Hank Scorpio would really appreciate it if you’d read this post

So, some of you may know that Evil Wil Wheaton is tormenting Sheldon Cooper again this Thursday at 8pm on CBS … but for those of you who don't, I made a stupid video to help you remember:

In other news, I did not book the job I auditioned for last week. The feedback I got was that I gave a good performance, but they "went another way." "We went another way" is usually a euphemism for "you sucked", but when it's coupled with "you were good", it usually means exactly what it sounds like. In this case, I'm not too surprised. I was older than everyone else there, and I wasn't as … edgy … as just about everyone else was. I know, I know.

The good news is that I didn't suck, and now that casting has seen me, they are more likely to bring me back for other roles on the show that are more in my wheelhouse. I hope this happens, because I really like the show, which is called Fringe.

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  1. Oh man, you were auditioning for Fringe? Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the part, but hopefully you’ll get a part in the future.
    Oh, and the video reminder was hilarious.

  2. i’ve always thought the best way to remember things IS by role-playing with the wesley crusher action figure. i think you’re on to something, mr wheaton!

  3. You don’t need the video, we will watch it anyway 😉 Marked my calendar as soon as you posted it. The show alone is great, but with you as Sheldons arch-enemy it’s hilarious!
    Btw: your office looks awesome. Maybe you want to share some pictures sometime?

  4. I love Fringe, it would be great to see you in that world (or one of those worlds, I suppose?).
    Was I the only one that expected an in-the-gutter follow up to Princess Leia’s “wrong scale” comment? I need to grow up.
    Thanks for the reminder, Wil, looking forward to your Evilness tomorrow evening…

  5. LMAO !!!
    nice …
    also FRINGE rocks
    and anything with you ROCKS
    so you on Fringe would DOUBLE ROCK
    they are stupid
    they should have chosen you
    more EVIL WIL on the DVR tomorrow :)

  6. Yay for Wil Wheaton on BBT! Last week’s episode was an improvement on this season so far so I’m hoping another Sheldon/Evil Wilw confrontation will build on that.
    Excellent boardgame selection. Surely that can’t be all of them?
    Mentioning gaming, in our Whispering Vault session this evening we had to fight animated churches. Our GM’s imagination is rather special.
    Boo for Wil Wheaton not making it into Fringe this time. Good to hear there’s hope, though.
    Do you have any more TV/film work/auditions lined up?
    If not, does that mean you’ll be able to continue your book projects?

  7. Fringe sucks. They lost me during the pilot when one of the characters tried to convince us that cows are physiologically similar to humans when in fact it is swine. That they didn’t hire you just reinforces my opinion the show is unwatchable crap that jumped the shark tank during the first season. I totally understand the need to put food on the table and take care of business, but you sir are better than that show.

  8. I don't think it would be okay to go into any details; I'm not even sure it was okay to say that I auditioned for the show. I'm looking forward to seeing this character whenever they introduce him, so I can see who they *did* cast.

  9. Wil,
    I am so happy you will be back on The Big Bang! You truly made that last episode you did….was sooo awesome. Question: Are you going to become a regular guest on the show?….OR, if we start a petition, maybe we could get you as a full time member, huh?!….I think there are enough of us fans of yours to do that. Hey, they started a Betty White: get on Saturday Night Live page, and look what happened! Maybe we could start a make Wil Wheaton…or do you prefer Evil Wil?…a permanent cast member page!…it could work.
    Well, I am sorry you didn’t get that job, but you will get others in the near future I bet…you’re moving on up as they said in the 70’s :) Big nerd high five to ya!

  10. Fringe is one of the best shows on television at the moment and it keeps getting better. The recent episode with (spoiler alert) the guy who could calculate the future was the highpoint of the series so far in my opinion. Multi-season story arcs for the win!
    I’m enjoying The Walking Dead although sometimes I feel it has too much telling and now enough showing.

