Sunken Treasure joins Hunter in the Kindle store.

Kindle readers! You can get your very own DRM-free copies of Sunken Treasure and Hunter directly from the Kindle store.

Sunken Treasure is $2.99, and Hunter is 99 cents.

You can get to Sunken Treasure and Hunter by clicking those links, or you can use these snazzy clicky-image-buying-the-book things (which you won't see if you're running AdBlock):



13 thoughts on “Sunken Treasure joins Hunter in the Kindle store.”

  1. Thanks Wil. Looking forward to reading them both. Just finished downloading them to my Kindle and am torn as to which one to read first as soon as I finish reading Dragon Age: The Calling.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work in the Kindle Store. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Yay! I’ve been hoping Sunken Treasure would find it’s way to Kindle – downloaded it last night to read this weekend! I downloaded and read Hunter last week – Well done! Liked it a lot. I so hope we’ll get to read more speculative fiction from you in the future! 😀

  3. Wow, someone is asking $59.99 for a used copy in Amazon Marketplace. I hope that is the special autographed edition with bonus bottle of single malt scotch.

  4. Hey Wil, I definitely want to read these but I like patronizing non-Amazon e-readers instead because Amazon would not stop selling animal fighting publications. Are they available in another format?
    I would not mind if it were a First Amendment issue, but Amazon keeps pulling items that are sexually explicit (see their policy on this), morally reprehensible (like the pedophilia guide they removed) and even chickened out on Wikileaks, so this is not a principled stance for them. When they were sued for selling items that specifically solicited illegal cockfighting activities, their lawyer’s defense was basically that animal fighting was too trivial to be objectionable.

  5. I loved this story so much so I read it several times, I finished it going “, I wish there was more to it”, the world you have created is fantastic. Please write more about it, I think this would make a great novel.

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