Just in case you haven't had your mind blown by the latest music video from The Guild, yet:

<br/><a href="http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/season-4-music-video-game-on/y0da39gh?fg=sharenoembed" target="_new"title="Season 4 – Music Video – "Game On"">Video: Season 4 – Music Video – "Game On"</a>

I didn't know The Guild was doing another music video (and why they'd want to, having set the bar so high with Date My Avatar last year, is beyond me) until minutes before we walked out for the panel at Comic-Con, so I watched this video with my jaw on the floor, completely blown away by the whole thing. Don't forget: this was produced with no budget at all. Think about that for a second … kind of makes you want to Get Excited and Make Things, doesn't it?

Bonus happy fun fact! Today is the third anniversary of The Guild's original release. I think this is a pretty awesome way to celebrate it. Congratulations to everyone involved on making something amazing!

52 thoughts on “#GAMEON!”

  1. Really makes me want to buy a new monitor so I can get my game back on since moving to Portland and leaving my old clunker of a TV behind on the East coast. Thanks for the motivation, Wil.

  2. I saw it earlier this morning and I thought they did an excellent job in every respect: music, lyrics, costume, choreography, humor, production… it all came off great. They deserve recognition for this.

  3. Final proof that we geeks have won.
    Although Felicia day has a lot to answer for. She’s a blistering hot, funny, talented geek-girl who also has an amazing voice and can dance like a demon.
    She’s really throwing off the curve.

  4. The new song is not as catchy as Wanna date my avatar, will probably just listen to it 50 times instead of 700..
    Still, it’s very good =)
    Can’t wait to see what more happens with Axis of Anarchy / Fawkes next tuesday

  5. and how appropriate that when i put the headset on and hit play, i could also hear my guildies questing as i seem to have left vent open in the background.
    loved it!

  6. Amazing this was made with no budget. It shows what people can do when they have a passion for something and let go of the corporate selfish money man voice int he back of their heads and do something for the pure joy of doing it. A rare thing these days and something that should be spread.
    Also… I love it!!!

  7. @Jcopacetic – if you’re deaf or are posting on behalf of someone who’s deaf, contact me via watchtheguild (at) gmail.com and we’ll get you hooked up.
    MSN’s player doesn’t serve up captions, however we have a fan-fueled behind the scenes operation, and they caption episodes as they come out. Yeah, Guild fans are awesome.
    I’m not thrilled that we have to do this via a workaround, but we do have it.

  8. Utterly epic. From the 8-bit flavour to Vorkshnu and Bladezz crooning at the end. Rediculously re-watchable and shows what can be achieved when a talented and motivated bunch of individuals work together.
    Looking forward to a Knights of Good Vs Axis of Anarchy sing-off a-la-Glee 😛

  9. When I saw this last night it blew me away. As others have said, the song isn’t as catchy but the video rocks. Some excellent tricks and stunts and the singing and choreography are ace.
    Bring them to w00tstock!

  10. I recently read that you use Linux (can’t remember where I read this). How well does flash run on Linux has the game situation changed in the last 5 years?

  11. Thanks for chiming in, Brian. I hope @Jcopacetic gives you an apology for accusing The Guild of being discriminatory.

  12. Flash is fine on Ubuntu, but I don't know how it is on other distros. Gaming is still a decade behind, but we can run Steam in wine if we have to. I've just decided that my xbox is where I'll game, unless I really want to play some classics like Nethack, which just feels right on my Linux install.

  13. Wil –
    I’ve written Brian separately with a request and apology; however, I feel that my original brash post is merited in this age of digital non-accessibility. I’ve spent the better part of the decade writing nice letters to various media outlets and favorited nerd-stars without much success. Most of the time, I’m ignored, derided, or outright denied access because of lack of time and money.
    I’ve even written you about having Radio Free Burrito transcribed, and also the Penny-Arcade D&D podcasts transcribed without much success. I get that accessibility is time consuming and expensive, but for me and millions of other deaf and hard of hearing fans, it is very much a civil rights issue.
    Hope you can understand.

  14. Wil, we know you have been crazy busy, but it has been two months since you last gave us a new Radio Free Burrito to enjoy. Any chance of you letting us know when a fresh new burrito will be ready for enjoyment?
    Would it help if I fed the burrito a little more???

  15. RFB is something I do for fun, so when I have a ton of work to handle, it goes straight to the bottom of my list. I've been so busy since the last RFB, I haven't been able to make a new one (it takes, on average, about 4 hours to put together each episode). Believe me, I miss it as much as anyone.

  16. I’m sure we all understand your being busy, and if I may speak for others, we are DAMN GLAD you are so busy because you deserve every bit of work and success that comes your way!
    I’m just buzzing that I was missing RFB as well (listing to one from January as I type this) and a new RFB will be more than welcomed when you get a chance to share.
    Keep being awesome, Wil, ’cause you are SO not a dick :)

  17. Oh, this is just superb.
    I don’t know if this was an intentional gag beyond the Vishnu thing (I haven’t seen it mentioned yet in any of Felicia’s background info), but as I remarked on her blog entry about this video, Vork now has his own coat of arms. 😀

  18. The line about screwing in the lightbulb cracks me up because that’s exactly how the lady who taught my friends and I some Bollywood dancing described it when she showed the movement to us.

  19. So, so, so good! It clenched the third “good” when I got to the Vorkshnu part and the nod to the “Indian Thriller” meme. Brillianciness, Girly Man!

  20. I’ve been lurking around, reading comments on different places where this video is posted, most are great but many people are comparing it to Avatar, In my mind for me, nothing will top Avatar for one reason; it was my first impression of The Guild and so it shall always stand alone with none to be able to compare by. With that said, this video with no budget provided, just a group of people with talent and passion put together something so fun that gamers totally get. I LOVED it!!

  21. Great video! But “no budget?” Come on, now …
    I guess it could be no budget if:
    – You happen to live in a well-stocked costume shop
    – You also happen to live on a sound stage
    – You already have bitchin’ cameras, access to FX and editing suite (which isn’t that uncommon these days)
    – A trampoline (what, you think trampolines are free?)
    – Elephant props. I have one in my rumpus room, actually.
    The video is fantastic, but seems like they have more resources than your typical Guy With a Video Camera. Still, I’m getting my elephant prop and I’m off to make some stuff.

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