Fargo is, after all, the boss of us …

This post contains spoilers. You have been warned.

If I've pushed the Big Red Button correctly, this should post automatically right after my episode of Eureka, All the Rage, has concluded in the Eastern time zone.

I'm at Comic-Con right now, and I've just seen this episode in its entirety for the first time. Since I'm actually writing this yesterday, I can't comment on how I felt watching it, or on the final cut of the episode itself, but I can tell you that during production, it was a bit of a challenge to play a guy who hates Fargo as much as Doctor Parrish does, since I personally like Neil Grayston so much.

Here's an amusing story about how much everyone in the NolWep Lab feels about Fargo:

When Fargo demands a demonstration of the energy field thing, Zane and Doctor Parrish share this knowing look that may or may not have made it into the final cut of the episode. Niall Matter and I decided that we both knew the field wouldn't stop that bean bag, because it wasn't ready, and we really didn't care if Fargo got shot with it. We thought it was a cool way for us to play a character moment together that establishes our relationship, and drive home to the audience just how much we hate Fargo (and illustrate how different Fargo is in this universe.) The thing is, we didn't have time to make sure this choice was okay with everyone, because we were working very fast that morning.

We played several takes like that, and when they came in for coverage on us, the director told us that we should react to the bean bag almost hitting him, like it was a pretty bad thing that could have had really bad consequences. Fargo is, after all, the boss of us.

Niall and I looked at each other like we'd been caught playing ball in the house.

"We've, uh, actually been playing it like we knew it would happen, and we enjoyed how much it scared him," I said.

Niall quickly added, "but we could decide that we didn't expect him to get shot in the face, like we just thought it would hit him in the chest, so we can still play both beats."

The director told us that he thought that was a good idea, and we finished the scene like that. When he walked away, Niall and I looked at each other.

"I thought I was fired for sure," I said.

"I was glad they can't fire me," he said.

"Still, we established an awful lot with just one look," I said.

"Yeah, that was cool."

We didn't have that many scenes together, but we spent a lot of time hanging out on the set when we weren't filming, and got along brilliantly. In fact, I got along brilliantly with everyone in the cast, and I can confirm that everything you've heard about them being awesome people is entirely true.

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  1. Wow, I just did a complete double-take almost 4 minutes after you first appeared on Eureka – I actually re-wound (not literally, since it’s digital – obviously) to the start of the scene. “That’s Wil Wheaton!” Oddly, I was just talking to a friend about you the other day (and I don’t think he knew you were going to be on Eureka (or if he even watches it). You did a great job! I love your beard (even if it is a bit Riker-ish)! It’s great to see you playing a grown-up! Your acting has really evolved – watching this I could imagine you playing all sorts of roles – from leading man to character actor.
    Now that I’ve found your blog (again – I did check it out a number of years ago), I look forward to reading more. I’m also going to try to check out your books. I’m so glad that you didn’t end up crashing and burning like so many “child stars” did, and continue to do! Keep up the good work, and I hope to see you pop up in more acting gigs!
    Note: I realize that some of what I just wrote may sound a bit like back-handed compliments, but I hope you take them in the spirit of honesty and true praise with which I meant them!

  2. Very interesting that you’d get along with the show’s “prankster” – you impish eyebrow-raiser you!
    Glad you had a good time, and found them all awesome.
    Question, I’ve recognized some of their locations locally, but is their “Main Street” a set, or is it actually a part of a small town like Chilliwack, or something? That I haven’t been able to figure out.
    Thanks, Wil!

  3. Bravo on a job well done. Tonights episode was awesome. You were amazing. Can’t wait to see Dr. Parrish again. I will be watching this episode again. Enjoy the rest of Comi-con. Have a great night.

  4. Geeze Wil!!!!! When did you get such a Manly Voice???… I guess I been watching to many TNG reruns or something…. hahahaha
    Just kidding, Rock on!!!

  5. Great job tonight, Wil! Throughly enjoyed the episode and your performance in it. Hope you get a chance to reprise your role in upcoming episodes. Also, it was nice to read that you had such a good time working with the Eureka cast. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out on-set with them/interviewing them since Season One and I echo your sentiment of them being “awesome.” Look forward to seeing you in your next role. All the best!

  6. Eureka is my favorite show, after Star Trek. I realized it was you as soon as you walked into your first scene, even with the beard. Although, I agree with Oslo Fine above, “a bit Riker-ish”. But you looked great and did a fantastic job. I hope you are in more episodes. Ooh, here’s an idea. How ’bout a series regular?!

  7. Tonight is the first time I’ve watched the show but I liked it a lot! I especially liked the premise of the episode because I didn’t feel quite as “what the hell is going on?” knowing that the characters were feeling that way too. I also thoroughly enjoyed (and was a little intimdated by) the Wheaton Wrath. Sure you were “just acting” but good acting draws on real stuff so..color me impressed..and a little scared. Good job!

  8. Okay – now that I’ve seen it… you made an Evil Wil ray?! You turned everyone into Evil Wils?
    And, just in case you didn’t notice the parallel, first Leonard and Penny, now Jack and Tess? Not to mention (except right here) Sophie Devereaux, and… the Guild, itself!
    Evil Wil/Parrish/Cha0s/Fawkes – whatever you call your(tv)self – leaves nothing but a trail of emotional destruction behind him!
    What have you to say for himself?!

