65 thoughts on “in which i make shopping fun”

  1. I actually did the exact same thing and scared away a couple other people last week. The store employee glared at me until I left (with the ornament, of course!) I should have thought to make a cell phone video. *snaps fingers*

  2. Sorry but best ever goes to the Anakin/ObiWan lightsaber battle on Mustafar… light up lava and blue something in the background, lots of saber humming AND voices…. for some reason Ewan McGregor makes my dogs go nuts.

  3. My dad is a geniune Trekkie geek. He even has a tree he decorates with this star trek ornaments every christmas! (He even has a geeky name for the tree that he calls his “Trekki Tree” He owns the original series on Beta with the unaired pilot.(it’s not with William Shatner, it’s with the other guy that they were gonna use,but ended up using William Shatner instead)He has every Star Trek movie made. I’ll have to ask him if he owns the complete series of star trek: The Next Generation and the other spin offs. LOL. Still I enjoyed the video and I love it when you get all geeky. You’re still adorable. BTW I have seasons 1,2,3 and 4 of Robot Chicken and they do parodies only trekkies would love?

  4. Ha! I think we all did the same thing. My boyfriend pointed out the ornaments to me cause I was looking else where. But I took it to another level: dissertation on the lyrpa and anwhoon and how the Killer Bunny guys named them backwards in the game (presumably to avoid some copyright issues.. or to see who is paying attention). And then, just to see if this guy was gonna stick around for the long haul I did some dialog.
    Live long and prosper Spock
    I shall do neither. I ahve killed my Captain and my friend.
    He’s still here. :)

  5. My Mom has been buying me these ornaments, every year, since they originally came out. My wife has declared the primary tree off limits for any “non-traditional” decorations, so this year I have a Geek Tree all to myself with my Trek ornaments. She did make a custom Starfleet skirt for the tree however which was cool of her.

  6. Sweet zombie jesus! I must see if the Canadian Hallmark stores carry this. If I can obtain one, it’ll go on the tree right next to the first ornament I ever bought for myself: The Shuttlecraft Galileo.

  7. The day after I saw this video, I was telling some friends (who are married) about it. I met them the next day for lunch, and they gave this particular ornament to me as a Christmas present!
    My Christmas tree has reached a new level of nerdiness now. :-)

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