Robot Astronomy Talk Show: Destroyer of Worlds

A few times a year, I get to go over to the Spitzer Science Center at Cal Tech, and do some voice over work for these wonderful educational shorts. I'm really proud to be a small part of IRrelevant Astronomy; we're making science accessible and entertaining, and hopefully inspiring people to learn more about our universe.

A few days ago, the most recent episode I did was released. It's called DESTROYER OF WORLDS.

In this one, I play a character who may be familiar to some of you, called The Physician. I hope you enjoy it.

And as long as I have your attention, I thought I'd share a few astronomy-related links that I find educational, inspiring, entertaining, or all of the above:

Have fun, and keep looking up.


34 thoughts on “Robot Astronomy Talk Show: Destroyer of Worlds”

  1. How blessed you must feel to be a part of so many wonderful and meaningful opportunities that your life has brought you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. “The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next the power of that force”… Brilliant. Also loved the assorted geekery in the form of so many well known space vehicles in the disc. Thanks for sharing, sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Panama hat, scarf, polka-dot tie, celery, fez
    Wow. Awesome.
    I’m a huge fan of APOD. It’s the one site besides my email that I have to visit. It’s like my daily dose of gloriousness.

  4. Also, a group of friends only yesterday discussed what the TARDIS would look like if Doctor Who had originally be written in the current day rather than the early 60s. Several people, myself included, suggested a portaloo but that was eventually discarded because too many people would constantly try to use it so we decided on a white van with a “Police Aware” notice on it.

  5. Awesome! If you ever find yourself in El Paso or southern NM with a day to spare, let me know and I can take you up to Apache Point Observatory, my wife’s work place, as featured on Mythbusters. She was the final segment on the Lunar Landing Conspiracy show.

  6. Hard pressed to say which I love more: the TURDIS or Physician Buttinski’s outfit.
    He’s clearly the AU hobo Doctor- wearing others’ cast-offs and living in a loo.

  7. So. Awesome. It makes me want to be a science teacher so I can show it to more than just my kids. Where can I get the Turdis Ballerina for Christmas?

  8. I love IRrelevant Astronomy, and am secretly in love with IR-2! You ought to do an episode with your former Toy Soldier roommate, “Dr. Sean Astin,” who has also done several episodes!

  9. This is mostly funny to me because that’s what I call my husband: The Destroyer (of Worlds). Like from Stargate, except not from Stargate because he’s not a creepy old woman creating diseases. He is just clumsy and steps on me and breaks things. I can not wait to show him this.

  10. Exceedingly cool, Wil. I especially love reading the “Special Thanks” credits, because I’m a geek that way (and in other ways). I’m always wondering if I’m going to know someone in the credits, and this time I do. Yay!

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