  9. Loved the episode! It just had some many good things going for it. The zombie plot, Jo Lupo kicking ass, dickish Fargo, great character beats between Henry/Grant, Alison/Carter/Tess, and Jo/Zane, and last, but not least, it had you being totally cray-cray. There’s so much potential in the NolWep lab and I really hope they have you back in the future. Is this the only write up you’re going to do on Eureka, because I’m definitely a sucker for behind the scenes stories and you’re a great story teller, so I’m hoping for more. Anyways, the episode was a job well done all around!
    P.s. This may make me sound 12 years old, but Niall Matter is totally dreamy and they fact that he’s a cool dude in real life makes him even dreamier. *sigh*.

  10. I loved the episode! I follow your blog via a feed on Livejournal. Your writing is very good, by the way. Anyway,my husband & I are big fans of Eureka….and when the episode aired, I said “Omg!That’s Wil Wheaton!”
    It was great to see you on that show. I loved your character & you acted very well in it.I hope to see you on future episodes.

  11. Wil,
    Watched Eureka for the first time and just because of you. As Keith said above, your voice sounded different (from Wesley). Also, it looked like you were wearing another muscle suit–maybe that was your real muscles; big improvement from Wesley. Always enjoy your acting; hope to see you more often on the silver screen.
    “Live long and prosper.” \\ // _

  12. I wasn’t sure if Dr. Parrish was under the influence of his invention from the moment we saw him (he had undoubtedly been exposed to its rays during the testing phase, off screen) or if he was just a naturally snarky dude, until the tag. It cheered me no end that, cured, he still insulted Fargo (and his tiny head), as I was afraid he’d become as much of a doormat as most of the other scientists seemed to be around Fargo. Others run from the big boss, but Dr. Parrish knows no fear! He and Zane make a great team — I don’t see them as evil, just rebels stickin’ it to The Man!

  13. Ok, so this is pretty geeky of me to point out (and there is no reason to post it here, as obviously you didn’t write this episode of Eureka), but at the end of the episode, after the the reversed ray was set off in the center of GD, Jack, Fargo, Alison, and especially Tess (since she was setting it off) should all have gone loopy/happy/cuddly from from being flooded with oxytocin. Right? Maybe they were wearing “Hormone Inhibitors” or something…. (I was going to say “Lamaze Compensators”, but it didn’t logically work as well as I hoped.)

  14. Hehe, you were awesome on the episode.
    I really like what they’ve done with the start of season 4, how many times haven’t we all seen the alternate universe while knowing that in 45 minutes things would pretty much return to the status quo. Going to be interesting to watch season 4, hope Wil appears in more episodes

  15. I immediately thought Dr. Parrish’s head looked familiar, but I didn’t say anything to my dad. Apparently he had been thinking the same thing, because right in the middle of the lab scene, about at the bean bag gun vs force field screen, my dad said, astonished, “That’s Wil… Crusher!” It took me a second to decode what he said, another second to verify the face (I had just seen “Contagion,” and Wesley’s look of shock at the Yamato’s destruction was still fresh in my mind), and then I said, “Wheaton.”
    Watching TNG together was my primary bonding experience with my dad when I was a child, since neither of us was particularly into sports.

  16. Wil, I was a huge fan of yours during ST:TNG. I was very happy to see you on Eureka this week. I’m hoping that you’re on the show more.
    (BTW, the beard looks great!)

  17. Think it was Interesting that this episode contained the same kind of bad writing you were so Critical of in regards to Datalore(on your podcast).
    The true cause of the Rage was pretty obvious from the start after seeing that same device demonstrating rage inducing properties in bees and only people present during that even were affected so kind of makes one wonder why they were seemingly searching for clues anywhere but there.
    Whats funny is the unrelated filler sidestory of Henry and Dr. Gaius Baltar(sorry I forgot his Eureka Character’s name) was alot more cleverly written than the main plot of that episode.
    Thankfully the episode had some redeeming value in acting and effects so it wasn’t all bad.
    You must had alot of fun acting that role and shooting pong balls at everything.

  18. Sadly, the look between Zan and Parrish wasn’t in the final cut. I would have loved to see that, it was a great idea. You played the “stop wasting my time so I can go back to work” beat really well. Highly enjoyable.
    It’s excellent news that Dr. Parrish (perish? parish?) will be back. I want to see more non-lethal weapons that don’t quite work. ;o) Also, it will hopefully give you more opportunities to technobabble on screen. :o)
    Oh, any chance you could ask for a more stylish labcoat next time? That one was hideous. Dr. Parrish should have one in the Dr. Horrible style. :o)

  19. Great episode. My 13 year old son and I have gotten into the habit of watching it together.
    Hope to see more of you in Eureka in the near future…. in either of the realities.

  20. You say that you find it hard to hate Fargo, but your actual hate is directed at EvilFargo who no longer exists.
    From what I can tell from the detritus that he left behind, I would probably hate him too.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Parrish discover the NewFargo. My hope is that the characters can actually work thru their relationship problems and become a force to be reckoned with!
    There’s also the possibility that the position will drag NewFargo back into being a dick. I can see the personality parallels there. Perhaps it’s my optimistic hope that the characters will be able to pull Eureka toward the old(good) state rather than allow the current circumstances to mold them to their imposed roles.
    That was a great episode Wil! Thanks ever so much for making the world a little bit better place for the story that you are unfolding!

  21. Excellent episode, it’s great you were able to get in the show just as it got good again. I’m really happy with the retcon of the show, I’m glad that even the writers agree that we should all pretend that the 3rd season never happened.
    Hopefully you’ll get to be in more episodes, maybe you’ll be the new recurring nemesis to Fargo now that Larry is downgraded to lapdog?

  22. Awesome episode! I didn’t really know much about Eureka and its a pretty cool show. Your character was crazy ha! I wanted to work with you lol…in the lab that is.

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