The Day After and Other Stories – Kindle edition

My very short collection of very short stories, The Day After And Other Stories, is now in the Kindle store for $2.99 (prices slightly higher outside of the US. This is beyond my control.) It's DRM-free, because DRM makes me stabby.

Here's the description thing I wrote for it:

In The Day After and Other Stories, Author Wil Wheaton explores the tenuous bonds that hold us all together. Also, there's zombies.

The Day After – Tim is an angry and scared 18 year-old, trying to decide if surviving the zombie apocalypse is worth it.

Room 302 – Something is very wrong with this picture.

The Language Barrier – Sometimes it takes someone who doesn't speak your language to fully understand you.

Poor Places – Eddie used to be somebody, but now he's a guy who plays poker and takes a lot of pills.

You can grab your own copy in the Kindle store, and you can still get the pdf version at Lulu. Eventually, I'll make ePub versions for nook and other readers, but I'm going to take a break from the digital-edition-making business to get back into the writing-original-stuff business first.

For those of you keeping score at home (and not using AdBlock,) here are some spiffy links to my original works in the Kindle store:



10 thoughts on “The Day After and Other Stories – Kindle edition”

  1. For those using a Nook, as a heads up, it can read .pdf files just fine. You just have to put the file into the nook rather then download it. Just another option if you don’t have a kindle and wish to purchase the pdf via lulu.

  2. Even though money’s tight for me right now, this was an immediate click on the link and order it on Kindle.
    Just a heads up: there’s a couple of things you might want to fix. There’s some words that run together in a couple of places. There’s a lot of them in the intro to “The Day After” and while I only did a quick glance across the rest of the book, I only came across one runtogether word in the intro to “Poor Places”: the words “whichdrove” are lacking a space between the words.
    If you can get those fixed, I’d be glad to write a positive review on the Amazon page.

  3. That is the second time you have used the P word this month (Poker :)
    Looking forward to more Poker posts in 2011.
    BTW – How difficult is it to make a great looking document in PDF? I wanted to attempt one this year.

  4. Kinda, but not exactly, off topic. I bought Hunter via Google. However, it’s been over a month, and despite my having downloaded and read the story, the Google charges have yet to clear my bank. You are getting your money from Google? Right?
    Because, as much as every dollar counts in my life today, I wanted in some way to pay you back for your blogging and the inspiration it has given me. Well, and to make up for acting like such a fan boy at times. Oh, and to make up for marking the Highlight magazines in the doctor’s office. Especially the one yesterday. Talk about reliving my childhood.
    Oh, alright. So I never really grew out of my childhood.

  5. As soon as this went up I clicked The Day After and other stories from your Twitter feed and purchased that. I hope I was first (like an achievement or something) though I’m sure there is no way of knowing that.

  6. I’ll look forward to reading it.
    When I was a kid my mother wouldn’t let me watch “the Day After” TV movie.
    If my domestic partner the cat finds my taste in movies and books objectionable he hasn’t mentioned it. Anyhow, he can be bribed with food.

  7. I’ll have to figure out how not to be a red square with curvy white lines going through it.
    I only look like that part of the time so it’s not an entirely accurate rendering.

  8. Glad to see these books on Kindle! (I read Kindle books on iPhone and will soon have an iPad2 on which to read them.) I have a NookColor, which I love, but it looks like only one of your books is available as a NookBook: Just a Geek, which I just finished reading last night and thoroughly enjoyed.

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