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  1. I’m sat in my living room at 2.40am trying not to giggle too loudly in case I wake up my housemates. Thank you for that bit of late-night ridicularity. <3

  2. Dammit! DAMMIT!! DAMMIT!!!
    I did the same thing back in July, when this ornament was first released. I just didn’t vid it.
    I feel like such a Sheldon.

  3. I’m not gonna lie, either – I did that exact same thing when I was in the Hallmark store, buying my Star Wars ornament. (What? I can only buy one ornament per paycheck!)

  4. It was cool and all… but I still think the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ornament made from a clothespin that I made in 3rd grade was waaaay cooler.
    Plus, I feel like when ornaments need batteries, it’s cheating.

  5. I’ll be pon farr Christmas
    T’pau can count on me
    But now I know that T’pring’s a ho
    Who’ll challenge me to kal-if-fee
    I’ll fight Kirk, my captain
    He’s dead, or so it seems
    I’ll be pon farr Christmas
    If only I could beam

  6. I had the same encounter with that ornament in the hallmark store this past weekend, but my girlfriend had forbidden me from pressing anymore buttons… so I sang the song myself while doing the same thing. My button pressing privileges were soon reinstated.

  7. My favorite ‘there’s a fight/war/trauma’ humming tune..O-o! So glad some one with the talent/clout you have made this..probably will have this linked in all evening. Made my day:))

  8. I’m speechless. I had to watch this over and over again. I think I may have to buy this ornament for my brother. I haven’t been in a Hallmark store in ages so I didn’t even see this. It wasn’t until I saw the button pressing comment on here that I realized that you hadn’t dubbed in the music and it was part of the ornament experience. And, of course, you have to make it look like they’re fighting, the music demands it.

  9. Love the Hallmark store and the SW/ST ornaments. One year we plugged about a dozen of the various ships that had light and sound effects onto a strand of white lights, mounted it all on the ceiling beam divider between the kitchen and the living room, and plugged it in. It was spectacular for about 2 seconds, then the strand got all dim and flickery. Hearing the Borg Cube audio was like the Collective had been drugged with ether, and it was especially hard to take serious their threat of assimilation.

  10. Hmm…interesting. Now, if they made a young Spock and Lt. Saavik on Genesis model (maybe they could call it the Porn Farr edition) I’d buy it for sure. 😉

  11. LOL I think if I was walking through the Paseo Colorado and saw you making that video I would freak out. What if it was a rupture in the space time continuum caused by the awesomeness of that ornament being to close to a dried out Nordman fir?
    Creepy. =|

  12. OK, Hallmark has official jumped the shark. I loved the Enterprises, and various Star Wars stuff. I have a even bought a bunch of them.
    But why a scene in which two men are fighting cause one is in blood lust have to do with the holidays?
    Mind you, I am a bonafied, watched them until I could identifiy each episode by the establishing shot, Trekkie (both original and Next Gen, when Spike TV was doing NG striped I was a regular).
    Yeah, I know they are doing something from each episode, even if it is senseless, for the collectors.
    Bummed that I missed the Tribbles one, but I stop having a place to put them up a few years ago (the dvd collection ate it with yet another bookcase), so I think I’ll pass.
    Have they started the Next Gen ones? What will you do when Wesley becomes a Hallmark ornament?

  13. You realize the ornament is from the scene where they are fighting over a woman. Specifically, Spock’s intended. And to think, Hallmark felt this particular scene merited an ornament. Next? A scene where Spock is hanging from a tree laughing because the planet made him fall in love with an old flame. I’d buy it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wil, I hope you never grow up.
    And thanks for putting in the background music. The extra time you spent on the details really added to the moment. I got lost in time there for about 23 seconds. OK, 46 seconds. I’ve watched it twice already.
    Best Wil Wheaton cell phone video ever!

  15. Best Star Trek ornament. Ever. Until the Wesley Crusher sweater collection is released.
    I collect the Star Trek ornaments (as I’m sure others do), and I was seriously impressed with the sound quality of that one this year. It is WAY too fun.
    Though I am still waiting for the Wesley Crusher ornament that would have a place of honor in my display cases. (yes, I have display cases for my Star Trek ornaments.)

  16. 2) I posted too quickly. (not what Act 2 was going to be, but it is what it is)
    and 3) This is all the better due to last night’s D&D game, in which during the epic climax fight, the DM and I dramatically hummed this music in stereo…

  17. Wil – that was cute.
    I especially got a chuckle out of the Clone Kirk hanging out there behind them, ignoring the whole situation. What was wrong with him? Couldn’t he hear the intense and exciting Alexander Courage (and friends) soundtrack? If Clone Kirk had come to the rescue, perhaps Real Kirk would not have needed medical subterfuge to survive the battle with Spock. Of course – that might have resulted in the untimely death of Spock, which might have had a sorta negative effect on the entire Star Trek Universe… and what would we have done without The Wrath of Khan if Spock was already dead? No. I think I’m glad that Clone Kirk was wearing space-age ear plugs and looking in the opposite direction. Now I wonder what Clone Kirk was looking at. (Probably a hot Vulcan chick.)

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