wil wheaton vs. paul and storm at Largo this Tuesday

REMINDER: Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm is this coming Tuesday, March 29, at Largo.

As you might possibly guess (if you are incredibly perceptive), we are doing a show with our old w00tstock fellow-traveler Wil Wheaton. This time, we’ll meet on the battlefields of Los Angeles at one of our favorite venues everwhereplace: Largo at the Coronet. There will be music from us, stories from Wil, more special surprise guests, and pirates everywhere. This will be one for the ages, folks. (All ages, that is) (Get it?)

Tuesday, March 29 – Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm
Largo at the Coronet, Los Angeles, CA – 7:30 pm
Tickets: http://bit.ly/h2vuPk

At w00tstock, I only have time to do one story with musical accompaniment from Paul and Storm. At this show, I will have time to perform a couple of stories that were not part of w00tstock 1.x and 2.x. You could say it's ALL NEW ZIPPY WHOOO YEAH if you wanted to do that sort of thing, even. Paul and Storm will join me for some things, and I'll do some things on my own. Also, we're putting together something kind of rad for this show that you absolutely want to see.

Paul and Storm will play a set, we will all sing a song about pirates, and we have some secret (and awesome) special guests dropping by. Tell your friends, and come on down, because it's going to be a really fun show.

12 thoughts on “wil wheaton vs. paul and storm at Largo this Tuesday”

  1. I’ve been before and I loved it, even if I couldn’t stay for the whole show (had to get a friend to the airport). I can’t go this time (in the middle of moving), but I am soooo there for the next show.

  2. I was once you neighbour. I’m not sure if you would know the answer to this. On my Twitter @allnewwings I accidentally blocked a friend. Is it possible to unblock someone after you’be blocked them? I know this question probably sounds lame but I’m at my wits end. If you can help thanks. Sincerely, Sierra

  3. Wish I could make it. Loved every minute of W00tstock 2.1 in Portland. Any plans for a 3.x tour, yet? If so, I was asked by a friend to suggest a Nathan Fillion/Felicia Day cameo. 😉

  4. I wish I could attend… but that would be an incredibly long drive. By any chance are you going to be at the Phoenix Comicon? I would love to get my book signed :-)

  5. Oh man, this is one of those times when I really wish I had made the move to CA. I’m missing out.
    Have a blast, and please share details after. :)

  6. You totally need to book an acting job in Australia so you can come do some shows for us while you’re here.
    Or you could just come anyway…

  7. Wil, I want to wish you much success and offer my hopes and prayers for a fantastic performance (break a leg, but not really cause that would be sad) for this show. I am getting the sensation (even waaaay over here) that it will be AWESOME!
    I just want to know why you keep doing all these shows that are no where near me and/or not going to the shows that ARE? PAX East was in Boston (admittedly a long drive for me near Philly) but you did not show *makes sad face but understands that one*. You keep doing stuff over there on the west coast where you live….. okay wait I get that now.
    STILL! Come to Philly…. or nearby….. cause you are my hero and I would love to shake your hand (and leave money in it, possibly for stuff and possibly just because) and buy you a meal/drink to thank you for entertaining and inspiring me for all these years. You could also come to Philly and do a show. That would be neat as well. Either way really. So what do you say? Will you be Philly-ish area bound anytime soon?

  8. I now understand your enjoyment of Paul & Storm. I got to see them open for Coulton in Minneapolis on 4/25/11. Awesome show, audience was highly interactive (which I’m sure you know they encourage) and their set went 10-15 minutes long because Paul and Storm could not stop laughing to finish the set. Coulton had a similar problem with his set. 😀
    Now I have to buy some of their stuff.

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