HUNTER is in the Kindle Store for 99 cents

Project Kindle Store Get Books In has begun:

I started with Hunter because it was already in .mobi format, and it's my most recent thing (it's still in pay-what-you-want-even-nothing format, incidentally.) Assuming the world doesn't implode around me, I'll get Sunken Treasure in the Kindle store next.

Also, while I did this, I made myself an Amazon Author's page. Neat!

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  1. BTW, read Hunter yesterday and it rocked. A little bit disturbing, but totally in a good way. Looking forward to more, hopefully soon :)

  2. Congratulations on the Amazon thing, but why not do the same thing at that other bookstore? I mean I know Kindle is like awesome sauce squared for us technorati, but shouldn’t Nook kids get some Wheaton Love* too?
    *yeah you can trademark that, my gift to you

  3. I set it at 99 cents, and I think Amazon UK set it at 3.44. I'm not entirely sure, but that's what I'm hearing from buyers in Europe.

  4. Actual conversation from this morning’s drive in to work.
    ME: Hey, did you know Wil Wheaton’s Hunter is on Kindle today for 99 cents?
    WIFE: Really?
    ME: Yeah!
    WIFE: some clicking Hey, got it!
    I love living in the future…

  5. Don't forget that you can also get it for whatever you want (including the low, low price of FREE) at

  6. That = awesome. But I think you might like to know what the comic you just posted on tumblr hath wrought:
    A few minutes ago, to the tune of my DM’s amazed “Whaaaaaaat?”, I uttered words I’ve never uttered in 13 years of tabletop gaming: “I want to play a monk.”
    Specifically, I want to play a character that can call out, “You cannot resist my vicious cockpunch of FURIOUS ANGER!”
    I’m now going through and renaming all of the monk abilities to something suitably outlandish. Also, I feel a strange compulsion to talk like Antonio Banderas for this character, I’m goin’ with it.

  7. Spoilers (ish) – but I tried to remain safe and really vague.
    Loved it! It needs more. You could build a whole book!
    Psychologically; what’s it like being “her”? What does doing what she does do to her? Is she a renegade or accepted?
    “Him”… his motivations. What happened before? What happened after?
    And then there is the whole conflict in general…
    Wil, how does your creative commons license feel about a “Ficlets-style” before or after extension to the story?

  8. I spent money on a book for the kindle on my phone for the very first time. It was well worth the money. I was left wanting more at the end. Any thoughts on expanding this?

  9. This has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I just wanted to see if you knew when Eureka would be returning to finish out the season. I am looking forward to seeing more of Dr. Parrish and the rest of the citizens of Eurek.

  10. Wil, are you going to be at the Star Trek con in Vegas this August, 2011? (I don’t see any mention on your Tours and Appearances page.) My daughter and I will be attending and we would love to meet you.

  11. I just read “Hunter.” I’m impressed. It felt akward the first few paragraphs, but once I caught the flow, the narrative captures my attention. I look forward to the next episode. Will you be setting up a “Hunter” web site for that?

  12. Arrrggghhh!!! I was settling in and reading along in this FANTASTIC little story that had completely sucked me in, and it ENDED! I hate when good books end. I don’t know if you’ve got any ideas for a full story arc, but it would be nice to see this world fleshed out.
    Wil, you’ve really made a good choice with the writing. If you keep writing, my wife and I will keep buying.
    Loved you on Big Bang, too. Oh, and that other “little” show you did.
    I’m off to check out the next Wheaton offering on Amazon. Hope this one’s longer…

  13. Very cool story, Wil. It has me wanting more. I want to explore this land and its people.
    Also, thanks for the Kindle love. Your books were the first I looked for when I got my Kindle a couple of weeks ago (I’m a little late to the party it seems). I finally got to read “Just A Geek” and really enjoyed it.

  14. How has Amazon been treating you?
    You inspired me to write a short non-fiction book of my own, which I just put up… but when I went to change the description, Amazon put it back in “Publishing” mode, which means I’ll have to wait another 48 hours!

  15. So far, it's been a pleasant experience. I put Sunken Treasure into the Kindle store, though, and had the same experience you did. For some reason, the book went live without pricing information (even though I did set it) so when I set the pricing information again, it put it back into "Publishing" mode.

  16. I’ve seen the question asked many times but haven’t seen an answer. Or could be I’m not good at paying attention.
    HUNTER was awesome but want MORE! Will you be/are you creating a larger story in that world? I would be very interested in perusing more.
    Thanks…and you rock.

  17. I did enjoy it – but I was surprised it was so short. So surprised that I almost felt a little overcharged as all my other 70p purchases have been around 10k and up word counts.
    Did you worry that the story might be too short to sell on its own or am I the only person who has thought it.
    I’m genuinely interested in your answer because I’m thinking of putting some stuff up on the Kindle and worry about whether if I don’t bundle some of my shorter stories together, people won’t feel like they are getting full value.
    The story itself was very good and I enjoyed it.

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