Emerald City Comicon after action report

ECCC has officially joined PAX on the List of Conventions I Don't Ever Want To Miss. It's well-organized, staffed by competent and friendly volunteers, and has what is, in my opinion, the perfect balance of comics and popular geek culture.

This year, I had to leave Saturday afternoon to fly home for a very special ultra-secret surprise party for one of my favorite people in the world, so I only got to spend a day and a half in Seattle, so here is an appropriately-brief recap of some highlights, including pretty pictures:

My awesome hour was especially awesome, even though someone compared Next Generation to Twilight. Seriously. That little bit of unpleasantness was more than offset by the opportunity for Evil Wil Wheaton to make an appearance, though.

I told a couple of stories to a very enthusiastic crowd (that was huge for a Friday), and had a lot of fun while I did it. When I find good video or audio recordings, I'll post them.

Friday night, I had dinner with some friends that included the most amazing beer I think I've ever had, a Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout. Normally, Imperials are way too heavy for me, but this was just perfect. It was a bourbon stout that had a chocolate finish. I'm not going to describe it further, because if that isn't enough to make you want to drink it, it's probably not for you in the first place.

Saturday, I joined Amy Okuda and Felicia Day for a panel about The Guild, that got … a little blue. I guess it was my fault for drawing a dick on a notepad and passing it to Felicia, you know, like 12 year-olds do, but then Felicia showed it to everyone, then drew one of her own that I had to draw a robe and wizard hat on. I'm sure you can understand how things sort of got out of hand after that.

We call this one particular picture of Wesley Crusher "Sexytime Wesley," so my friend Joel added some art to my display model:


I didn't have any time to walk the floor or go shopping this year, because I had to leave Saturday afternoon, and I wanted to meet as many people as I could, but I still came home with a couple of cool things, including a crocheted Fawkes:


Yes, it was made for me by an adorable Wonder Woman, who was accompanied by equally-adorable Silk Spectre and Batgirl. She also made a crocheted Codex for Felicia, and a Tink for Amy. Seriously. Awesome.

I met Ken Jennings:

It went something like this:

Ken Jennings: “Hi. I got my ass kicked by a computer on Jeopardy, and —”

Me: Holy shit. You’re Ken Jennings!

Ken Jennings: …yeah.

Me: We are totally taking a picture right now.

Ken wrote about it on his blog, if you'd like to get his side of the meeting. I found him to be a very funny and normal geek, which pleased me greatly.

I also made a Munchkin treasure card for a guy, which is certainly not legal for tournament play:


I got to visit a little bit with Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes, who both asked me why I wasn't doing their panel with them. You know, it wasn't until I started writing this blog that I realized how nice it was to not only see them, but to not feel awkward and nervous, like I'm still a little kid with something to prove to the adults I look up to. I guess that makes sense, with me being 38 and all, but as recently as 5 years ago I would have been overwhelmed by anxiety, and I'm grateful that I don't feel that way any more. Frakes and I decided that we'll continue to pester Rogers to get us working on the same episode of Leverage, which I thought would amuse some of you.

Every single person I met while I was there was friendly and kind, and I know a lot of you who I met read my blog, so let me say once more: thanks for reading and for being so nice to me. It's because of people like you that I look forward to cons like ECCC.

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  1. Once again, meeting you and catching your awesome hour made my day (and quite possibly year). It just wouldn’t have been ECCC without your presence. Not missing out on the photo op with you, Felicia, and Amy definitely made up for missing out on it last year. All three of you were super awesome, and so many celebrities could really learn a thing or two about how to treat their fans from you.

  2. I love “Moonpie” – WHEEEAAATOOONNNNN!!!!
    I am very much looking forward to your visit in Germany at FedCon – will you be there all days?

  3. I wanted to tell you that I think it’s awesome that you did not charge for your autograph at ECCC. I was so disappointed to find out that I could not afford to even get a signature from many of the people I admire so much. While I sadly missed your signings (I was only there Saturday and was told your line was full), I still appreciate it.
    Thank you for being awesome and I can’t wait to see you at PAX again this year! I have a Highland Sextasy poster that is missing your signature. 😉
    Ever a fan,
    Abby K

  4. Sexytime Wesley bringing sexy back
    Them other boys don’t know how to act
    Think you’re special whats behind your back
    So turn around and pick up the slack.

