the guild season three, recapped … and auto-tuned (contains spoilers)

I'm organizing my thoughts for the obligatory w00tstock post, writing columns for Techland, trying to catch up on e-mail, and generally settling back into the usual work routine after an intense and crazy few days of travel and performance.

Until I can put together all the w00tstock thoughts, though, I had to post this:

Season Four is just around the corner! 

29 thoughts on “the guild season three, recapped … and auto-tuned (contains spoilers)”

  1. I would love to make some witty reference to T-pain at the moment but I’m far too white to manage it, so, sorry about that I guess.
    I’m looking forward to season 4. It’s good to see that you’re going to be back for it Wil, I was afraid that that button joke on Season 3 was the last we were going to see of that Kilt-clad rogue.

  2. My nieces (ages 18 and 19) recently found the “Do You Want To Date My Avatar” video on Youtube, so I encouraged them and their friends to go watch all of The Guild.
    It’s moments like these where I feel like I’m making a good contribution to the future of Geekery by helping to guide young minds.

  3. I’d love to see that guy do overviews of all the shows I watch right before their new seasons start. By the time some of them come back for new seasons I’ve forgotten half of what went on in the previous season, but I don’t have time to rewatch all of them.

  4. I bet you never knew you could rap, eh, Wil? Or should I call you Doubleyewindoubleyew or maybe, Dubdubleyew, or better yet, simply: Dubdub?
    Looking forward to The Kilted Menace in season four and WAY glad Felicia had the writerly fortitude not to do the “it was just a dream” thing.

  5. I’m so jazzed (oh yeah I went there…jazzed) for Season 4.
    Honestly, I can’t wait. I mean, not in a creepy ‘I’m going to break into someone’s house for the masters’ kinda way, but in a hyperbole ‘this is the best pie in the universe that anyone has ever had’ kinda way.
    OH to have my time travel device completed!!!

  6. Cool!!! I am so looking forward to the return of The Guild as well as Eureka. July is going to be an Awesome month! See you there. Have a great day.

  7. Ooouh, awesome:) Never seen it before, watched the first season today and it was great. Can’t wait to see/hear EWW (Evil Wil Wheaton) in season 3 :)

  8. Regarding Wil’s tweet from 10h ago, his dog eating oranges. Yikes! Citrus can give dogs stones. My dobie had to undergo a very expensive major surgery at an out of state vet school to remove bladder stones. If anyone who knows Wil personally please pass this along to him.

  9. Decided to look for a link to substantiate this to add to my post…and instead not only can I not find anything to substantiate it but a number of credible sources that say oranges are fine. Well..I was a pretty overwrought mommy when I spoke to that surgeon at UT so perhaps I heard him wrong or it specifically had something to do with my baby’s unique situation. So as Emily Litilla would say: “Nevermind!”

  10. Got the e-mail that you folks are going to be at GenCon. Do we need tickets? Or will the event be open to many (Like most seminars?) Also, should we bring books for signing, or will that not happen this year?
    And do you plan on entering the D&D Championship this year?

  11. Haha, just finished season 3 and it was great.. Wil playing a sly and evil nemesis of the main cast? Sounds like Big Bang… Maybe Wil really HAS turned evil??
    I guess Eureka will confirm or disprove that theory :)

  12. I can’t wait for season four! I know you can’t give away too much, but are you going to be in the entire fourth season with the hopes of a fifth? Your kilt-wearing character is often…nothing is cooler than a hardcore guild leader with a kilt!

  13. If you like this video, you should check out the Schmoyoho channel on Youtube. The auto-tune the news series is very creative and the songs are catchy. They take the absurd parts of TV news coverage and do a great job of parodying them.

  14. My husband and I just found The Guild on netflix and had no idea you were in it so it was quite a shock to see a kilt clad douchebag turn and be you. My husband and I have both been wow players for several years now and find the show extremely entertaining and seeing you make an appearance was an unexpected and wonderful treat.
    I’ve unfortunately fallen behind in following your career, blog and appearances since having my daughter but I am thrilled to see that there are still people out there who are smart enough to hire you. You really do bring something very special and very entertaining to the projects you’re involved in.
    Hope you and your family are well and take care :)

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