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  1. I love those pics!! Too bad it ended in a tie, wouldve been great for him to see his team win the big one!! I so miss seeing you guys every week like I did as a teen!! Great pics!!

  2. Heh. I’m not sure if Sir Patrick follows the football, though.
    Those vuvuzelas get on my nerves. I hope they ban them (as has been suggested). I only watched the last 10 minutes of the Germany game and I thought I’d go mad if it went on for any longer.

  3. Haha :) Oh well, I guess we’ve all seen Picard do the strangest things thanks to Photoshop :)
    *Tries to squeeze in one more episode of Buffy before midnight*

  4. Wonderfull photos, here in Spain we are following soccer with passion – and now Sir Patrick Stewart too – nothing more diferent than a “hooligan”, thanks

  5. Ist photo: Sir Patrick cheers England as we’re one goal up to the USA so early in the match.
    2nd photo: Sir Patrick is desparing as he’s just witnessed our own goal. ‘Ee by gum, No Mirfield Lad, would have done that’ he says.

  6. Truly awesome. I have a dumb question… is the guy with the vuvuzela someone I should recognize, or is he just Some Random Guy?
    BTW, I’d swear the second shot is from ST:TNG… I seem to recall that image from more than one episode.

  7. So how long before this hits ytmnd.com with audio from Masterminds? I’m going to have him yelling “United!” in the back of my head for the rest of the night…

  8. I do seem to recall a more-or-less terrible flick which affirmed that Patrick and a Man United supporter… I’ve been in England for 4 years now, and I still don’t get “football”.
    You should remember that one, Wil, as it was a direct rip off of a splendid film you were in.

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