two hundred words before six in the morning

When the alarm went off at 5am, I wasn't sure where I was. I mean, I knew I was in bed, but I was on the wrong side of the bed, and why was I awake when it's still dark outside?

After a few seconds, my brain finished booting up and I remembered that I am in Vancouver, I sleep on the wrong side of the bed so I don't feel Anne's absence more than I already do, and today I start work on season five of Eureka. I'm up when it's dark because I have one of those painfully-early call times that are, quite honestly, not such a bad problem to have.

I stumbled into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker. I put a couple of frozen waffles into the toaster, and leaned against the counter while they did their thing. I felt a little dizzy.

The coffee finished brewing, and I filled my mug. As I took my first sip, the waffles popped up, and I put them onto a plate.

I walked into my dining room, and smiled to myself. It was early enough to hurt, and I was having a bachelor breakfast, but I was glad for it.

I'm back in Vancouver for Eureka, and in one of my scenes today, I have technobabble.

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  1. Sleeping on the wrong side of the bed so you don’t miss her any more than you already do…that is one of the sweetest most romantic things :-)

  2. I so know what it feels having to get up that early! And for me it’s great to know Eureka didn’t end in the middle of Season 4. Greetings, also to the rest of the Eureka Cast!

  3. What I love about reading your writing, is how much emotion you can convey in just a few words. “…I sleep on the wrong side of the bed so I don’t feel Anne’s absence more than I already do…” It touches the heart, really. I hope you have a good day on set today, Wil!

  4. “two hundred words before six in the morning” sounds like a NaNoWriMo style initiative, but for unmotivated slackers.
    edit: correction, unmotivated slackers with insomnia.

  5. Sometimes I think they should film a few science fiction movies or TV shows in some other location. I mean, surely there are a few other planets or eerie small towns in sunny dry desert locations.
    It’s just a little disturbing.

  6. You don’t live in a hotel but a proper apartment while on the job in Vancouver? Neat.
    Go and slay them today.
    I’m just sad that we’ll have to wait for so long until we’ll see the episode. Even season 4.5 is still two months away and you finished that months and months ago. :(

  7. Bedroom, kitchen, dining room? Where do you stay when you’re somewhere for extended filming like this? It doesn’t sound like a hotel room – do they rent an apartment for you?

  8. Looking forward to seeing season 5 of Eureka. Awesome to hear you are back this year on the show. Can’t wait to see it here in New Zealand.
    Just watched Big Bang Theory with you guest starring again. The episode where everyone is lining up to see Raiders at the theatre. Actually I guess I haven’t watched all of it yet as my missus was tired so we had to stop watching. Will watch the rest tomorrow.
    Anyhoo, I recently got introduced to The Nerdist and listened to the episode with you and I couldn’t stop laughing. Normally that’s not a problem but since I listen to The Nerdist on my 40 minute commute to work, I kinda feel for the poor people around me as I attempt to stifle my bouts of laughter. An exercise in futility.
    By the way, I thought it was awesome that you had had a Video Toaster. I never got to have a tinker with that but I did play around with Lightwave 3D back on the Amiga.
    Well, I had better go. Tis after 1am and I’ve rambled on for too long.
    P.S. It’s my birthday today or at least for you it will be tomorrow. So I better get to bed or I’ll sleep in. Actually, I want to sleep in as I have the day off.
    Night! Have a great day at Eureka!

  9. Hah, this made me smile. Smile as in: I’m so glad for you that you are doing what you love! And technobabble, too!! Too bad you have to miss your wife..

  10. Thats great I’m well happy to know that your back for season 5, but hey do you know when season 4 is coming back with your introduction and the rest of the series its been soooo long. And if you don’t know maybe someone else here does.
    Also this I my first post here although I’ve been following for quite some time. Just A Geek was incredible and the reason I now follow regularly and since reading Just A Geek i have read your other works and enjoyed all of them.
    Keep up the good work and know that I like many others wait with baited breath for your episodes of Eureka as well as your appearances on shows like BBT and Leverage.
    Love the thought of you having to spout technobabble for eureka it must bring back many memories! it does for me

  11. Dude! If they don’t completely wear you out, you should totally record a Radio Free Burrito episode like you did last time you were working on Eureka. It was awesome hearing your thoughts while you were in the middle of working. You always sound genuine, but somehow it felt even more genuine than in normally would.

  12. Technobabble? Awesome!
    In a rehearsal take, you should totally throw in “reconfigure the main navigational deflector” and see if anyone notices.

