merry smurfin’ smurfmas, mothersmurfers


This is crying out for a caption. I'll choose my favorite, and send something neat* to whoever writes it. Submissions open throughout the weekend, one per person, and can only be left as comments here (it's too difficult to track on Twitter or via e-mail).

*definition of 'neat' will be at my sole discretion.

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  1. Sorry about commenting again, but the video I had linked decided to malfunction (more specifically, it was stuck on “private” and I just couldn’t get it to save as “public” no matter what. Talk about frustrating. Oy!)… I only realized this after leaving the comment, and tried to resolve the problem as fast I could. Please forgive the error, and once again:

  2. Wil had always been something of an outsider at the Wheaton Family Reunions. He’d thought it was because of his status as a child star. Then, he saw this picture and everything became clear.

  3. In this still from never-before-seen footage shot for “Hide and Q”, we finally learn that Riker’s tempting offer to Wesley went far, far beyond just making him an adult.

  4. Dear Mr. Weaton.
    Your photo entry to our “Show your love of the red, white and blue” contest did not win. Futhermore, we also felt we need to tell you we were looking for a totally different type of picture, and that we respectfully suggest that you seek the services of a professional psycologist.
    Resspectfully yours
    Photo Contest Weekly.

  5. One day on an escalator, the least likely of places,
    Wil’s seven small friends turned up seven small faces.
    They said: Please understand, Wil, something is missing
    The decorations are pretty but what we are wishing
    For is the spirit of Christmas, not a box with a bow.
    The true meaning of Christmas we want you to know
    Is the smurfs you smurf,
    Not smurf you smurf in a smurf!
    If you understand now,take us home if you please!
    Your shopping is really done.
    Wil, with eyes closed, gave all seven a squeeze
    And joyfully said: ‘God smurf us everyone!’

  6. In an effort to recapture the magic of George Lucas’ 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, CBS has greenlit James Cameron’s Avatar seasonal epic, “Santa Claus Comes to Pandora”. Wil Wheaton stars as the emotionally attached “Buddy” on his search to find Santa Claus and bring the meaning of Christmas to the Na’vi children.

  7. Wil gathers the Blue Crew to send a telepathic message to Smurfette, “We’re dreaming of a Smurfette Christmas, just like the one we used to know, We miss you girl! We are waiting at the bottom of the escalator for you because we can’t make it to the top without you! Indigo Bros Unite!”

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