merry smurfin’ smurfmas, mothersmurfers


This is crying out for a caption. I'll choose my favorite, and send something neat* to whoever writes it. Submissions open throughout the weekend, one per person, and can only be left as comments here (it's too difficult to track on Twitter or via e-mail).

*definition of 'neat' will be at my sole discretion.

744 thoughts on “merry smurfin’ smurfmas, mothersmurfers”

  1. Though he silently sat smiling, Scaredy Smurf secretly wished he had the courage to tell Wil he was really uncomfortable with this level of affection.

  2. “Oh smurf me. He’s keeps mumbling about Smurfette, and that thing smurfing me in the back is three apples tall but sure as smurf ain’t Brainy.”

  3. And as waves of Macy’s security agents swarmed, hurdling stricken grandmothers collapsed in great polyester heaps, It dawned on Wil that perhaps this, too, was a love that dare not speak its name.

  4. The whole changing your profile picture to your favourite cartoon charicter on Facebook was created by this man, beause he has an unnatural obsession with Smurfs. He is using all the pictures of smurfs to identify other people who like smurfs, friend them, then brain wash them to join his cult. It was currently on the programme- Internet Frauds and will apparently be on tv some time tonite,put this on your status to warn people and change your prifile picture back PLEASE PASS ON !!!

  5. It started – for me, it started – last Thursday, in response to an urgent message, I hurried home from a convention I’d been attending. At first glance, everything looked the same. It wasn’t. Something evil had taken possession of the town…

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