In which my shirt.woot shirt makes its resurrection roll

The Lords of Shirt.woot heard our prayers, and have brought my shirt, How We Roll (or, as I like to call it, Critical Mass), back for the holidays!!

Real quick history lesson: I designed this shirt, that I really love, for shirt.woot last year. It was pretty damn popular, but was overtaken by other awesome designs in the Reckoning, and was sent off to a farm where it could run around and play with other shirts. I was super bummed (and a little angry) when it died, because I didn't get a chance to cast a single healing spell on it … but today, it's been given a second chance at life.

I'm super excited that they're doing this, because I can replace mine (there was an unfortunate incident when I failed a DEX check and took ongoing stain damage that not even the washing machine could end), but also because we've improved the design a little bit for the reprint.

When I thought up this design, I wanted it to look very similar to the old D&D sourcebooks that I loved as a kid. To that end, I suggested thin, dark lines to hold it all together. In theory, this is awesome; in practice, it's pretty easy to lose the thin black lines on the dark grey shirt. Unfortunately, I didn't realize or consider this until I'd seen it a few thousand times on other people at conventions all over the place. So when I was contacted about doing How We Roll as a reprint for the holidays, I suggested that we make the lines a little heavier, and make them white instead of black. The crew at shirt.woot waved their magic wands, and it was done.

Here's what the revised design looks like:


By the way, your DM told me that if you wear this to the next session, you get +2 on the roll of your choice.

26 thoughts on “In which my shirt.woot shirt makes its resurrection roll”

  1. Oh, very nice! And how’d you get that, eh? By exploiting the workers! By hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society!
    Sorry. Sorry. As soon as I said “Very nice” I started channeling Dennis.
    This is awesome news! The two I bought on the shirt’s first run are too big now, so I can pick up a couple more in a smaller size! :)

  2. Argh! Noooo!!
    This proves that you ARE evil, Wil Wheaton!
    I checked around and today is the one day where I don’t have any money to spend on something like this!!
    Yesterday? fine!
    Tomorrow? perfect!
    But today… Aaaahhh!!

  3. Definitely hawesome! This was the first Woot! shirt I bought, and I didn’t realize how small their sizes ran. By the time I decided that the medium I got was definitely too small to wear in public, it was already reckoned. The change to white lines is a plus, too. Their black ink just doesn’t show up well on the grey tees, especially after a few washings.

  4. Excellent! My step-son and his cronies, all in their early 20’s, are definite old-school style players. I, sadly, never was. I get to re-capture my well-spent youth (!) watching them. Nick will definitely get points.

  5. Oh! Yes. Ehem. Right. Of course. I forgot about that.
    Well, that was embarrassing. Heh.
    Thanks Wil. :)
    PS: BTW, “Critical Mass” is a great name for that shirt. :)

  6. Curse you, Wil Wheaton for feeding my Youngest’s t-shirt addiction. Ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh since I’m buying the shirt for her for Christmas. Still, I couldn’t resist and if I couldn’t she would’ve bought one for all her DnD recruits.

  7. Aw man, that is fantastic! I haven’t played a great deal of DnD (just started playing again this semester), but I’m enjoying the hell out of it! And this T-shirt will just make it better. Mwahaha.

  8. If we meet people who are upset at us favoring the revised edition as opposed to those who cling to the old version with all the fervor of a drowning man, how should we react?

  9. Besides, if you added in the d10, you’d upset the symmetry of the atom, matter would fly apart, and all reality would collapse in on itself.
    And that would just be lame.

  10. I’m sorry, but the 2E shirts are way too confusing. So many of the options and modules have been changed in ways that anger and annoy me.
    I’ll stick to my original 1E shirt with THAC0 that goes in the right direction thanks….

  11. I’m happy to say I owned this shirt before I knew it was a Wil Wheaton production =D Just made it better finding out after the fact, and it oft makes an appearance during my gaming sessions… As the DM I’m not sure if it’s a symbol of power or a visual prophesy of doom. ^_^

  12. I just fell in love with this and immediately bought one. I’ll be waiting at the door for this shirt like Scott Pilgrim for Ramona! I’ve wanted a geek shirt for so long! But no, at Christmas it’s always “I heard you needed some socks and a sweater, dear.” So this is my early Christmas present to myself. Thanks for bringing it back, now I get a chance to get one!

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