  11. Thanks for the reminder to watch the show! I keep not catching it and I have never seen Evil Wil in action, so I’m looking forward to it.
    If I may take this moment to switch gears…I was wondering if there is any news on Memories of the Future, Vol. 2?
    My apologies if this has already been asked and answered before, but I haven’t seen anything mentioning it, if so.
    My husband and I recently listened to all of the MOTFcasts, which I burned onto CD to listen to on a long road trip…I’d listened to them all when you originally broadcast them but he never had. He loved them as much as I did,and we are both totally looking forward to what’s coming next.

  12. Fringe. I think you would so rock that show (it’s my current favourite); an old associate of Peter’s, some one in Walter’s lab. That would be so friggin’ cool. Bonne chance!

  13. Just been reading your blog, notice you beat yourself up quite a bit over our favourite jumpsuit boy Mr. Crusher. Stop doing it, you’re a great actor now, well in my opinion. Even I will admit to taking pot shots at the character but knowing your current work is so much better I don’t really do that any more.
    Anyways keep up on The Guild, have to say I’m hooked even more seeing another good actor turn up on that series.

  14. Sorry about The Fringe. FWIW, I think you’re plenty edgy now. If it’s anything, you’re just not Tori Spelling enough.
    Oh, and… No, sir! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again!

  15. It’s gonna suck when Paramount DMCA’s this video and forces YouTube to take it down. It’s an excellently edited combination of contemporary and archived material. I’m a bit confused, though, by the footage of Wesley: I don’t recall what episode that’s from. Was it perhaps an outtake that’s only available on DVDs?

  16. Drat, I would have absolutely loved to see you on Fringe. Will definitely keep my fingers crossed that this is not your only opportunity to be on that show though!
    Being the staunch supporter of Evil Wil Wheaton that I am, there is great joy and anticipation for your returning to the Big Bang Theory.
    Oh, and another thing that brought to me great joy, this appearance of Wesley the action figure. Considering Leia prefers running around with rebels, it was a futile attempt on Wesley’s part to even believe that he had a chance. Poor Wes… He’s just too much of a genius, square, perfect person.
    – Jorgé

  17. Another show I have to catch up on? I’m still ploughing through Eureka because of you. Wheeeeeatonnnnnn!
    Anyway, I watched your vid on the sly in the office and had to punch myself in the balls to stop from laughing out loud. Which got me thinking – are you in danger of typecasting yourself as a comedy character now?
    Anyway, hang in there. When someone finally makes a Half Life movie, I doubt they’ll even bother having an audition for Gordon Freeman, they’ll just shoot it around your schedule.

  18. Fringe is well worth it. The first season feels like a modernised version of the X-Files (with a mad scientist instead of the calculated and rational Scully). Then the metaplot kicks in and it goes from strength to strength.

  19. I can’t see why they’d cast anyone else in a role you audition for. How many actors have a fan base like yours to bring to a show. Well, I almost watched Fringe.

  20. Sorry you didn’t get the Fringe gig but on a happier note, I don’t have to go back and catch up on that show! It’s all about me me me!
    I watched all of Eureka the past month to be ready for your guest spot(s) and I’m sure WHEN you book other awesome shows, I’ll catch up on them, too.

  21. Bummer about the gig. ;/
    But more importantly, a burning geek question: how did bouncing action figures up and down become the standard motion that signals they’re talking? How did we all learn this? As Minister of Geek Affairs, I’m looking to you for the answer, Wil. :)

  22. Wil,
    That’s a pity. If you had gotten that gig, you’d be in Big Bang Theory, Eureka and Fringe all at the same time. Pretty good geek Trifecta right there.
    If it’s any consolation, there’s an ALT-universe where you were cast. Possibly the same one where Back To The Future starred Eric Stolz.

  23. Holy snap, seeing you on Fringe would have been RAWRsome. Fringe may be my favorite show on TV right now. Let’s hope you get cast for a different part at some point.

  24. Ha! I think I called that (Fringe) at least at work. My boss was keeping fingers crossed with me. You’ll get to Fringe. I feel it in my bones.
    “At least she didn’t tell you to shut up.” Love it.

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