possible (and very limited) autographed book sale

I've been cleaning out my office, organizing comic books and games, and slowly crawling through a decade's accumulation of geek stuff.

It. Has. Been. AWESOME.

Last night, I went into the depths of the hallway closet, and behind a bunch of CDs and DVDs, I found nine hardback copies of The Happiest Days of Our Lives that I must have put there when they first arrived at my house a couple of years ago. They look as perfect as they did the day they were taken out of the box.

So I have this idea to sell them, that goes like this:

I will number these books 1-9, and sign them to whomever the buyer wants, with a dedication of my choosing. I will ship the book USPS Priority mail no later than Monday, which should ensure that it arrives before Christmas, in case that's important to you.

I'll do this for $50 a book, which will include shipping and handling.

I only have 9 of these, but I'm not sure anyone is interested in this, so before I go and set up the ordering and payment information, I need to know if anyone reading this is actually interested.

This would be a first come, first served sort of thing, sold to the first 9 people who leave comments at some time tomorrow (I'll figure that out and update this post later, if it's going to happen). I can ship internationally, but the buyer would have to cover the cost of shipping, because it's damn expensive.

So, what do you think? Interested? Let me know, or ask your questions in the comments below.

UPDATED: Okay, it looks like there are at least 9 potential buyers, so here's what I'll do: I'll put up a post later, where you can leave a comment to be entered into a lottery. I'll leave that open for 24 hours, and then roll dice to see who gets them. Maybe I'll roll them live on Ustream, if that's not to totally lame and ridiculous. I think that's fair, and gives everyone an equal chance to get in, even those who are /away from their computers.

78 thoughts on “possible (and very limited) autographed book sale”

  1. I'm glad you liked it, and I'm *really* glad you want to support my work.
    It's $20, and you can use PayPal to [my name]@wilwheaton dot net. Ha. Take THAT, spambots!

  2. Do want! Funny coincidence, my mom was just asking what unique/special gift I’d most want for Christmas and it just so happens an autographed copy of one of your books was the first thing I could think of.

  3. Just a passing thought, but, so as not to confuse future historians: Do you think maybe you should number them “301-309″ since there are already 300 numbered copies out there? I mean, Numbers One through Nine of “The Three Hundred” would suddenly have their uniqueness brought into question (and I imagine Number 6 might have particular issues with this!)
    I’m number 56, so it’s not really an issue for me, but I’m just thinking out loud here…

  4. Dang. I was hoping to get a signed copy of Memories of the Future for my brother on Christmas but I couldn’t wait and bought one anyway. (Well, I actually bought 2 because reading one and then giving it as a gift seemed weird. =)) I am going to throw my hat into the ring but if I win there is no way in hell he gets it!

  5. Jumping up and down waving wildly “Pick me Pick me Pick me. I can even pay with my magic debit card” (Better than shiny gold rocks unless you wanted to throw shiny gold rocks at Gorn.)And harder for Ferengi to steal since they seem to like chewing in the latinum now matter how its pressed.

  6. Hmm… will the dice you throw be from “your dice” from the special dice, or has Ryan inherited them yet? Or the d20 that rolled a 19 in the acid pit? I could not think of a more appropriate or cooler way for you to decide…
    I would suggest one other thing. Sell 8 and put the 9th up for auction.

  7. Hey Wil, how about the next time you play Aoefel, you get a new set of dice and play with them, then auction them off or have a contest of some sort for them. As a gamer I think this would be awesome. Of course you will have to get at least one 19 with them before sending them out. :)

  8. Love the idea of a live Ustream roll for the “lottery winners” and also like the idea for an auction for one of the 9… #imjustsayin

  9. Thanks for the constructive feedback :) regarding the Overworld limitations and linearity, I only felt it limited in the sense that you aren’t truely able to ‘explore’ fully in the way that could in other Zelda games – remember the underground caverns you could once find? – and quite frankly I miss that and it is basically linear in the sense that your destination is already chosen, yes you are still exploring and in a wonderful new way but this Overworld ‘Transport’ also highlights the limitations of what Nintendo can do with a 3D Zelda game on the DS but what they ‘have’ achieved is still impressive and I do acknowledge that fully.

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