I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.


One of my favorite things on JoCoCruiseCrazy was our Informal Moustache Formal, organized by the (now dead to me) Paul F. Not Coming On the Cruise Because I Got a "Job" that "Pays Me" and "Furthers My Career" Tompkins.

During the Informal Formal, Kevin Murphy loaned me this most exquisite fez, which I wore proudly until it was time for the Informal Moustache Formal to come to its inevitable and all-too-soon conclusion.

"Thank you," I would say when a gentleman or lady would compliment me on the aforementioned fez, "it is on loan from the Murphy collection."

(Photo by my friend Atom Moore, who has a brazillion pictures from the cruise up at Flickr.)

75 thoughts on “I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.”

  1. So are you trying out for the part of the Shopkeeper in a live action version of Mr Ben – and how’s your appearing “as if by magic” coming on…
    (Sorry for this making no sense to anyone not in the UK)

  2. Looking through the pictures from Atom Moore, you and your family all look like you had an awesome time. Lots of smiling faces! A lot of close ups, which is hard for anyone to look good in, but my your wife is beautiful. The Cruise looks like it was really fun. Can’t wait to read what you’ll write about it. :)

  3. A very becoming look for you, Mr. Wheaton. However, I think you should let your beard grow out a little more. After many years of being clean shaven…I have recently re-entered the Secret Society of Beards. It is never discussed and possibly only a rumor, much like the Secret Society of The Motorcycle Wave. But I can confirm it does exist…the strange nods, the looks of acceptance (and the ones of fear…*cackle*).
    Again, a great look for you…but you’re not eligible for membership just yet.

  4. Wil, I wish I knew you in person. You seem like a fun guy. Quick question: Do you have a release date for Memories of the Future vol 2? I’m buying that soon, as well as a few of your other books. Loved the series and loved your memories of them. Best, Julie

  5. Fez? Are Fez’s cool? I guess so. But I think they are not comfortable as they would seem. They look pretty awkward when worn and I think they are hot in the head. But I still think wearing one of those is totally cool and geeky and nerdy especially with those irritating mustache. I just love the mustache. Who wouldn’t?
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