anyone interested in a short fiction collection?

I have a question for everyone who reads my blog: if I put some short stories I'd written together into a little collection and sold it at Lulu, would you be interested?

I ask this because I collected a few short stories into a limited edition chapbook for last year's PAX Prime, and it's been sitting here, in my computer, just sort of staring at me accusingly and asking why I didn't release it to anyone in the world who wanted it.

It's just four short stories – well, two short stories and two stories that are slightly-longer than flash – that haven't been collected in any other place.

It will be available worldwide (anywhere Lulu ships). I'll keep the price down, and offer it in print and digital editions (probably around $7 and $5 each, if I've calculated the economics on Lulu correctly) … but here's the catch: it will only be available for one week. (I don't have a good reason for that, I just think it's cool to make something that's a limited edition. Wait, that's a perfectly good reason; a cromulent reason, even.)

Here's the introduction to the PAX edition:

The Day After and Other Stories

Every year, before the summer convention season gets underway, I pull a few excerpts from whatever I plan to release in the fall, take them to my local print shop, and make a deliberately lo-fi, limited edition chapbook to take with me on the obligatory summer convention circuit.

I’ve done previews of Dancing BarefootThe Happiest Days of Our LivesMemories of the Future, and in 2008, I pulled together a sampler that eventually became Sunken Treasure

While Memories of the Future is 2009’s “big” fall release, it didn’t make sense to me to release a Memories-based chapbook this summer, because one already exists. 

It looked like there wasn’t going to be a 2009 entry in the traditional Wil Wheaton Zine-like Chapbook Extravaganza, until I realized that I have several pieces of unpublished fiction sitting in my office, just waiting to be published. 

“Hey,” I said to myself, “people keep asking me to write and release fiction, and I’ve been waiting until I have an actual novel to give them. But these things totally don’t suck, and I bet readers would enjoy them.”

“That is an excellent idea, me,” I said. “And have I mentioned how smart and pretty you are?”

“Oh, stop it. You’re embarrassing me,” I said.

Together, myself and I collected some of my (mostly unpublished) fiction and put it into this chapbook, for safe keeping.

Even though this is limited to just 200 copies, it represents a significant step for me in my life as a writer, because it’s the first time I’ve collected and published stories that I made up. (You know, like a writer does.) I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your support!

Wil Wheaton



So, knowing all of this, are you interested?

227 thoughts on “anyone interested in a short fiction collection?”

  1. Dear Elder Gods, Wil! Release the book for us and we will enjoy it! Your writing is too good to pass up. My bank account is standing by…

  2. Only just seen this post as i’ve been out playing D&D for the last sixteen hours, but YES, i’d definitely be interested in reading your fiction. If it’s limited to 200 copies and they sold out, would you consider producing more?

  3. Having #40 of the 200, I’d pay for an audio version if you’re tallying those replies up as well. Considering that I just paid for the audio of your Criminal Minds production diary (but haven’t dl’d it yet because I keep forgetting!) I’d definitely pay the same or more for an audio version of this as well.

  4. Wil, if the Green Bay Packers can sell hunks of dirt to their fans for 50 dollars apiece and leave them happy, I think you can sell us a collection of short stories. Not that my dad’s hunk of Frozen Tundra isn’t going to appreciate in value, or anything…

  5. I’d be interested, but I’d like to know what’s in it. If it’s > 50% stuff that I’ve already read, I might not be as interested.

  6. I am most definitely interested! Sign me up a for a hard copy…I want something that can actually become dog-eared, heh. I also second the notion of humbly requesting a little bit of notice, if possible.

  7. I would totally love a print edition.I’ve been looking to buy one of your books and,hey,short stories,I love;fiction,I love;short fiction by Wil Wheaton?Gotta have!Then I could have something to get you to sign when you finally bring w00tstock to Florida!;-)
    Also,I third a short book of Wil/Dog dialogues,or even Wil/Cat dialogues.Really,”Wil Wheaton Talks To The Animals”would be a great stocking stuffer for me.

  8. I love oral storytelling!I don’t think I could use this in a storytime at the library(I’m an aspiring children’s librarian),heh heh,but I did rock the Oral Interp of Lit circuit back in my high school Debate days!I’d love this kind of contest!

  9. Better late than never to say that I would absolutely buy something like this in pretty much any format that you would want to publish it in.

  10. I’ve made it my mission to watch/read ALL of your works. So very much YES! And if I ever see you in Portland again, I’ll have you sign it so it will be even more limited edition. 😀

  11. Nope. Not interested.
    I like your ‘limited edition’ idea, though. I should be able to pick one up cheap on Ebay.
    Awwww… who am I kidding – Sign me up!

  12. In case you don’t have enough answers to make the call…. Yes, both my daughter and I would LOVE to read your short fiction stories. Just say and we’ll be on Lulu to buy them.

  13. If your previous work is anything to go by… Absoultely… Most Definately!! Ill put my hand up and say that ill buy both written and audio version as I love the style you write and love the added ‘extras’ you get on your audio stuff…tangents n all :) BRING IT ON!!

  14. I find it amusing/endearing that you still ask to gauge interest for anything you are considering producing…
    Umm, yes! DO WANT!
    After all, you signed all my books last time I saw you, so I need something new for you to sign at the next event I’m lucky enough to see you at again! Ha!

  15. The only logical answers to this would be: Indeed, Absolutely, Certainly, Definitely, Indubitably, and Most Assuredly! I would prefer a print edition myself, but would cheerfully settle for a digital edition if I must. It would be a nice change to read some new material from you rather than the psychology stuff I’m currently reading.

  16. Well, plenty of others have stated the obvious already, but yes…..color me interested…whatever color that is, anyway. Hey…You gonna show up at a Brownsville, OR Stand By Me event one of these years? I doubt all those old folks would appreciate the swarms of geeks invading their town, but they’ll live…probably.

  17. I think you got a Yes !
    I can nearly not wait until tomorrow when I get the signed copy of Happiest Days – I ordered it last month, and the kids are giving it to me for my birthday !! BTW I am old …

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