i got a new t-shirt today …

I did a bunch of writing this morning, but I still don't have a monster to unleash on the villagers. I'm not going to lie to you, Marge, it's kind of frustrating, and my goddamn inner critic is screaming at me that I'm terrible and it's stupid and they're all going to laugh at me, which doesn't help even a tiny bit. Don't worry, I'll get over it.

Still, it was enough that I felt like I'd earned the right to make an X on the calendar in the "Creative" box, which is kind of the whole point right now. To continue the running comparison, I'm still just trying to make it around the track without throwing up, which is fine. 

I also got a stupid idea for a stupid cell phone video, and made this:

Context, for the seven of you who don't know what the Alot is.

I also customized my band in Rock Band 3 (I bet you didn't know that a large part of writing is not actually writing, but doing all sorts of other things when you should be writing and calling it "letting my mind wander" or something like that), which could also be considered creative. We're three hot girls and me, and we're called Abby Nermal. Our logo is a cute cat who has swallowed a fish that glows inside its tummy.


15 thoughts on “i got a new t-shirt today …”

  1. Cool shirt. Love the cartoon site it came from.
    Jerry Weinberg (Gerald M. Weinberg / “Weinberg on Writing: The Fieldstone Method”) told me recently that it takes him 15 years to “write” a novel, but it only takes him 10 days to “write down” the novel. He’s written down ALOT of science fiction novels lately, most of them after his 75th birthday.
    Anyway, he wrote over 40 non-fiction books before age 75, and usually worked on at least 4 books at a time. If he didn’t feel like “writing down” on one particular book, he’d work on another one.
    Or play solitaire on the computer. He played ALOT of solitaire. Probably ‘cuz it let him rest his attention, but not get pulled into a game to the detriment of getting back into writing.
    I’ve enjoyed your books and blog, and I hope to read more from you.

  2. “I’m sitting back, waiting to be inspired!” also applies as another way to say you’re doing a bunch of other things whilst you should be writing. Ahh, the process of being creative truly is a marvel!
    Speaking as a huge fan of Allie Brosh’s blog, I like this new t-shirt Alot, too! I use to cringe when seeing the word “alot” because I thought of it as a grammatical error, but thanks to the Alot, those days are far behind me because now I know that people are actually talking about this magical, adorable creature. The world is a much better place now.
    ~ Jorgé

  3. Hey Will,
    Great t-shirt! Do you know where they get all the cool t-shirts on the Big Bang Theory? My astrophysics friend I know would love one for Christmas. He’s into Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. It was strange when I first saw Sheldon’s character on BBT because he reminded me so much of my friend-he even did the whole Schrodinger’s cat lecture a few years ago! Thanks. Cheers, Lisa.

  4. My brother’s girlfriend sent me the blog post that t-shirt is inspired from. We spent ages the other day talking about alots. Thank you, Wil Wheaton. Now I know what I’m getting her for Christmas.

  5. Whenever my better half finds me staring into space, playing console games, watching daytime TV, etc. when I should be writing I always say ‘research, everything is research.’
    Like just now when she saw me reading the context behind Wil’s new T-shirt . . .
    . . . she said ‘what are you doing now?’
    I said ‘research.’
    She said ‘you always say that’
    I said ‘I know, but I have to research Alot!’

  6. You know that now I have to spell that wrong, don’t you? You have created monsters out of all of us who like to leave niggling little facial twitches with the various grammar police in our lives. I’ve got a supervisor that fairly convulses when a lot is improperly compounded.
    I would like a stuffed toy Alot. Wonder if Ty would make a version.

  7. Four days late on account of being unplugged over the holiday, but 1) making a stupid video totally counts as your something creative for the day, and 2) alots are awesome, and I’ve been a huge fan of Hyperbole and a Half ever since you first tweeted it ages ago.

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