a few programming and personal appearance notes

If everything goes according to plan, I should release Hunter later today. It's 2500 words, about the length of what you'd read in a magazine, I think, and I'm pricing it at 99 cents, for people who want to buy it. I'll eventually put it here or wil wheaton books for free, for those of you who are horrified at the idea of dropping a dollar on something that short. I am equally excited and terrified about doing this, which seems about right.

A couple of upcoming appearance notes that may be of interest to some of you: 

March 4 and 5, I'm going to be in Seattle for the Emerald City Comic Con. I love this show, and it's great to be back again. The show is three days, but I have a family commitment on Sunday, so I'm going to be there Friday and Saturday.

For the first time in almost fifteen years, I'm going to Europe for a convention. For the first time ever, I'm attending FedCon in Germany from 28 April to 1 May.

I'm super bummed that I can't make it to PAX East this year, but I plan to attend Prime this summer.

There is a very good chance that I'll be at a show in the near future that I've never been to before, in part of the country that keeps asking me to come visit. My agent is working out the details, so hopefully I can be less cryptic about it before the end of this week.

I've been talking with Paul and Storm about doing a w00tstock-ish program where I tell stories and they play music to go with the stories. Think of it as my part of w00tstock, except it's for an entire show. We're working on brand new material, because we all love The Trade and Rocky Horror, but pretty much everyone's seen that, so it's time for something new.

Speaking of w00tstock, we're looking into another show at Comic-Con, because last year's show kicked so much ass. #freemolly!

I can't talk about Eureka … except maybe I just did.

That's all. I have actual deadlines for actual projects that I actually need to get finished today, so this goof off blogging ends… NOW.

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  1. Hmm… no East Coast appearances any time soon? Drat!
    And I just got S1 of TNG on DVD, and am finding my old opinions of Wesley to have fallen by the wayside.
    I can’t believe I’m saying this, Wil, but I actually kinda like the unique twist of having a teenager actually KNOW everything, instead of just thinking they do. And that’s coming from a former member of the Kill Wesley Cotillion (hey, it was more sophisticated to call it a cotillion, anyway)!
    I’m going to have to look into going to my first con ever sometime soon, and I’d like to see who I can meet from the TNG cast.

  2. OMG. You are coming to Germany? Hmm. Guess I have to tell my wife a plausible story, why I have to go to a… errr… meeting in Düsseldorf at the end of April. Hmmm. Anyway, hope you will enjoy your stay in Germany. Ahh… and don’t eat our polychlorinated-dibenzodioxins-eggs for breakfast ;D

  3. So you didn’t mention Eureka – but you didn’t not mention Big Bang Theory. Any hope of Evil Wil and his demonic beard popping up again sometime? Or even an extended version of an existing episode with 21 extra seconds would be welcome.

  4. “That’s all. I have actual deadlines for actual projects that I actually need to get finished today, so this goof off blogging ends… NOW.”
    Except for reading the eleventy-seven comments, replying to the most witty and/or ridiculous and pencil sharpening yourself past yet another deadline!

  5. “There is a very good chance that I’ll be at a show in the near future that I’ve never been to before, in part of the country that keeps asking me to come visit.”
    Hmmm… does this mean that maybe you’ll be finally coming to DragonCon in Atlanta? I know when Adam was there last year, the first panel he was on, someone asked him about getting a wootstock at DragonCon. /crosses fingers

  6. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too. Düsseldorf is practically in my back yard.
    I don’t usually visit conventions, but for the chance to see Wil in person, I’ll brave the (unwashed) masses of people and attend.
    Darn, I just realized that I only ever bought e-books and MP3 audio books from Wil – I have nothing physical to get autographed! Gotta rectify that before the con.

  7. Oh, I has a sad. I can actually make it down to a day of PAX East this year! (I live about two hours north of Boston on what some may call the frozen tundra.) I wanted to maybe finally (not actually because I understand your rationale) shake your hand, Wil Wheaton! But I understand. Life is life, right? You can’t make every convention, right? I mean, even if your fans were making painstaking plans to attend just to see you! I mean, who cares about them and their dreams, right? It’s all about you, isn’t it, Wil Wheaton? You just have to arrange things around your life, huh? You can’t be bothered with us mere fans! Curse you, Wil Wheaton!
    (And just in case anyone missed it, *sarcasm* I couldn’t help but channel a bit of Sheldon there, Moonpie. Hope you’re doing something awesome instead, Wil, and best of luck to you and yours. I’m glad to see you going to FedCon and such. That’s fantastic! Can’t wait for Eureka and the big announcement about the new con! And finally, #freemolly!)

  8. Yay! Possible WootStock during Comic Con! =D . Hopefully the venue won’t be 21 and up again =( . I wanted to go , but I’m under 21 , and have been dying to see a show! They all look so awesome and full of geeky awesomeness. If you guys do one during Comic Con , I’m sure going to try and go!

  9. In defense of Wil, it’s also his editor saying, “‘Dialog’ looks stupid. We’ll go with ‘dialogue.'” No analogue with catalogue should be inferred. (And “Captain’s Logue” is right out.)

  10. That’s weird, ’cause I often spell it “dialogue” myself. Huh. I may have used that spelling to get it to sit right on the back cover, I don’t recall.

  11. I’m sad that you won’t be there at PAX East. It’s gonna be my first PAX experience after trying to go to PAX Prime and East for the past three years. One day we shall cross paths, and I will shake your hand and thank you for being part of my coming out as an openly nerd individual. NERD PRIDE!

  12. While I’m sorry for the PAX Easters, we’ve been waiting to read you’ll be coming up for ECCC! I know another Dungeon Delve would be pretty taxing, but how about a tag-team wrestling match, you and Felicia against Frakes and Spiner? Winners take on Shatner.
    Have you seen the progress on Ground Kontrol’s remodelling? The arcade is looking great and we’re looking forward to the Free Play Party in March.

  13. Finally! you announce coming to ECCC!
    My mom’s in hospitality and is working with the guys putting on ECCC. She had a meeting last week and wanted to know from me what she should follow up with them about. I told her they need to bring in Robert Kirkman, figure out when James Marsters Friday panel is (at the time, the schedule had it at 3pm but the detail had it listed at 4pm), and when in the GD hell is Wil Wheaton going to be on the program list.
    Later that night I got, “Kirkman: hopefully next year; Marsters: now at 5pm; The Wheat is at 4pm!” Wheeeeeee!
    Okay, my mom didn’t refer to you as The Wheat. I just did that now, but you know, I’m liking it. Might have you sign my Toy Soldiers DVD with that. Hehheh.
    Also note to self: start working on your amenties basket of Epic Awesome. Guinness, bacon popcorn…

  14. Awesome! I’ve been planning to go to FedCon this year, and your appearance cements it. My first con, yeah!
    Now, how to incorporate the Atomic Dice T-shirt in my yet to be sewn awesome Star Trek Skant uniform… 😀

  15. Well Wil I hope you do make it to GenCon again. I live so close to Indy and I still I have never been. I think I still have few unusual six-side dice I would be willing to part with for a fellow D&D traditionalist like you :). Perhaps I can even get my best friend (and fellow Rush frantic from Nor Cal to come too). AKA the IL Snow Dog 😉

  16. YESSSS!!!!!!!! You were sooo kind enough to stop and take a pic with me again at Comic-Con last year. I look forward to seeing you there again. I scored a pin with that awesome pic of you and Felicia in the embrace with your sculpted chest;) Love it! Sounds like a fun and busy time coming up-enjoy it!

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