  5. Hah! you have inadvertantly (or perhaps advertantly) provided me with my new fav-o-rite limerick… and with only a few clicks. (Ken’s blog –>AmA post–>buried in the comments and written by Ken himself)
    There once was a host named Trebek,
    Whose mustache was sexy as heck.
    It would have been weird
    If he’d grown a big beard,
    Like Conan, or Riker on Trek.
    … the comment by CrackTheSkye was also entertaining…

  6. Awesome ! NASA yesterday transmitted message from W.Shatner in Star Trek style, how cool is that! You, J. Frakes and B. Spiner, and all awesome crew of TNG, is amazing landmark in human history, I mean it is awesome that TNG was created and it is awesome that some actors got to do some awesome work! You are wonderful being geek and all, but Wesley is why I like you so much, because in that character (which is part of you) there is much more than usual earthling with certain way of thinking.
    And that Evil Will video is funny (although I don’t like f***ing f-words), perfect timing and so spontaniuosly brilliant.
    I like you, Wil, although you swear too much everywhere, there is certain purity in you that you cannot hide, purity and honesty and openess (ok, I’ll shut up now)

  7. I know it’s not even remotely related to any comments here, except that I would love to be at these conventions some day. I was hoping to reach out to Wil and all the geeks out there. I am a toy artist, among other things and I am looking for a way to get my work out there to everyone. I have managed to reach a high profile customer or two. Gabe Newell of Valve Software owns one of my pieces, but after some success there is nothing. It seems that you are always struggling to get your head above water as an artist. I will always keep working, but I was hoping for some advice, help, or a kick in the ass towards the right direction.
    Thanks for any help,

  8. Alright, I’ve asked the nefarious LCBO to attempt to order me some Black Gold Imperial Stout. If they can get it (one is not optimistic when it comes to LCBO & private orders) and it is not one of the best beers that I have ever had, I will have to climb the highest mountain in Canada and curse the name of Wil Wheaton from its peak.

  9. I wonder if “Evil Wil Wheaton” is accurate. Maybe you’re Mirror Universe Wil Wheaton! You do have facial hair now. It’s almost a goatee. Makes me wonder what M/U Sheldon would be like. On a serious note, I’m glad there are people around my age who are still into geeky things. Keep up the good work!

  10. Wil, I went to ECC with 3 15-year old boys in tow. Friday I headed directly to your Awesome Hour, they rolled their eyes and said “Wil Wheaton? we’ll see you later”. Well, on Saturday we all went to the Guild Panel and they loved it, you especially (well, most especially Felicia Day because they are 15 year old boys) Their new gaming motto is “don’t be a dick”. Thanks Wil, you were awesome and upped my geek cred with the boys because I was into you before they were.

  11. As one of the many ECCC minions this year, I am pleased that you enjoyed your time at the con! ^_^ I hope you come back next year, we would love to see you again!
    Minion out!

  12. Wil,
    I wanted to say thank you for the autograph you signed for me, via my roommate and her boyfriend. When I found out they were going to this Con I insisted they take your book to get it autographed. They told me they enjoyed meeting you too and loved your panel.
    BTW as someone recently diagnosed with Celiac’s as well, thanks for posting on that! It’s definitely a lifestyle change but tell your Ma and Sister there’s more and more awesome choices for gluten-free living!
    -Kris McAlear

  13. ECCC is one of those places that remind you just how awesome people can be, our potential, and the things we have in common. It is the cumulation of people and things we love that make ECCC so magical. If there was a skill to cause happiness, ECCC would give people +10 to their roll.
    Wil, ECCC would not be the same without you. Thank you for being awesome. :)

  14. I got to visit a little bit with Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes, who both asked me why I wasn’t doing their panel with them.
    So I’m probably opening a can of worms, and feel free to ignore it, but why aren’t you? I think you’d add a great dimension to the panel, and I’m sure the rifts that you guys would play off of each other would make it worth the hassle of crawling in there with several thousand of my closest friends.
    It’s your life, of course, but I’d pay money to see that.

  15. It was mostly a timing thing: I was going to be on an airplane during their panel.
    I've done panels with both of them in the past (individually, not together, yet) and it's been incredibly fun, so I hope we can make something happen next year or some other time in the Mysterious Future.

  16. Hiya Wil,
    Thanks for always making time to come up to our little hamlet on the water and mingle with us mortals.
    Seriously though, could you be any more easy to talk to and relate to? Of course, you being a mere three weeks younger than me probably helps. Your story about the arcade at Shakey’s hit home with me. We had those in Tucson, where I grew up. I remember the arcade by the movie theatre called The Gold Mine and I wanted to live there, between the Joust and Dragon’s Lair.
    Anyhoo, thanks for being so approachable and normal. Also, hope you don’t get tired of receiving awesome amenity baskets when you stay at a certain Seattle hotel.
    Don’t forget to play that quarter, Wil. Play it well.
    See ya next year!

  17. Whether or not Wil were willing to take a minion shift is kind of a moot point. He’d never get any actual work done once the fans realized he was roaming about.

  18. Oh of course, it was meant more for rhetorical or symbolic value than how it would seriously be able to work. But a little video of him directing traffic into a panel for Frakes and Spiner would have been funny …

  19. I had a blast getting to see you, Felicia Day and Amy Okuda this weekend! To be entirely honest, both my husband and I only knew you from The Guild. But your witty sparring and comments that you made on the panel this weekend made us laugh and we have made it a point to become more familiar with your work! What a riot you are (and by the way, super jealous that I didn’t get a first edition art piece from you at the panel, too!!)
    I was just looking over the lineup for PAX this year and saw you are going to be on a panel there, too! Looking forward to it :)

  20. “…the most amazing beer I think I’ve ever had, a Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout.”
    Aaaaahhhhh! I have been traveling the length and breadth of CA to find this beer!
    (PS: Always a fan, but now I just might be in love.)