  13. I frequently go to bed without my wife and get up before she returns, she’s an astronomer (and has been on MythBusters) and works an hour or two before sundown to an hour or two after sunrise. Makes for VERY long nights in the winter. Most of the astronomers use on-site dorms, but we’re only half an hour from the observatory.
    I definitely know what you feel like.

  14. Oh, as far as waking up and not knowing where you are:
    I have an Android phone, the audible alarm starts at a barely perceptible level and slowly ramps up the volume. I find it’s a big help to waking up gently without a massive adrenaline surge.
    And actually, there’s an app that uses the accelerometer to measure when you’re having a period of shallow sleep, and will wake you up when that happens if it’s in the target window. Very cool.

  15. I’m ancient, so cut me some slack, but I discovered Twitter just over a year ago as a way to follow some favorite comedians, the girls from Charmed & Star Trek-related folks.
    You were one of my 1st Follows. I always enjoyed your acting on TNG & Wesley. Was sad that he left. My youngest was born in 1992 & from Day 1 loved TNG, especially Data. In fact, Data was her very 1st word! 😛
    As a Twitnewb, it was/still exciting to see a tweet from any of the TNG gang. As time passed and I got used to things I realized I was more excited about how normal AND awesome you are, and how much I now enjoyed your tweets/pics/vids/ramblings as I would from an old silly friend who I really wish I could see more & spend more time hanging with. Thanks for just sharing your normal guy with us. I *know* you don’t really know us & vice-versa, but thanks for treating us like you do. It means a lot. Break a leg up there!

  16. Are you somewhere where you can see the North Shore mountains? When I walk to work I get a chance to see the tops of some of them and it often makes my morning.

  17. I don’t sip anything hot while I have something in the toaster, because invariably the toast, or whatever, will pop up, startle me and I’ll spill hot liquid on myself.

  18. Other comments already said this, but:
    Yay, technobabble!!
    Comment about sleeping on the wrong side of the bed was so sweet!
    Also, the comment about another RFB was a very good idea *wink wink*

  19. Hey Wil, welcome back to Canada!
    I do not know if the information in this video is correct or not, but just to be safe PLEASE TAKE SOME KELP EXTRACT which is a natural source of iodine, to protect your self from radiation poisoning and stock up on some for your family! There is nuclear fallout in the air and rain that has crossed over the ocean from Japan to the west coast of North America and I doubt that the governments are being honest about the levels of radiation.
    Please take care of your health! You are a very valuable person in this world.
    Peace and Love.

  20. Hi Wil Wheaton,
    I am doing an assessment through my MA in writing, editing, and publishing about creative commons licensing and comparing it to regular copyight laws. Have you had any of your books that were released CC stolen or passed off as someone elses work?
    Thank you,

  21. Tomorrow, April 9, is “Clean Day”. Just as you celebrate Pi Day on March 14 (3.14), April 9 is Clean Day–409. Get it?
    Does L.A. have a smaller airport other than LAX? You may be able to avoid body scans and pat downs at a smaller airport.
    Live long and prosper \\ // _ .

  22. Hey Wil, hopefully with an early start you’ll be off early enough to enjoy the beautiful weather today here in Vancity. While in town you and if you find yourself in a pub, you should try a couple local ales… Raven Cream Ale or Driftwood Ale. Good beers ’cause tomorrow is going to be rainy again. Have a good weekend all.

  23. Can I suggest you take the train? There is an Amtrak route from LA right up the coast. It takes a bit longer; but you can get up and move around easily, you have lots of leg room, and (I believe) that route has on-board wifi. It’s also a bit better environmentally than air travel.

  24. It’s amazing how the simple presence, or lack of, a person you’ve invested so much of your life in, can affect your perception of the world.
    Looking forward to more Eureka.

  25. Well, tat answers my question. There I was, at the Canucks game last night staring up at where @theaarondouglas has his seats seeing if @wilw or @feliciaday was in them but the section was too damn far away. I take it that with a call time that early today hockey was out of the question?
    See you in the playoffs, again?
    Enjoy the sun and the beauty it avails us of in this beautiful city.

  26. Just catching up on my Reader feed, and in my as-yet-to-be-properly-caffeinated brain, I thought you said you put a couple *dozen* frozen waffles in the toaster. I blinked at it a few times, thinking, “Christ, that’s a lot of waffles.”
    Brain no workie before coffee.
    It’s awesome you’re back at work for Eureka! Congrats. :)

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