my previous one.
    Anyway that was friggin’ awesome. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard at anything. Except I wish I’d said something when I met you, but my brain always goes into Dug from Up mode whenever I meet anyone even remotely famous (“I have seen you on TV/heard your music and I like you!”), and I didn’t think you’d want to hear about the first time I saw Stand By Me when I was nine and was Completely Freaked Out by the train bridge scene (you know the one). :p
    Oh! Also I took many pictures, at least until my camera’s batteries died in the middle of Adam Savage’s set (what the everloving hell, batteries, I just charged you that morning). Will probably upload them to Flickr later today, might update again with a link.

  18. Looks the same to me too, at least with regards to the shape and size of the o (oh) versus the 0 (zero), but upon very close inspection, in “w00tstock” the 00s (zeroes) are like one pixel farther apart than the oo’s (ohs) in “wootstock”.

  19. Wait… so you’re saying that if I can manage to get at least 300 people together, you’ll come to Texas?
    of course, I can add wootstick to my list of excuses to go visit a part of the country I’ve never been to before. hmmm.

  20. Thank you SO much for putting this together and bringing it to Portland. After my visit to Casa Bonita, last night might be the most awesome night of my life. The 10K I spent moving across the country from South Carolina recently has now been completely justified. If you consider the entertainment per hour rate, last night was a bargain and I feel like I owe you some money. Wil, PLEASE try and come back to Portland. I would go to Wootstock every year. Thanks again, last night was incredible. Oh, and my boyfriend who was skeptical of the funny meter getting very high LOVED IT. WIN!

  21. @MysticalChicken, @karohemd … yup, it’s officially a travesty.
    I’m on a couple versions of Windows, Firefox also. Maybe it looks better on a Mac.

  22. ok so this doesnt have anything to do with this post(though i do love adam savage…MYTHBUSTERS!!) but i am currently listening to episode 22 of radio free burrito and when i heard you say us youngun listeners will have a notebook that we write stories, thoughts, put pictures in, and other stuff in, i got kind of excited(for lack of a better term). i have dozens of notebooks full of everything. my thoughts, short stories, magazine clippings, pictures, drawings, literally everything. thanks for making a statement about it even though it was back in february :) love your podcast and books!

  23. One of the many reasons I moved from Chicago to L.A. was to see stuff like this, and thus far no L.A. dates? Transcendental Blasphemy!
    I’d love to collaborate & try and arrange an L.A. date!

  24. w00tstock Portland was SO EPIC. Oh man. Thank you guys so much for putting on a show with so much awesome that by the end, my entire body was sore from laughing – both from the nonstop hilariousness, and from sheer giddy geek joy.
    Also, thank you for signing my TNG season 1 DVDs, and recording a greeting video for my sister in Chicago, who pretty much exploded from an overdose of “SQUEEEEEE!” when she saw it. It’s always really special to meet people whose work you admire, and have them be as nice and awesome in person as you always hoped they would be.
    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  25. w00tstock PDX was indeed really fraking awesome. Thanks again so much for coming, and even more thanks for signing the Bop photo… I hope Paul, Storm, Adam, and Molly didn’t give you too much crap over it. Have some great pics of Paul nearly *leaping* over Adam to get a good look at it. >_< … hope you enjoyed your visit and got at least a good hour in at Ground Kontrol.

  26. I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone involved with w00tstock 2.1 in Portland. It was phenomenal, funny and fantastic! It was also the perfect date for me and my husband without kids in rather embarrassingly long time. Also, my husband, who had been living in a vacuum of Synfig is happy to have been exposed to the complete adorable that is Molly Lewis and is now a fan. While it was too late for us to stay after and thank you in person, I did want to share that your work and your blog inspired me to write again and seeing you perform and tell your stories was an absolute joy. I hope you and your family had lovely time together and I look forward to your next creative endeavors.

  27. Oh that photo is going to HAUNT me for a very long time. When you left, I told Adam that I should have signed it, "Dear 17 year-old Wil: First of all, you are old enough to know better, and second of all, you are going to regret this when you're older. Signed, 37 year-old you. PS – You seriously look like a douchebag."

  28. I’m on a total fangirl high from w00tstock 2.1.
    I’m kicking myself for not having you personalize the autograph, but OMG I got to meet Wil fucking Wheaton!
    And because you suggested Doctor Who to me, I am now obligated as a dedicated fangirl to watch it. 😛
    <3 *sigh* why do you have to be married?
    As Molly Lewis would say, I wanna have your babies.

  29. Fine Wil, don’t hang out with a couple thousand of Dow chem, bio, computer, and business geeks. *Humf* (As I fold my arms, turn away, and turn up my nose)

  30. Oh man, I was the girl RIGHT AFTER SomethingClever–what a hard act to follow (though, seriously, the poster was twelve shades of awesome)! And I didn’t learn that you had ReTweeted me until I got home. That’s actually probably good because otherwise I’d have gotten in front of you, pointed at you and shouted “OMG YOU RETWEETED ME!” and then babbled on like a moron more than I did. :) I don’t remember much because I have that post-something-super-cool-happened glow but my husband assures me that I did not make too big an ass of of myself. :)
    Man alive I wish there was a way to e-mail you (I am writing my post-W00tstock post for my blog but kind of want to run it by you first) but I cannot find an address or contact form anyfrackingwhere on your site. Boo.
    Still though: PDX W00tstock was awesome! I’m just now coming down from the laughter endorphins.

  31. Dude! W00tstock 2.1 RULED!! I’ve sent stuff to some of the old Monkeys from the Soapbox so they could feel like they were there too. I loved that there was something for every kind of geek. I’ve never been a comics kind of girl, but Matt Fraction kind of made me want to start reading. :-) Kinda fell in love with Stepto, honestly, and with Molly Lewis too.
    I have not laughed that hard for that long in ages. Thank you for a fantastic super long 3 hours 😉

  32. Thanks, Wil.
    I had a wonderful time at the Seattle show, but I must apologize to the young lady behind me in the autograph line (I was the guy in the blue Canucks jersey) – I’m sorry for being such a dick and not taking your pic with Wil, and taking so much of his time.
    Protracted explanation/show review/revenge de karma here: http://bit.ly/dtkeSt
    To everyone else, seriously, if you missed this show, make sure you see one at some point. It’s worth it. YouTube is wonderful, but having a butt in the seat is the best.

  33. The Portland show was great – excellent reading by you and general awesomeness – if you had any part in finding and booking LoadingReadyRun…they got a lot of new fans at the show, I’m sure.
    Thanks for inspiring me to Make Something and then signing it (Aeofel shirt) :) Aeofel Lives! Many, many in the audience got the shirt.

  34. I’m suffering from “Damn, I didn’t know this was even happening!” remorse and regret. Ran into Wil in the PDX airport and had a suspicion he had been in town for something cool… sure enough, he was and I missed it.
    Wil, hope you didn’t mind getting waylaid incognito with the brief word of thanks for all your geek-ombudsman duties and contributions.

  35. (I turn my head slightly to my right. The silence heightens my curiousity. I raise my right brow and glance at Wil in the the corner of my eye waiting for a response.)

  36. How I would love to see one of your shows one day, too!!! But I guess there´s no chance that you´re coming to Europe, right? Such a pitty! Anyway, hope to see you one day in the States.

  37. What’s the target audience size for Canadian cities? I have a facebook group that should hit 300 before the end of the month. 😀
    Once we get the # of dedicated stranger friends who want the show – what’s the next step for the organizers? Thx.

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