23 thoughts on “Run Vern! RUN! GODDAMMIT RUN!”

  1. Heh, Awesome. I actually just watched Stand By Me yesterday for the first time. I’m not sure why I waited so long, because it was great.

  2. Lol…very cool! Happy 25 to one of the movies that defined my childhood. I always wished I had friends as awesome as the 4 of you were in the movie. Seems like it was summer ’86 just yesterday, and I know it must for you. Rob knew he had a classic on his hands, and it has become just that. :) Can never hear “Rockin’ Robin” without thinking of the treehouse scene.

  3. Every time I watch ‘Stand By Me’ I’m always afraid you guys won’t cross the bridge in time and the train will eventually hit you. That and the leeches scene…oh the leeches:(

  4. Wil,
    I was expecting your April fools day joke today. Something just does not feel right. This is a great movie but are you the real Wil Wheaton?

  5. Pedobear was a fan of wil Wheaton many; many years ago; this was an image from some lost footage that never came to light until now.

  6. That movie became my favorite the moment I saw it in 1987. That must be the first take that wasn’t used in the movie. LOL. “Vern move your *ss man!”-Chris Chambers. Wil that is also the movie I became a fan of yours. Congrats to 25 years of an awesome movie that whenever I hear the songs from that movie I think of it with cherished memories. “I cherish these moments.”-Teddy “Gordie go get the provishions you moraphadite.”-Teddy “Don’t call me none of your mom’s pet names.”-Gordie. LOL.

  7. PedoDraft of SbM
    In some bushes, near the train tracks, just after the bear sped past the kids.
    Teddy: That bear ain’t going to rest until it’s made love to one of us right? So somebody’s just gonna have to go out there and take one for the team. And I think in all fairness it should be Vern.
    Vern: Huh? Now why me?
    Teddy: Are you a team player or not?
    Vern: Well sure, I’m a team player I guess.
    Teddy: Now Vern, there is no ‘i’ in team.
    Vern: You mean to expect me to go out there and let that horny old bear have its way with my fragile person? Well just what team is this anyway?
    Teddy: Just go Vern, we’re running out of time.
    Vern: Oh, alright then. (Vern walks back toward the train tracks)
    Teddy: (Laughs) He’s such a dumbass.

  8. I’m curious …
    I just listened again to Episode 10 of Memories of the Futurecast and you said (even though you said to forget you said it) you are about 26 weeks out from completing Volume 2. I am wondering where things stand, because I am *very* ready to get my hands on it!

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