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I saw this image on Geekosystem yesterday. It made me smile, and I thought it was a good excuse to dig this out of the archives:

Snow Pants

You may note that, in the linked image, the adorable cat is sitting next to a "beer", unwilling to even consider drinking it (smart cat) but in this image, Freddy Snowpants (RIP) enjoyed his first Stone Pale Ale so much, he felt strange but also good and couldn't even open his second one.

18 thoughts on “[bee | pu]rrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

  1. “thees is very good beers! you know what is not very good beers? budWEIser. budWEIser is not very good beers.” (this story had me crying with laughter listening to RFB on the way home from game nite last saturday!)

  2. That is a funny picture, I can’t seem to get my cat to sit still long enough to snap one off like that. Stone Brewery beer is awesome my wife and I a big fans of “Ruination”.

  3. Mr. Snowpants rivals my own cat in the fluffiness department! Also the ‘sleeping in ridiculous positions’ department. At least you can rest easy knowing you treated him to only the best of beverages.

  4. Love it! One of my cats loves beer – he’ll physically grab the bottle with his paw and pull it towards him if he sees anyone drinking one. Lush cat…actually the feline laying on me in my picture is said lush cat.

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