  21. “The Guild” panel was the highlight of my entire trip to Seattle. It was the first time I’ve attended a con, and despite the four-hour drive, getting stuck on the other side of Snoqualmie (We now know that Cle Elum, Washington is actually a very nice place) and having a whole lot of work to make up today, you made it completely worth it! We didn’t get your autograph – had to leave the line to make it to the photo op with you guys – but it has jumped to the top of my to-do list.
    Thank you for being there and being so awesome! Thanks to The Guild panel, my husband has finally been converted to full-on Wil Wheaton fan!

  22. Wil,
    You are the first national celebrity I have ever met in person and I think you are one of the most awesome guys I’ve ever met. I think your panel was hilarious and thoughtful. It’s very nice that the lady in the Wonder Woman costume gave you her homemade Fawkes doll. WW and I talked to each other for five minutes, but I can’t figure out her actual name though. I would love to Facebook friends with her though. Anyways, it was a real pleasure to meet you in person and maybe we’ll see each other again in person.
    P.S. Stand By Me is still one of my all-time favorite films.
    Jason Lundgren
    Edmonds, WA

  23. Evil Wil Wheaton – 2 thumbs up!
    Are we ever going to see you in the Southeast? You know there are huge, major, fun conventions here like DragonCon and Megacon right?
    As a 41 yr old geek, your writing really strikes a sympathic chord with me. Its great to know that other people were into the same things and have held onto what they enjoy then and still enjoy it now.

  24. Enjoyed your Awesome hour on Friday. I had to dip out early to catch Frank Quitely. I also missed the Guild panel. So much going on. Maybe next time we’ll get a chance to meet. Next time you’re in Vancouver…beers and board games?

  25. Hey Wil! Loved all your panels! Funny moment in Frakes/Spiner panel – someone asked Frakes who would win in a fight between Riker Sexbeard and Sellek Sexstache (might not have that quite right), and Frakes strokes his beard and eventually asks, “You notice what beard Wil Wheaton is rockin’ now?” It was a funny moment. Maybe you had to be there… 😀

  26. I Frakes directs an episode you are in, he needs to pull an Alfred Hitchcock and pop up in the background of a scene somewhere.
    We are so. easy. to. please.

  27. I would be very, very happy to see you in an episode of Leverage directed by Jonathan Frakes, I already started hyperventilating in front of my TV set, when I watched the episode of Leverage with Brent Spiner and Armin Shimerman directed by Jonathan Frakes!
    I hope to see you at FedCon in Germany this year and can’T wait to finally get signed my copies of your books.

  28. I thoroughly enjoyed my first ECCC. Sadly I missed the Awesome Hour, but I did see you at The Guild panel and was entirely entertained. I do have one critique however. When you told the gamer boys not to be dicks and the rest of the gamer dudes who are not dicks to just lead by example, I have to point out that silence is generally taken as complicity in those situations and it would do the women gamers (and women in general life) a lot more if awesome guys like you would just tell the dicks to knock it the fuck off. It’s sad that women pointing out that the behavior is unacceptable generally is met with further ridicule, but if awesome dudes tell the dicks why it’s not cool to harass women (and gays), the dicks would be less likely to be dickish, at least in a place where they’re more likely to be called out. I am thankful to have an awesome guy like you as a feminist ally. Hope to see you again next year. xo

  29. Wil,
    Thanks for complimenting my son (the little blonde toddler in the Superman shirt that first day of ECCC near the end of the night). I think he understood, and went around saying Blue Eyes!” for a few days afterwards. He was actually flirting with Wonder Woman when she was a few spaces from the front and we were in line for Felicia and Amy. Shameless little guy. It was adorable. Got a little star struck when my turn finally came up, especially since I realized I’d left my copy of Toy Soldiers at home, was gonna ask you to sign that. Guess I’ll save that for next year. In any case, thank you for seeing the line through to the end, thank you for not being a douche like some other people at past cons. All the celeb guests were awesome this year (that I was able to get to), and I think that’ll make an awesome foundation for family con outings in the years to come.

  30. Hey Wil-
    Friends of mine attended ECCC and I thought you’d like to know that they enjoyed your participation greatly and said, “If Wil Wheaton is scheduled to be a guest at any convention, YOU MUST GO because he is totally worth it!”

  31. I caught the “Awesome Hour” and the girl didn’t say TNG was like Twilight so much as she asked you if you thought Picard was a “Gary Stu” to which you asked “What’s that?” To which she explained Bella Swan was a Mary Stu.
    As a geek myself I was also surprised you didn’t know the term “Mary Sue” or “Gary Stu” considering that’s such a popular term for geeks to use when they think a character is too perfect. Hell, it had it’s origins in Trek fan-fiction. I was just hoping that you were screwing with the chick and you knew what the term meant. Otherwise, for shame Mr. Wheaton, you obviously need to check out tvtropes.com more often 😉

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