garage discoveries

I spent a little time in the garage today, and was rewarded with a bunch of nifty discoveries, so I thought I'd share pictures of a few of them. All of these images can be clicked to embiggen them at Flickr, where you can learn more about them:

Watchmen # 9

The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man!

Yeah, I have a Scott Grimes CD

Dancing Barefoot - original corrected manuscript

Christmas with the Brady Bunch - on tape

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  1. Wow. A single issue of Watchmen, bagged and boarded. A sure sign of old age. (I have them all, actually bought as they came out, in the days before the innernettubes.)

  2. I’m gonna have to admit that when I took a look at the twitter pic from my droid, I thought it said “Christmas Witch, the Brady Bunch” which I thought was a tape that was either the Brady parents telling the children a story about the ‘Christmas Witch’ or a story of The Brady Bunch themselves having to save Christmas from the titular Christmas Witch (both versions of course containing plenty of traditional and new Brady Bunch Christmas songs).
    I am slightly sadder now to see that it was simply “with” the Brady Bunch and that my crazy idea last night in fact doesn’t exist and would have been significantly cooler in comparison.

  3. Dusted the cobwebs off of a few things last year myself… Mutant Enemy Softball Jersey from working on Angel, Clive Barker signed Tapping the Vein and Hellraiser comics. Let me know when you are having a garage sale. I’ll bring them over.

  4. RE: Happy Accident on Dancing Barefoot pic
    Happy Accident is the name of my Bob Ross velvet painting
    Total Aside. A conversation which took place earlier between my youngest (11.5) and myself: Kid2: I’ve come to the conclusion that “Stand By Me” is, and will continue to be, the best movie of all time. Me: You’re a smart kid.
    I think it is so cool that both my boys (oldest just turned 15 on the 8th) look up to you. Totally awesome that they have geeky role models outside of myself.
    Your trip to your garage has yet again reminded me that I’m not a teen any longer.

  5. Yeah, it’s sort of like the Irwin The Dynamic Duck kids albums that came out in the 1970’s and 80’s, that had a basic adventure story tied together with kids’ cover versions of popular songs.
    What’s funny is that it never uses the actual Pac-Man theme. It’s not connected to the animated series either.

  6. nice memory trip while cleaning! I love doing that every now and then…and always surprise myself as to what I’ve saved. I can only imagine the conversations I might have with my kids someday.
    So I have to ask…did you ever save any of the fan mail you got back in the day?

  7. Wowee, Wil! I don’t even know what half of this stuff is, but, quite obviously, you’ve found a treasure trove. What’re you going to do with it all?

  8. Nice finds!
    Hey Wil, I got excited and made something:
    I had been writing an in character diary for our epic Call of Cthulhu campaign on my livejournal and when it was done, I pulled all the entries into one formatted document which is available as a PDF here or for reading online here.
    I even had a book printed of it as a thank you for the GM.

  9. This is precisely why I am so reluctant to chuck out my crap, even though it kills me every time I move house (which is approx once a year). It’s just too much fun to find all that time-travel-in-a-box. I think I still have some East German coins floating around somewhere…

  10. Oh, sweet Gott in Himmel. Love the Scott Grimes CD. I had a crush on his freckles. Still do. I was quite distracted watching “Band of Brothers.” Why did Mr. Wheaton not put out an album-or did he and I missed it? Getting back to the Scott Grimes CD, was there a duet with Alyssa Milano? She my confusing, pubescent, asexual girl crush. That was probably TMI. No more coffee for me this morning.

  11. Um. The wrongness of that song is boundless. *and*? now it is stuck in my head. I blame you and this blog. Now I’m going to have to go listen to the song by Cee Lo Green. At least that reference to Atari doesn’t want to make me tear out my earlobes with my teeth. It weirdly wants to make me dance around my office…

  12. That Watchmen book looks pretty damned sweet – still one of my favourite graphic novels of all time. Insteresting cover though – I’ve never seen that one before.

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